Friendly Dog Tries To Sneak In Unusual Friend Into The House Before Mom Sees Her


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Some dogs are considered gentle giants, and the world wouldn’t be the same without them.

Those dogs might be big, huge… ginormous, but their heart is… trust me, even bigger.

Unfortunately, not a lot of people are aware that such dogs are usually completely harmless.

As my experience showed, I was attacked more times by a tiny Chihuahua than a bigger dog like a Newfy or a Great Pyr. Yeah, Chihuahuas can have quite a temper. I’m not saying other dogs can’t, but there is a significant behavioral difference… a sort of pattern found with big dogs.

Mya is a real specimen of her breed – the Great Pyrenees. These dogs were used as herding dogs back in the day. Well, they’re still excellent herders and protectors on farms where they’re needed.

Mya doesn’t live on a farm, but her protective instincts are still very much alive. 

This now-seven-year-old Great Pyr girl loves showing her friendly side. And, she loves bringing new friends home.

Let’s just say her mom, Rachel, isn’t really thrilled with Mya’s secret encounters.

Can I Keep It, Mom?


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Everything waz going so gud. I findz new frens. I luv shelly frens. Mommy sayz they called turtles. I call dem shelly frens. They so sweet! 

Just when I wantz to show shelly fren my home, mommy come. 

Mommy sayz no to shelly frens. 

Dat make me a sad doggo.

Why I no keep shelly frens, mom? 

Just when she thought she was going to get away with bringing another turtle in the house, Mya was busted.

It’s no surprise; Rachel, Mya’s mom, is already used to her big doggo brining home small friends.

Small, unusual friends, I might add.

The first time Rachel, a young student from Sharpsburg, Georgia, saw Mya with a turtle in her mouth, she was petrified. Could she swallow it? Will Mya hurt the poor wild animal?

Luckily, Mya proved that she’s as gentle as she could be. She has never hurt anyone, especially not her shelly frens.

Yes, frens, because it didn’t stop at one turtle.

Every time Mya meets a new turtle, she will try to bring it home. She’s kind of a collector. And, if it wasn’t for her mommy, Rachel, their Georgia home would be overrun by turtles.

This super sweet Great Pyrenees girl never misses an opportunity to meet new friends and sneak them into the house.

That’s exactly what happened a while ago. Mya found a turtle, and knowing her mom would say no, she tried sneaking it inside.

But, mom already knew Mya’s intentions. The pup refused to drop the turtle outside, and waited patiently to come in.


Source: YouTube

After a few moments, and mom’s nagging, Mya finally dropped the turtle on the floor, completely unharmed, with the saddest look on her face.

Sorry, Mya, seems like that’s another shelly fren that won’t stick around.


Source: YouTube

We don’t know what happened to the turtle, but chances are it’s living a free life somewhere in the wilderness, far away from Mya.

Although this story is sweet, with a dash of humor, it’s not completely safe for dogs to carry such animals in their mouth. There’s always a chance they might, unintentionally, hurt the animal, crack its shell, or do something even worse.

If your dog does something similar to what Mya does, make sure you’re in control and not allow your pup to play roughly with wild animals. They’re not their toys; they’re living creatures and they should stay where they belong.

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