6 Reasons To Get A Puppy From Reputable Breeders

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Getting a puppy as an addition to your family is an exciting task. However, there are a lot of considerations you should bear in mind before taking them home. One of the critical steps is where to get the puppy. Besides going to a shelter, your next best option is to find a reputable breeder who can give you a healthy puppy. 

To clear any of your concerns in getting a puppy from breeders, here are the six reasons why you should trust them for your new fur baby. 

Reason#1: They Have The Knowledge And Expertise

 If you haven’t had a dog before or trying to get a new breed of dog you haven’t taken care of before, it can be tricky. A reputable breeder will help you decide what breed you should get to fit your family and lifestyle and what to expect from them. They can answer any of your questions such as temperament, exercise and food requirements, health issues, and special needs. There are plenty of backyard breeders, and most of them don’t even have the knowledge and expertise to raise dogs. These people are the type of people you should avoid since they are just doing it for profit. It would be best to talk to a reputable breeder since their knowledge and expertise is extensive. 

Reason#2: You Know You Will Get A Well-Bred Puppy

As mentioned, backyard breeders don’t care about any standards, and there’s a lot of them all over the US and Canada. In contrast, reputable breeders adhere to high-quality breed standards. At Dog Breeder USA, they mentioned that certification is done on a private level through trusted organizations or clubs to ensure that the breeder has taken steps to guarantee that the dogs will be well. However, a well-bred puppy is not just about having papers and being registered. It should also define physical and temperamental aspects of the breed. Their physical standards should be as of what that breed looks like in terms of coat length, built (height and weight), color, and gait. And they should be capable of doing what they are intended to do, such as hunting, guarding, or herding. 

Lastly, they should come from parents who have proven lines and have proper health testing. A reputable breeder is responsible, ethical, and will give you the right puppy. 

Reason#3: You Will Be Aware Of The Puppy and Parents History 

Reputable breeders will have the confidence to tell you everything about the parents and the puppy itself. The breeders are responsible, and they want to produce healthy and good representations of the breed. They will let you know about history, most especially the dogs’ health background, before releasing them to you. Unlike irresponsible millers, they will not hide any genetic diseases and illnesses that you should be aware of.

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Reason#4: You Get To Monitor Them From Day One

When you get a puppy from a reputable breeder, you will get to know and monitor everything up until that point. You can even meet the sire and dam of the puppy. This will be beneficial to have a good idea of how they are all raised and cared for. This privilege will help you know how to raise your own puppy and how it will look like in the future. 

Reason#5: They Have Health Guarantee

 No matter how responsible and ethical anyone breeds a puppy, there will be some cases that they will have genetic defects.  A reputable breeder has a health guarantee to help both parties, including the puppy. While most breeder’s health guarantees will vary, this still covers diseases and illnesses. In most cases, they can either refund, replace or get help in the puppy’s medical treatment. 

Reason#6: You Are Responsible And Ethical 

Buying dogs on backyard breeders will encourage them to breed more without a care for the sire and dam. They will try to make money at the expense of the poor dog’s health. By getting a puppy from a responsible breeder, you will know that they do it ethically and treat them with utmost care. The breeders research, plan and take time, so everyone is happy and protected. 

There are many more reasons why you should trust reputable breeders. We hope that These few reasons are enough to show that they do breeding for the betterment of the breed, their love for animals, and the fun of raising bundles of joy and spreading it to others. You might be spending a little more extra, but you can guarantee that you will get the best puppy for you and your family. 

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