Anxious Dog Who Lived Her Life In A Dirty Cage Finally Learns Freedom Around Her New Humans


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Living in a closed-off space can be a scary thing for a lot of dogs. I mean, a lot of them only like to spend time in their kennel when they are sleeping, and sometimes, not even then.

This can be made worse by a lot of neglectful owners who don’t care about their pups and will have them live in awful conditions for prolonged periods of time.

Such was the case for the dog we will talk about in this story because he was forced to spend a long time in a dirty cage before somebody finally intervened.

She Looked So Anxious


Source: Animal Shelter

When rescuers were notified about a dog who was living in a horrible and dirty cage, they came to her rescue.

When they first saw her, they were immediately shaken by her state. The cage was absolutely dirty, and there was no telling when she was last fed.

She looked extremely anxious and kept pacing around the small enclosed space. This was enough to make anyone feel heartbroken.

The pup was confused when the rescuers came for her, but she looked fixated on the food they had with them, so they gave her something to eat.

After that, they took her away, and one of the rescuers brought her into her home. She noted how frightened she was at first, but it changed when they got there.


Source: Animal Shelter

Now that they were in a house, she wouldn’t relax. The dog kept walking around the house, and they noticed that she was still very anxious.

Her lovely rescuer helped her calm down and fall asleep by petting her and placing her in a comfortable spot. She looked so peaceful then.

The very next day, she was taken to a veterinarian clinic, where they did an examination. They did a blood test and were waiting for the results.

The vets suspected that she might have rabies, but this made her rescuer feel just horrible. She didn’t know how to help her other than to wait.

Good News For This Pup


Source: Animal Shelter

So, the two of them spent a lot of time walking around the park and just enjoying themselves until the results came back.

Some of the medicines they gave her helped relieve her anxiety, and she no longer walks in circles. She also seemed a lot happier now that she was with someone amazing.

They enjoyed themselves, but now it was time for the big news. The results revealed that she did not have rabies. It was such a relief for her rescuer, but there was still more.

The two of them still had to go back to the clinic to discuss further treatment for the dog. More exams revealed that this dog suffered from cerebral insufficiency – hydrocephalus.

It was the left lobe of her brain that was causing the problems. She would be okay so long as she was on a strict medication regimen.


Source: Animal Shelter

After the difficult news, her rescuer decided that she would do everything in her power to help her. The next day, the pup was discharged, and they went home.

Now that they were together all the time, her rescuer noticed that she was such a smart dog. Anytime she wanted to eat, she would get the bowl and take it to her.

After every big meal, she would just fall asleep on her bed. With each passing day, she was feeling better and making a big change.

It was only thanks to her amazing rescuer who gave her another chance that she is now living her best life in a home where she is loved.

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