Animal Control Finds A Missing Dog, But The Family Refuses To Claim Him


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Throughout many dog stories we have witnessed over the years, this one was probably one of the hardest ones.

A dog “knocked” on the door of a shelter, thinking it would only be temporary until its family showed up, but that’s not how destiny wanted it.

Instead of going home as a successful “lost and found” doggo, Lindsy, the Pittie girl, was about to embark on what was the longest, most exhaustive, journey of her life!

Picked Up As A Stray


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Lindsy was found in 2016 by animal control as a lost dog, and she was immediately taken to Babylon Animal Shelter, in New York. At that point of her life, she was already 6 years old and was a long-time family dog.

It took only a few weeks for her family to reach out. A child called the BAS, claiming this Pittie mix, and said that “she’d have to ask her father if they could get her,” according to Kristin Siarkowicz, a BAS staff member.

Waiting For The Family To Show Up



Sadly, days passed, and then weeks… and then months, but the family never showed up on the doorstep of this shelter. They didn’t even call back to explain why they were not picking up their family dog.

It was just that one phone call that day, and that was about it!

It was perfectly clear that Lindsy was abandoned, but the shelter staff didn’t despair. Lindsy was such a pawesome girl with an amazing personality, and they weren’t worried about her finding a new home in a heartbeat.

A Great Personality – Still, No Applications



There are very few doggos in this world that could stand in Lindsy’s shoes, that’s for sure! Aside from being extremely friendly and gentle, Lindsy’s just the cuddliest, most affectionate creature ever!

“Lindsy wants to be with you, she wants to be where you are, and she wants to participate in what you are doing,” the BAS staff wrote on their Facebook.

“Lindsy would make a great forever friend for someone who wants to go on leisurely walks and have a companion to sit and watch TV with. A low maintenance kind of dog is what Lindsy is, and she would love to have a new place to call home.”

Still, there were no applications nor people who’d show interest in adopting this beautiful girl. Whether it was her breed that was widely misunderstood or her age (she was entering her senior years) – the staff just couldn’t tell!

Day after day, Lindsy was still waiting in her kennel, never losing hope!

The Long-Awaited Miracle After Almost 3 Years



It was March 2019, and just a couple of months short of 3 years when her long-awaited miracle happened!

“It has finally happened….. Lindsy has left the building,” the BAS wrote in their Facebook post.

The adopters showed up, but before she actually went to a furever home, Noel’s Dream Bully Rescue, from Waltham, Massachusetts, stepped in to help Lindsy and welcome her into their program.

She was admitted into the program as one of the longest BAS residents to decompress from shelter life and acclimate to home life again – and needless to say, she did it amazingly!

“Lindsy has already enjoyed peanut butter, soft serve ice cream, walks, a sweater, and lots and lots of hugs, kisses, and snuggles,” the BAS team reported.

Eventually, she finally made it to her forever home, and she can’t be happier. Even though she’s now a senior, she has never lost her enthusiasm and her tail-wagging, cheerful personality.



BAS posted the last photo of her in December 2019, and it shows Lindsy taking a nap under a cozy blanket on a Christmas morning. “Who remembers Lindsy? We got this great photo of Lindsy on Christmas morning. What a life,” BAS wrote.

It was one heck of a ride, but in the end, she made it where she was headed all along – to a loving home among the people who’ll love her for who she is!

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