Choosing Between a Male and Female Dog

choosing between female and male dog

Some dog owners assert that males are more aggressive and destructive, specifically in tight spaces. Female dogs, conversely, are typically easier to train and more affectionate. While there are some statistics which support these claims, more research is needed to determine whether or not they have any merit.

How Aggressive Are Male Dogs?

In an article published by The Bark about aggression in dogs , it was noted that while male dogs bite humans at a higher rate than female dogs do, the difference between the two genders is relatively small. In this study, which was conducted in Sweden from 2002 to 2006, the number of dog bites reported during that time period was about the same for both sexes; however, when male dogs did bite someone or something, it was more likely to be severe than it would have been had a female dog bit the victim.

Should You Spay Your Female Dog?

Having a female dog means choosing to spay her in order to avoid the discomfort of an animal in heat and the risk that comes with failing to take proper control of doggie birth rates. However, should you choose to have your dog spayed , be sure the procedure is completed by a professional and that all aftercare instructions are followed properly.

Infections can occur if infection-causing bacteria is allowed to enter her body through the incision in her abdomen or uterine area. It’s also important that when she returns

“Having a female dog means either taking the initiative to spay, or deal with the issue of the dog being in heat.” Avoiding such discomfort goes a long way in keeping harmony within the household.

If you choose to spay your female dog, the procedure can be done when she is between 6-8 months old. The advantage of having this procedure performed early is that it prevents the onset of heat cycles and any inconveniences they might bring. Also, dogs who are spayed before their first heat cycle live longer due to a decreased risk of mammary cancer.

On the other hand, dogs who are not spayed rarely develop any medical problems during their lifetime. They also tend to live with fewer health concerns than non-spayed female dogs do. An unspayed dog and her puppies can produce 67,000 dogs over the course of six years.

Do Female Dogs Go Through menopause?

Female dogs do not experience menopause, so unlike the human female, they can have puppies all their life. You spend weeks each year trying to keep your female dog away from male dogs who would risk coming into proximity with her given how keen their sense of smell is. However, if you are breeding purebreds for financial gain in turn, you are likely aware of the profitable nature of such endeavors.

There is evidence showing that dogs do not develop a preference for male over female puppies, so if your intention is to breed your dog in order to make some money, there should be no concern regarding her choice of mate.

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How Friendly Are Female Dogs?

Most dog owners will agree that female dogs are more affectionate toward children, and are also less likely to bite humans than male dogs. Some animal behaviorists assert that this has to do with the fact that generally speaking, females tend to be more nurturing towards young animals.

If you ask any dog owner who has two or more pets about which one is friendlier, the answer will likely be the female dog. This is not to say that male dogs are unresponsive or aloof; it simply means that they tend to interact with humans in a different manner.

Does A Family’s Lifestyle Matter To A Dog?

When considering which gender of dog would better fit your family’s lifestyle, keep in mind what you want from a pet. If you have young children who will be spending a lot of time outdoors, the female dog might be the best choice. If your family is concerned about aggressive behavior and you want a pet who will not cause harm to other people or animals , then it would probably be wiser to choose a male pup.

Which Dog Is Easier To Train?

Most dog owners agree that female dogs are better pets because they are easier to train and more affectionate. Female dogs also do not have the aggressive nature of male dogs that some people claim. Female dogs may have a higher risk of being in heat, but this is hardly a major inconvenience if you spay her young enough. There are also many medical benefits to spaying your female dog.

On the other hand, there is no evidence proving that male dogs are more aggressive and destructive than female ones. The only disadvantage to having a female dog might be how difficult it can be to keep her from meeting with male dogs while she’s in heat.

Others want to be alpha dogs. Even a smaller male dog will challenge or irritate the larger male – just to prove who was in the house first.

Dogs of opposite genders tend to get along better than dogs of the same gender. While female dogs are not as vicious toward each other as male dogs, some females don’t want to share their space with another dog.

Female dogs are generally easier to house train than male dogs, although that can vary by breed and by the skill of the dog trainer. Male dogs are seen as more lively and active, but certain breeds are “high strung” in both males and females.

The majority of people considering a dog at the pet store will pick one based on gender. They fear that male dogs are more prone to aggression and female pets are easier to train.

Do Their Temperaments Differ?

However, many people forget that female dogs have a high temperament. Breeders typically favor male dogs since they are easier to manage as pets. However, gender is not the only predictor of how your dog will behave. A female dog that is aggressive toward other pets or dogs is not necessarily a characteristic of all females. A male dog that is more affectionate to humans than other dogs does not mean he will always be the same way.

If you want an active pet, look for one that’s high energy. If you want a quiet or low-key pet, look for one that’s laid-back. You can find a social dog in any gender. Some people believe that female dogs are easier to train because they don’t have an instinct to challenge other female dogs for dominance, but this is not always the case. Aggression and affection depend on how you raise your dog.

Some dogs might be more mellow regardless of gender, but there are also some breeds that are tough no matter if they’re males or females.

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Does Spaying/Neutering Make A Dog Calmer?

Usually, neutering or spaying your dog can make him calmer. Neutering does not change the gender of a dog, but it will help reduce some unwanted behaviors in male and female dogs. Male dogs are less likely to mark territory after getting neutered, and females are less likely to go into heat. However, some people say that spaying or neutering can leave female dogs more aggressive in defense of their home.


Without scientific evidence to back up predictions about the characteristics of males vs female dogs, it is difficult to decide which dog sex would provide the most happiness overall. The dog that you recall from your childhood or a friend’s pet will likely have an impact on which type of pup might be best for you and your family.

During the long history of dogs and humans, there have been many important roles played by both males and females in helping people survive.

Because of this shared history and our natural tendency to believe that females are better pets than males, it’s no surprise that most people would erroneously say a female dog is best for their family.

However, the female dog has one great advantage over the male – she does not lift her leg to urinate.  This is both an advantage and a disadvantage in many ways.

It is important that any potential owner knows the facts about male dogs, and how they differ from females before buying a pet. Gender is only one factor to consider when choosing a new pet, and if a potential owner does not consider any of the other facts they will no doubt end up with an animal that is more difficult to live with than what was originally intended.

If you’re looking for the ideal dog, it’s important to consider gender. You might recall that female Collies love caring for puppies and protecting them. Or maybe when thinking about a perfect companion, you imagine a strong male dog like German Shepard that can run everywhere and keep up with children? Whatever your decision is, go with your feelings!

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