7 Reasons Why Small Dogs Are The Best Dogs

small dogs

We love all dogs, and it is pretty hard to dismiss any one type of dog better than the other, but some people like small dogs more and think they are better. This is an understandable opinion to have because small dogs are a great size animal to have as your pet or companion for a variety of reasons. Small dogs offer some things that bigger dogs just cannot.

Why are small dogs liked so much? Well, it is hard to speak for everyone in this camp that enjoys a smaller furry friend, but these 7 reasons might convince you why.

1. Hard to Reach Things

Of course, with a smaller stature means that smaller dogs will not be terrorizing the food or objects on your shelves or counters. This is a benefit for small dogs, that they cannot jump up and steal some food right off of your plate! Not to mention they likely will not be getting into the toilet for a quick drink and leaving you having to smell their stinky toilet water breath.

2. Easier to Travel With

We love big dogs, but can you imagine trying to travel by plane with a Great Dane? Not for everyone. Small dogs are naturally easier to travel with, and as the experts at https://therapetic.org mention, traveling with an emotional support animal is needed for some people, which can mean a smaller support dog is much more viable than a big dog. In short, the smaller the dog, the easier it is to travel. Aside from long-distance travel, smaller dogs are also still easy to get around with because they are so small and portable. Very easy to pick up is a plus.

3. Buying Less Food

Dog food can be very expensive and any dog owner can tell you this is one of the least fun parts of owning a pet. While dog food is up there in terms of nutrition for a pet, a smaller dog offers the benefit of not having to spend so much on food. Just by virtue of a dog being smaller usually means you have to buy less or that you can stretch a bag of dog food pretty far compared to bigger dogs. 

4. Lower Medication Costs

Again, the smaller the dog, the less you can expect to spend on medication. This is purely based on size again just like food. Smaller dogs do not require the same amount of medication to properly work because their bodies are so tiny they can absorb the medication quicker. This includes flea or tick medication and other ingestible medication which will benefit your wallet long term as dog medication can be ridiculously expensive at times.

5. Smaller Dogs Can Be Fiesty

Some dogs get a bad rep for being gentle giants (sorry once again, Great Danes!) which is fine, but sometimes you want a dog that can stick up for itself. Small dogs also usually get a bad rep for being very talkative, but we like to call it being feisty, which actually can come in handy in scaring away foes.

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6. Less Mess

Smaller the bladder, the smaller the mess. Smaller dogs are thankfully going to produce less pee and poop, which is going to be a blessing for many dog owners. The ones that live in a home with carpeted floors can rejoice that a smaller dog is not going to be leaving monster-sized messes around the home, which can be a real pain in the butt – pun intended.

7. Longer Lifespan

If only all dogs could live as long, but the world is not that simple, unfortunately. Smaller dogs often average lifespans of longer than 10 years, which is great news for families who want their children to grow up with a dog. Dogs are great for the development of children and having them be able to make long-lasting memories is important, and gives a dog a lifetime of happiness as well. Bigger dogs are usually life spans around 6 – 10 years, depending on the breed of course.

Owning any kind of dog is a big responsibility and they provide us with so much joy and so much fun, but some people like specific types of dogs more. We probably all know someone that swears to own a small dog is better, and you might not agree or understand why, but these 7 reasons show why some dog owners swear by their opinion about the little guys.

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