How to Know If You’re Buying a Puppy from a Trusted Breeder

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Adopting and raising a puppy should be seen as a lifetime responsibility, just like when a couple adopts a child or bears one. Dogs are very friendly and loyal creatures that when showered with the right TLC can even save you in times of emergency or crisis.

It is important you only buy from a trusted breeder since all the needs of your puppy will depend on the information this dog handler will give to you.

So How Do I Know I’m Dealing With A Responsible Breeder?

The signs that you are dealing with a credible dog breeder vary from easy to spot telltale points to not so revealing ones that need proper scrutiny. Here are ways where you can be sure that you are dealing with a responsible breeder.

Dealer Lets You See The Pups in Their Home

A responsible breeder would let you see the pups in their natural environment to assure you that they are well-taken care of right after they were born. This is because pups are very vulnerable to illnesses and environmental stress. And this sometimes lead to their deaths and if not, can be a cause of future diseases while they’re young. You would also know if it can grow up to be a friendly and relaxed dog – a characteristic of most dogs borne into family life.

Another important factor why it’s important the dealer lets you see the pup in their home is that you would see the parents, usually the mother, so you can be sure that the breed of the dog is indeed what the breeder says it is. 

You Will Be Able to See the Parent’s Health Clearances

This is important as the health clearance can have information on the hereditary problems of the pup’s parents and grandparents. Essential information to have when caring for a puppy. And the puppies themselves have certificates for genetic testing or has a health guarantee.

If you are unaware, these are a part of the requirements that online puppy finders check from potential dog breeders that want their pups rehomed. Experts at confirm that only 10% of the dog breeders that apply online to rehome their pups pass the screening because they don’t have these papers to show. 

List of References Available from the Dog Breeder

The breeder you are talking to can readily produce a number of people and the contact information for you to check and confirm if the dogs bought from this particular breeder has truly been healthy and how are the dogs fairing now. 

The Breeder Knows Enough About the Breed

You will know in an instant if the dog breeder has really cared and been with his or her dog long enough to know the dog’s temperament and details on how to really care for this type of breed. He or she will also be transparent in telling you the advantages and disadvantages of owning this breed of dog especially its tendency to develop certain health problems as they grow. 

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The Breeder Will Insist of the 8-Week Separation Rule

You would know that you have a responsible breeder in your midst when he or she would agree to part the pup from the mum after 8-weeks since it was born and after the pup’s first round of vaccinations. The 8-weeks are the most critical moments for the pup and mum and litters shouldn’t be parted because it still needs its mom to give him or her milk among others. 

The Breeder Does Not Have Too Many Breeding Pairs of Dogs

If you visited the home of the breeder, and he has at least 5 pairs of different breeds at home, that is a red flag. Dogs of different breeds have, of course, different needs in terms of food, the amount of care needed, health needs, and so on and so forth. If the breeder has just too many of the breeding pairs, he or she cannot undoubtedly attend to all their needs sufficiently, giving you a poorly take care of dog that can be susceptible to many diseases. Not to mention the possible exposure to grief and sorrow when your dog dies. 

To keep it safe, just don’t buy those pups.

Breeder Will Be Available for Assistance When You Need It

Your breeder is willing to give his expertise on how to solve issues you encounter after purchasing the pup. Actually, if you meet a responsible breeder, they would often volunteer information on how to properly care for your pup, and you would even see some kind of connection between the pup and the breeder. An indication that they actually care for the dog they’re looking after and not just see them as dollar signs. 

Breeder Have Participated Even Once in Shows or Competitions

A competition entry will be a very good indication that the breeder looks out for their furry friends carefully that he or she is proud enough to enter them into competitions. Plus, the breeder has the capability to discipline his dogs. A trait that has to be instilled in rowdy puppies.

Your Breeder Will Also Have Questions for You

You would know that he or she is responsible enough and cares so much for his dogs when your breeder asks you some questions. This can include how your living condition – do you have a backyard, is your location near the park, or even how do you plan to take care of the pup. They can also be inquisitive of why you decided to adopt a dog and what do you know for those breed of dogs you are planning to welcome into your life. This is all, so they would know that their pet is going to be taken care of very well.

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You May Also Be Asked To Enter into A Spay/Neuter Agreement

Your breeder might ask you to sign a spay/neuter agreement. This is so to prevent unplanned and irresponsible breeding of the dogs especially if you don’t have experience in caring for a pregnant dog and their offspring. Another reason for this is for you to avoid in contributing to the overpopulation of the breed.

Adopting a pup is first and foremost a major decision to make. Taking care of them is like having your own baby. However, if you have adopted one from a shady breeder, you might be left with unnecessary expenses and emotional scars because your dog is not as healthy as he or she should be.

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