Great Little Dog Breeds For Kids

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If you’re looking for a canine companion that would effortlessly build a connection with your kids, there are many breeds of small-sized dogs you can choose from. Although many small-sized dog breeds aren’t recommended for people with kids, because small dogs tend to be either nervous or aggressive, there are some great little dog breeds that get along perfectly with children.

When choosing a dog, you need to consider your family’s lifestyle as well as how old your children are. Even if a dog breed is considered child-friendly, pet experts advise waiting until your youngest child is at least 5 years old before committing to caring for one. To ensure that you select the perfect dog for your children, take your time to go through this list we’ve carefully rounded up for you. 

1. Bolognese 

This cute dog breed would make an excellent companion for your children. Unlike other tiny dog breeds, the Bolognese is not easily startled or alarmed when your kids come running towards it. They’re also good at embracing the calm moments with your kids before bed. However, you should bear in mind that this breed has a laid-back temperament, so if your children have a wild streak, you might want to look for another breed. Whereas, this breed is perfect for children that love to play with their dogs but aren’t too hyperactive. 

2. German Spitz

This dog is incredibly attractive because it is a small breed with a fox-like appearance. This is a pup who is both obedient and playful. With just some training, you’ll be able to let your kids hang out with a German Spitz. Although they’re very loyal and loving towards their family, strangers will likely have to deal with their wary barks. Considered to be active and highly alert, this dog breed mostly acts as watchdogs and can take good care of your kids. 

3. Havanese 

Havanese dogs used to be the treasured lapdogs of wealthy natives of Havana until the 1900s. These cheerful, charming, and goofy dogs are perfect for companionship. They’re very social and make friends wherever they go, which is what arguably makes them, out of all the different dogs suited to children, most fitting for interacting with your kids. This breed is also known to be very intelligent, and can easily learn tricks in a short matter of time. Their silky coat needs daily brushing and maintenance, so make sure that you have the time and budget for their care before you bring them home.  

4. Welsh Corgi

If you’re looking for a big dog in a small package, this is the one for you. Fully packed with energy, a Welsh Corgi will always have a goofy smile on their face. They are also excellent watchdogs because of being highly vigilant and loyal. Known to love children, a corgi would be great to hang out with your children without even the need for supervision. Their intelligence is comparable with the most lever dog breeds and therefore they don’t require much effort to train. 

5. Pug 

Pugs are one of the cutest and funniest dogs of the toy breed. They have thick muscular bodies and adorably expressive faces. Easily able to adjust to any environment, your kids will have no trouble getting used to this dog. However, they are sensitive to high-temperature environments and therefore you should ensure they aren’t exposed to extreme heat. 

6. Chihuahua 

Chihuahuas are feisty little creatures that love to exercise. While many people consider them to be scary, if trained right, they can be one of the sweetest dog breeds in the world. They love to dote on their favorite person and give cuddles. Known to be extremely loyal and overly protective, be prepared to see this dog in protection mode if any stranger comes near you or your kids. 

7. Beagle 

The phrase puppy-dog eyes probably originated from looking at the eyes of a beagle because of how adorable and innocent they look. A small, clingy and adorable breed, Beagles will fit right in with your kids. In fact, you’ll probably consider this dog to be a part of your family once it gets settled in. Make sure to give it ample time and attention, otherwise, they tend to become sad and destructive to get your attention. 

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It’s challenging to choose one dog out of all the adorable breeds out there; but once you consider your lifestyle and the needs of your kids, it will be easier to narrow down your options. Make sure that your chosen dog’s needs align with what you can comfortably and sustainably provide so they can easily fit into your family dynamic.

Also, invest in proper behavioral training and take the necessary safety measures before leaving them with your children.