4 Stylish Accessories That Will Make Your Canine Buddy Look Better

puppy on leash

Even a man’s best friend needs to be stylish at times. Whether you’re going out with your dog for a walk or you simply want to show him or her to your friends, it’s a must to have them looking as stylish and as presentable as possible.

The pet accessories are consistently growing as well. As per the American Pets Product Association, the industry is estimated to be worth $99 billion this year. With so many accessories to choose from, it’s often tough to pick which of which will make your dog look their best. Here are a few we highly suggest.

1. Bow Tie Collar

Collars are the basic fashion accessory for dogs. Of course, they also function as a sign showing that the dog already has an owner in case they get lost. Years back, the trend for dog collars are those spunky spiked collars which are best for fierce-looking breeds like the pitbull and bulldog. What about for those classy looking dogs?

One of the most popular collar styles currently is the bow tie collar. As the name suggests, there’s a cute little bow tie that serves as the highlight of this bowtie. It comes in many colors, from the cute and stylish, down to the elegant and formal.

2. Rope Dog Leash

You can’t talk about taking your dog for a walk without talking about leashes. There are many types of leashes you can buy for your buddy. There are chain ones, retractables ones, but one of the best in terms of style and functionality is the rope dog leash This durable accessory is a must for any dog owner.

A rope dog leash comes in many styles and colors. Aside from the minimalist and rustic look, this type of leash is also durable. You can have your dog tugging around the leash for hours on end and it will remain strong still. These leashes are best partnered with simple collars as well to complement the simplicity of their looks.

dog bow tie collar

3. Body Harness

If you think collars aren’t enough to keep your dog near you when you’re out for a walk, then you should try giving them a body harness instead. This highly functional harness allows your dog to be easily handled seeing as instead of the neck, the leash is now connected to their body.

Pet specialist Dr. Sophia Yin notes that the harness is one of the safest alternatives to a collar

Aside from being the safer option, many owners use the body harness as it looks more stylish than the regular collar. Somebody harnesses cover your dog’s entire body, acting somewhat like a piece of clothing rather than a means to connect the leash.

4. Hoodies

When winter comes, one of the best ways to protect your dog from the cold when going outside is with a hoodie. There are a ton of hoodies suited for dogs out there. Just keep in mind that some dogs have thick fur so a hoodie might not be the best gift to give them.

Your dogs deserve to be just as stylish as you do so might want to buy some of these accessories we have suggested. There are many other accessories out there so be on the lookout to see which of which perfectly matches your dog.

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