10 Benefits Of Training Your Dog

benefits of dog training

So, you have a new dog in the family? And you want to train your dog early with dog tricks and house training?

Dogs have become a part of the life of many families. Their natural charm, wit, and loyalty bring color to an ordinary household.

As a responsible dog owner, you want to establish house rules between you and your dog. You want to raise him to have the right dog behavior in front of other people. You don’t want him to throw tantrums when he doesn’t have to. You don’t want him to pee and poop in the house with. You must raise him well to become a happy and obedient dog. You therefore must become the pack leader.

Dog Training

To fully enjoy the benefits of training your dog, there are different ways you can try. You can try the positive reinforcement training where you use a cue or a tool to signify a reward for your dog.  See, dogs love attention. They always want to please their masters. They always look forward to the acknowledgment of their obedience. Clicker training is an example of positive reinforcement training for dogs.

You can combine the positive reinforcement method with the mirror training where the dog follows a model. The idea of model rival training or mirror training is the dog can learn through observation from a model or an example.

An old method that still works today is the alpha dog training which concentrates on molding the dog’s submission to show who the pack leader is. In most cases, you get a well-disciplined dog. However, the training gives a little distance between you and your dog.

Things to Remember in Dog Training

Whatever training you have for him, you should start early when your dog is still a pup. The purpose of training your dog is to mold its behavior. Do it the right way so that you can have a responsible and happy dog.

When you are training your dog, be consistent. Not training your dog enough can lead to confusion. Dog training is a continuous process and should go on as he grows. And as a responsible owner, you have to be patient. Do not compare him with your other dogs that learn fast. Every dog has a different personality.

Also, when correcting behavior, make sure that you do it at the right timing. When you catch him in the act, correct it right away. Most owners can have a soft heart, but do not delay correcting your dog’s unacceptable behavior. You don’t want to reinforce your dog with the wrong behavior.

Sometimes, the problem is in the owner. It usually happens when you subconsciously submit to your dog’s desire. When you find your dog too cute, you forgot that he’s begging while you are eating. Then you give him a little bite. That’s being inconsistent as a trainer.

So when you start dog training, be prepared and enjoy every little progress that your dog makes. Training takes time and a lot patience. You never know how much benefit it can bring for you and your dog.

benefits of dog training

The Benefits of Training your Dog

  1. Raise a well-disciplined dog.

For most dog owners, the primary purpose of training their dog is to raise a well-mannered dog. You’ll get a dog that does not beg for food while eating. He knows the house rules. He knows his limitations as an obedient dog. He knows where to poop or pee. He knows how to accept mistakes. He had a grasp of correct behavior as a dog. He won’t start  scratching or digging on things he shouldn’t touch.

Dogs are comforting. They can even ask for forgiveness with simple gestures.

He can be proud of himself when you reward him. The next thing you know, he’ll do better on his tasks.

  1. Gain a mutual relationship between a dog and an owner.

Another reason why you should train your dog is to create a mutual bond between the two of you. Not only with you, but he develops it with everyone in the family. You’ll have a solid friendship. Sometimes, both of you can be so attached, right?

You know how lonely it can be to your dog when you go out for a travel or vacation without him. Sometimes, a dog doesn’t like being around a dog sitter. The bottom line is the two of you can have a special bond that he grows to be comfortable being around you.

  1. Satisfy your dog’s instincts.

Dogs have instincts they need to satisfy. They are loyal enough to follow simple instructions. Most of the time, they want attention. It fulfills them when they can accomplish a task.

You do not want to deprive your pooch of developing their inborn dog skills, right? They have a natural dog wit and intellect that is worth training.

It only takes time and patience to develop their skills. Dogs are energetic. Let your dog be a dog and be playful when they need to.

  1. Develop a dog’s intellect.

So we are talking about their skills. You do not want to waste these skills right? Sometimes, it can be useful for emergencies. Emotional support dogs have amazing responses to owners with illnesses. They can develop stimuli through observation and even perform first aid.

Their intellect doesn’t only stop barking at strangers and performing tricks. They are thinkers and observers.

You can let your dog decide on circumstances. Teach him early to identify right and wrong.

  1. Make your dog happier!

Get a happier dog when you develop a trained and confident dog. Find happiness in their gestures. It can be satisfying for you too. Seeing their accomplishments is not just a boost on their confidence but a boost in yours as an owner.

See, dogs love attention. They like being the star in the house. They like doing things for you. They like acknowledgment.

When you are not giving him rewards, it makes him sad. He feels unattended or sometimes, lonely. Through dog training, you’ll have a separate time to bond together over different activities. These activities are chances for him to show off their charm, skills, and wit.

benefits of dog training

  1. Develop mutual respect and trust from your dog.

We previously talked about consistency. He develops mutual respect and trust when you are consistent. He knows his limits. He understands the consequences of his actions. He develops a trust for getting rewards for being good and receiving punishment when he’s wrong.

It drives him to become more obedient. He knows that you are the pack leader. Dogs are amazing creatures because it’s innate for them to become loyal to their owners. It’s up for you to develop their loyalty and create a deeper bond between the two of you.

  1. Make your dog sociable with other people and other pets.

You know what the perks of having dogs are. They can get sociable with other people and other dogs. They can get sociable with other people and other dogs. There are a few breeds that are aloof and shy. Some breeds are too attentive to strangers.

But through dog training, you can develop their behavior on how to act with other people. Show them their boundaries while still being confident about being the star of the party.

  1. Make a solid foundation for more advanced training.

Dog training can be a solid base for more complicated training. It can be a preparation for more complicated tasks like agility training and alpha training. Start with obedience training to gear him for more exciting challenges.

  1. Have better control and management over your dog’s behavior.

The good thing about dog training is that you develop your medium of communication. Simple cues from whistles or clickers drive them to get better rewards.

In most studies, dogs are more responsive to positive reinforcement training. Through this, you’ll get a dog that you can control. Let them know when to wait. Let him know where to pee. The words like “lay down, stay, or come here” allows you to manage and control your dog’s behavior.

  1. Perform great exercises for you and your dog’s health.

One thing you’ll get for sure from dog training is that you have plenty of exercises to share with. Dogs are pretty smart. He can even ask you to wake up for your morning walk. The special bond you have together during shared exercises can be healthy. You get to burn calories and release your happy hormones. Same it goes with your dog. He develops endurance and lean bones.

Exercises are not only limited to physical ones. He develops critical thinking in different situations. What you want is an active dog that can cope with your lifestyle.

The Bottom Line

Getting a new dog is a responsibility not only for you but for him and the people around you. You have to be prepared to train him to become a responsible and obedient dog. It may take precious time and effort to train your dog. However, you know that dogs are always worth the time and effort to raise.

We have six precious dogs and the benefits of training our dogs simple obedience created a much more calmer and loving household.

benefits of dog training

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