6 Little-Known Facts About A Border Collie

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Dogs are cute, funny, and talented animals. They are fun to have; watching them run around in your home can take off a stress load from a tiring day. Like people, every breed of dog is unique to a specific set of attributes. Border Collies are among the most intelligent, talented, and hardworking dogs, but some people do not know much about them.

Here are six little-known facts about border collies to help you get to know these cute and furry little creatures more.

1. They are brilliant animals

Compared to other dogs, Border Collies have incredibly high IQs. These dogs are intelligent workaholics devoted to serving their owners. They can understand an incredible amount of words, gestures, and commands. Truthfully, Border Collies are widely recognized as the world’s most intelligent dog. 

Additionally, they have broken a number of records found in Guinness World Record books. There are accounts of these, being able to identify more than 1,00 objects, skateboarding 100 meters in less than 20 seconds, rolling down a manual car window, and balancing a can on her head while walking a hundred meters in 2 minutes and 55 seconds. 

2. Border Collies are amazing herders

Their original purpose is to help shepherds herd sheep. Their excellent strength, intelligence, stamina, and work ethics allow them to perform flawlessly. They administer control over the flock, leading them to herd together in groups. Border Collies stare intensely at the flock members, intimidating them. 

3. They were a queen’s favorite

Queen Victoria, in particular, was an authentic dog lover. She loved to spend time with many types of dogs. Some people might ask do border collies shed a lot of hair? Well, if she was loved by the queen so much, their shedding is probably manageable. In the early 1860s, she noticeably became a Border Collie enthusiast, actively sharing her fondness towards the unique breed. 

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4. They make a great on-screen appearance

Apart from their great intelligence and strength in performing day-to-day tasks, Border Collies are also great actors. In fact, they have been cast in numerous movies and television shows. Border Collies are seen in multiple award-winning shows and 90’s television hits. They are easy to work with and fun to handle on set. 

5. They are great search and rescue dogs 

Because of their physical and mental abilities, Border Collies are also great for search and rescue operations. They can quickly identify dangerous situations and work towards a solution, together with their owners or handlers. There have been multiple cases wherein a Border Collie helped save missing people. 

Volunteers and rescuers like to bring along these dogs because they have a keen sense of smell. They can quickly look through thick foliage in search of missing individuals. They also have strong muscular abilities and endurance to help them accomplish the task at hand. Border Collies can be trained to do as they are told in the event of an emergency.

6. Border Collies can be on goose control duty.

This may or may not be familiar to many, but aside from sheep herding, “goose master” might be another job career intended for these furry little creatures. It might seem odd or far-fetched from reality, but a company in Florida uses trained Border Collies to drive geese away from people’s property or safe from high-traffic areas.

These fantastic creatures have incredible perceptions of the world around them. They can identify human commands, distinguish emergency situations, and many more. Border Collies are genuinely one of a kind. 

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