Why small mixed breed dogs? As a man’s (and woman’s) best friend, dogs have long been considered great companions for humans. They’re loving, comforting, caring and funny – which are some traits that can be hard to find in an ideal partner. So if you’re thinking of having a pet, dogs are always among the best options you have.

While you have a lot of options when it comes to dog breed and size, maybe you should consider getting a small mixed breed dog. These designer dogs are gaining much popularity in the recent years and it’s not just because they’re perennial puppies, but also because they offer a lot of great things in a teeny package.

Not too sure? Let us talk you into getting a couple of  small mixed breed dogs.

1. They’re Forever Puppies.

If you’re a dog-lover, puppies will always elicit an adoring “aww.” They’re adorable and are just full of hilarious antics. Sadly, a lot of them will grow bigger and will be more than a handful when they get to their full adult size. Small mixed breed dogs can stay like puppies forever, though, making them a great pick for those who loves pups so much.

2. They Can Be Suitable For Apartment Dwelling.

Since they’re small in size, you can easily find a spot for them in your apartment or condo unit. They also won’t require a lot of open space to run around and they can get enough exercise by just walking them around the block.

A lot of buildings are also friendly to small pets, so you might not need to move to a new place if you decide to get one.

3. You Can Easily Take Them To Places

Itzy and HachiAlso known as “toy dogs”, small dogs are quite portable because of their size. You can basically fit a lot of them in tote bags and carry them around as is.

We advise against this, though, as they’ll be more comfortable in an actual carrier and might just ruin your bag.

Because of their small size, though, you don’t have to fuss about taking them with you to do some errands.

You can even easily take public transportation with them inside a carrier so you can continue having your hectic lifestyle while enjoying the benefits of having a fur baby.

Besides, would you really want to leave them behind LOL?

4. They Have Longer Lifespans.

As experts say, a dog’s life is has a close relationship with its size. Tiny dogs can live well into their teens while bigger dogs have an average lifespan of 8 years. Small mixed breed dogs are said to live longer than purebreds also.

As they can live longer, you can have longer relationships with cute little dogs.

5. They Eat Less

Worried about how much you’ll need to feed your pet? With a tiny dog, you don’t have to fret. They don’t require a lot of food, so you won’t have to spend thousands of dollars on their meals.

6. They Can Make Great Emotional Support Dogs!

Choosing a Small Mixed Breed Dog Breed that’s Right for You

Once you’ve decided to get a small dog, the next challenge you’ll have to face is in choosing the breed.You’ll need to be careful in doing so as not all small mixed breed dogs are made equally.

They have different personalities, temperaments, care requirements, and behaviors that will affect how compatible they are to your lifestyle and personality.Hachi our chinese crested powder puff

You need to take these into consideration as getting a dog means committing to years of caring for them. You wouldn’t want to just bail out the moment you realized that it won’t work out for you and the dog just because you failed to pick the right breed that you can fully care for.

So, to help you out in searching for the right breed, here are a few things you need to remember.

Do Your Research

As mentioned above, different dogs, may they be big or small, have historic temperament that you can rely on when choosing which one will suit you best.

Some require a lot of care because they tend to have health problems. Others can be a challenge to train but a joy to have around once they already know how to do things. You can find lots of materials on this topic so you shouldn’t find it difficult to discover what small dog breed is perfect for you.

Are You Allergic?

Some people are allergic to pet dander so they’ve never really given pet parenting a chance. However, experts say that cute little dogs may be a suitable choice for such folks as they can produce less dander than bigger pooches.

If you even opt for cute small dog breeds that don’t shed a lot, you might be able to avoid having any adverse reactions from your pet at all.To be safe, though, it’s best if you can arrange some way to be exposed to the specific breed you’re eyeing. This way you can be sure that your allergies won’t put a damper on your dream of becoming a pet parent.

Evaluate Your Commitment

Let’s face it, some people are impulsive. They might think that having a pet is a great thing to exercise their responsibility but the truth is, they never really thought things through.

This can be a disaster as it can leave a dog homeless and in need of the love it deserves. All of these can be prevented, however, if you’re serious about becoming a pet parent.a havamalt will make your heart melt

If you want a pet, may it be a dog or just about any other creature that you’re thinking of caring for, you have to be absolutely certain that you’re ready for this commitment.

This is not just about whether you can feed, bathe, and care for them, but also about being able to be emotionally connected with your pooch.

Again, dogs have different personalities that you’ll need to work with just like you would a child, parent, or partner, so you have to be sure that you’re up for it.

Doing your research can help you understand the responsibility you’ll be taking on if you decide to bring home a pet, so make sure to read as much as you can about taking this step.

Your Budget

It’s no secret that caring for a pet will cost you a good amount of money. Having a fur baby means you need to feed and care for them which will entail money spent on their food and maintenance.

You have to be financially capable of providing your pet’s needs, so you also have to consider your budget when choosing the right pet for you.

You should consider small  mixed breed dogs as they are less expensive to buy, but just as lovable!

What All Small Mixed Breed Dog Owners Need to Know

Koada the Shorkie PooIf you plan on getting a small dog, you should know that their small size makes them susceptible to several health issues.

They’re quite fragile so you need to pay close attention to their health if you want them to be in their top shape all the time.

Understanding their health risks will ensure that they’re well cared for and that you’re ready to take on the responsibility of looking after a cute little dog, so you have to know what the maladies are that commonly affect these creatures.

While they’re small in size, caring for these fur babies requires time and effort.So, if you’re interested in getting one, you should be completely ready for this life-changing journey that you’re about to embark on.

Remember that by getting a dog, you’ll be a pet parent who is responsible for another living creature, so you have to take things seriously and be completely there for your furry friend.


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