Getting Rid Of The Dog Smell: Household Hacks

get rid of dog smell

The love between a man and his dog – it is one of the oldest and the most prevalent examples of symbiosis between humans and other species. The history of this relationship is so long that it is probably embedded in the genetic material of all of us to easily fall in love with our canine companions and treat them like family members.

However, their natural scent can become overwhelming, especially if we keep them in enclosed spaces that are a part of the house. If you have a hard time coping with this dog unpleasant smell, here are the household hacks for getting rid of the dog smell.

Use the black light

Have you ever dreamed about being a forensic investigator? Well, if you have a prevalent dog-odor problem in your household, your dreams may just come true if you decide to go with this hack. Purchase a black light and start your thorough and intense analysis of your home in search of urine stains, saliva drops and the remains of any and all bodily fluids your dog has managed to excrete and stay silent, looking ever so innocently at you with that wide-eyed poker face.

Then it is time to rinse all the muck out with the most appropriate solution you can find, or concoct yourself (more on that further down the line).

Perfume it up

Think of it like a battle of the scents. There are several ways to keep your household minty and smelling fresh in spite of the prevalent dog scent. However, you’ll want to avoid all and any products with overwhelming chemical ingredients that can turn the enclosed space into a gas chamber.

Instead, look to the traditional methods first. Incense sticks are a go-to solution for many people, coupled, of course, with regular enforced air flow, either through opening the windows or by utilizing the power of AC units. You can also secure a batch of finest candle supplies that will neutralize the dog scent and add a gentle allure to the proceedings. One of the popular solutions is also potpourri baskets which can also be an amazing decorative detail.

doggy odor

Natural solution for maintenance

Of course, you cannot simply expect that the scents will do all the work for you. You need to commit, no matter how begrudgingly, to regular maintenance of hotspots where your dog dwells. However, you do not have to use aggressive detergents and cleaners which release dangerous and volatile chemicals into the air.

In fact, you can create a cheap and natural solution from a few household ingredients in the blink of an eye and use it as the ultimate life hack for cleaning pretty much everything – including your dog’s stinky corners. Just mix 2 cups of white vinegar with 5 spoons of baking soda into a bucket of hot water and add a few twists of lime into the solution. Voila! You have the ultimate and completely natural cleaning agent which you can use to clean the dog unmentionables from your carpet.

Get your dog to the vet

This might not sound like a true hack, but taking your dog to the vet for the right reason might be the solution to all your issues. Granted, it is perfectly normal that certain musk emanates from your dog, but if the odor becomes particularly nasty and sharp and you have a hard time managing it, this might be the signal that a visit to the vet is long overdue.

Your dog may be suffering from some sort of latent malady or a skin problem which can be easily solved through appropriate therapy. Maybe it’s all about washing your dog and rubbing its skin and fur with a recommended cream. It’s worth the try and you’ll at least get an informed opinion of a medical professional.

get rid of doggy smell

Get an air purifier

Purchasing a high-quality air purifier is, much akin to the baking soda and vinegar solution mentioned above, one of those be-all-end-all life hacks that serve as an umbrella solution for many issues. Clearing the dog miasma out of your household is just one aspect of it.

Thankfully, since we live in these brave and modern times of proliferated consumer goods, you can easily find and purchase a fine air purifier without investing a small fortune into it. It cannot hurt.

Remember – it can be quite challenging to get rid of any odor in your household, especially the ones that naturally emanate from living, breathing entities such as dogs.

However, while it can be a tricky endeavor, it is entirely possible to execute this household project with a few tips and tricks up your sleeve.

Should you choose to implement at least a few of these hacks, you should find success with keeping your household air quality crisp and clean even with the canine friend living with you inside.

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