4 Benefits Of Buying A Comfortable Bed For Your Dog

dog bed

Dogs are our best friends. No one is ever happier to see you at the end of a long day than your dog. No one is so quick to forgive you. No one is happy to look the other way and remain oblivious to all your faults. Our dogs love us, and we love them. Despite this strong bond, there are a lot of things our dogs can’t communicate with us. There are things they don’t know how to express in ways that we can understand.

The following will explore one of these things that dogs can’t tell their human buddies. When it comes to bedding, dogs need more comfort than people might first think. 

Here are four benefits of selecting a comfortable bed for your dog that you might not have known about.

1- Dogs Get Scared And Need Comfort Just As People Do

Maybe you’ve seen your dog get nervous in a thunderstorm or jump when a sudden noise blared from the tv. Like people, dogs can get scared or anxious, and having a comforting place to wait out the storm can help ease some of these struggles. Of course, if your dog is having severe reactions to fear, you might need to look into additional steps you can take to help ease them.

2- Older Dogs Feel Aches In Their Joints Just Like People Do

Finding a comfortable bed for your dog is even more critical if they’re a little bit older. Like humans, older dogs can experience pain in their limbs and joints, and having something soft to lay on can ease some of this suffering. There are even orthopedic beds for older dogs available on the market. There’s a ton of different options firmness-wise, so take a moment to do your homework and make sure that you’re choosing the right type of bed for your dog’s age and weight. 

Even if you think that dogs don’t need the same level of comfort as humans do, you have to admit that dogs and wolves in the wild don’t sleep on hardwood or stone surfaces. Soil and fallen leaves are much softer to lay on than what we tend to cover our floors in. Even our carpets are not as soft as grassy areas outside.

3- Having A Dog Bed Keeps Things Cleaner

We know you love your furry friend, but let’s be honest—sometimes his fur gets all over everything, and it’s a bit of a hassle. If your dog sleeps in the same place every night, you can bet that there’s going to be a concentration of dog fur in one area instead of spreading out all over the house. This can be especially nice when the in-laws show up without notice, and you have only a few minutes to tidy up. Dog beds are also often made out of materials or containing materials (like cedar chips) that help to reduce pet odors.

4- A Dog Bed Can Keep Your Furry Friend Warm

No matter where you live, it gets colder at night. You sleep with a blanket, don’t you? Like you, your pet’s temperature drops when he’s sleeping, which means he could be getting cold. You might be wondering about dogs in the wild and citing fur as an alternative to something warm, but you need to realize that wild dogs and wolves don’t sleep on the same heat-absorbing materials that house dogs do. They are also packed animals and so tend to stay crowded together for warmth. Your dog would have a much better sleep if he or she could stay warm throughout the coldest hours of the night.

doggy bed

With the four benefits above explored, you can probably see that, in most cases, a comfortable bed is a good choice for your dog. They have many the same needs as us and, because of this, where they sleep and what they sleep on is essential. Over time, laying on a hard surface can speed up aging pains and aches. A bed can also be a useful training tool when a dog is overwhelming a guest or visitor. Dogs can learn, “go to bed” and will have a nice, safe, personal space to be out of the way in.

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