Bringing Home A Rescue Dog? 6 Things To Prepare Before You Welcome Your New Addition

adopt a shelter dog

Before bringing your new rescue dog home there are lots of things you will need to prepare. Once you’ve spoken to everyone at home about bringing a dog home, visited several shelters and decided on a dog, what else do you need to do? Take a look through this list of six things that you should prepare before you bring home your new rescue dog.

1) Assign responsibilities

Make sure the whole family is clear on who is responsible for what. Maybe you’ll assign chores like feeding and walking to different family members on different days to spread the responsibility, or maybe one person is going to do all of the work. Whatever you decide, make sure it has been worked out before you bring your furry friend home.

2) Make house rules

Any new dog, especially a puppy, requires some training. Make sure the whole family is clear on house rules for the new dog so that nobody is giving conflicting messages. Don’t want your new dog on the beds? Make sure everyone in the family is enforcing this rule to train these rules early.

3) Learn about your new dog

The shelter you are adopting your new pet from will hopefully give you some information about your new dog, such as their personality, estimated age, and possibly even medical background. Obviously, this can be much more difficult if the dog you’re adopting was a stray, however, most shelters will have some form of assessment to give prospective owners an insight into the kind of personality their new dog has.

4) Register with a vet

Before you even bring your new dog home, you should have them registered with a veterinary practice. This is so important in case your new pet gets sick or injured in the first few weeks of living with you. Make sure to get them any vaccinations they may need, and take them along for an initial health assessment to make sure they are as healthy and happy as they can be in their new home.

5) Get pet insurance

As well as signing up for a vet, it is important to sign up for pet insurance. Dog insurance with lifetime cover is the best way to go to make sure that your pet is protected for its entire life. A small monthly premium could save you thousands in unexpected vet fees further down the line, and since most pet insurance companies don’t take on pets with pre-existing health conditions, getting them registered as early as possible could really pay off later.

6) Prepare a space just for your new dog

Decide on a safe space for your new dog to spend most of their time. Choose a spot near the busier parts of the house so that your dog doesn’t feel isolated, but out of the way enough that they can retreat for quiet time without being disturbed. Make it cozy and comfortable for them, with blankets and some toys to play with.

Additionally, create a space where your dog can spend time when you are out of the house so they cannot get hurt or eat anything they shouldn’t. Put away anything from the home that could hurt your new pet, such as chemicals, foods, and breakables so that your dog can comfortably get used to the space without the risk of injury.

Final Thoughts

Follow these tips to create a safe and welcoming space for your new rescue dog that will help them to feel instantly at home. Creating a space for your dog will make them feel right at home, and consistency from the whole family should make your new pet feel like a part of the family in no time.

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