Here’s How Owning A Dog Can Improve Your Wellbeing

wellbeing of owning a dog

Dogs are amazing pets. They are popularly designated as the man’s best friend due to the companionship they provide, their loyalty to their owners, and the ability dogs have to establish close relationships and bonds with their owners. Having the company of a pet often provides individuals a sense of purpose by causing them to develop a daily routine and giving them something to look forward to each day.

People opt to get dogs for different motives – they can be specifically trained to support those with physical disabilities, such as blindness, or even to effectively protect your house and family from intruders, or simply provide companionship to an elderly person who resides alone, as well as an excellent addition to your family, particularly if you have children.

Dogs are fun and can even provide a significant positive impact on individuals’ mental health, by reducing disorders such as depression and anxiety, according to previous research studies.  Although there are so many positives to owning a canine best friend, you must remember that a pet, whatever you decide to get, is for life. All animals require commitment, patience, and raising a dog can be almost as exhausting as raising a toddler.

You should be ready and committed to the effort, time, and energy this requires to ensure you provide your dog with the best life you can. Dogs can develop deep bonds with you and your family and moving to a new home and changes in owners can seriously affect the dog’s emotional wellbeing. Therefore, it is vital that you are prepared for the responsibility that owning one carries prior to making the final decision.

They Promote Healthy Emotional Wellbeing

It is common knowledge that animals in general provide owners with a sense of calmness and as well as general emotional support.  This is particularly true for dogs, as they can easily sense mood changes in their owner and will often react to this in a supportive manner by sitting next to you or paying you more attention. This is one of the reasons many people choose dogs for emotional support animals.

An emotional support animal is a certified pet that is responsible for supporting the owner by comforting them and reducing the effects of mental health disorders. You can obtain more information if you click here as experts can advise you whether you should be able to get a dog as an emotional support pet.

Previous studies have shown that individuals with pets demonstrate lower rates of depression, and suffer fewer symptoms of depression. This is believed to be due to the soothing presence and the bond that pets bring to the owner, which can be very powerful, and also the fact that animals provide you with a distraction from whatever negative issues you are going through and they give you nothing but unconditional love and affection.

wellbeing of owning a dog

They Reduce Feelings of Isolation

Having a dog will provide you with amazing companionship in itself. They will come to you when you get home, they will snuggle up next to you, they will listen to you and be there for you whenever you need company. However, the socialisation development simply by owning a dog goes beyond that. When you take your pet out for a walk, dogs usually go up to each other and interact either friendly or otherwise. Understandably it does not seem like much but it is a great way to make small talk with fellow dog lovers that you meet in the park, and who knows, you may start seeing each other on a regular basis for doggy playdates.

Research has shown that disabled people in wheelchairs who had a dog when out about were received more smiles and interaction with strangers than those in wheelchairs who had no dogs in their company. Not only does this shows that strangers feel more relaxed around those who have dogs, they are also more likely to engage in communication, it also demonstrates that dogs’ role within people’s lives goes beyond keeping them company.

They Keep You Physically Active

Dogs are by norm very active animals. Albeit it will depend on the breed of the dog, but the majority of them, big or small, enjoy a daily walk or to play outside, particularly if they are a puppy. If you get a dog, exercise is a must to ensure your canine friend’s  good health as well as their ability to engage with other dogs and human beings in the world. Every time you take your pet outside  and every time you play with it, you too are enjoying the benefits this has: you are keeping yourself more active and spending more time outside. This is extremely essential not only for physical but also for individuals’ mental health.

Owning a dog can be the best decision of your life – they make such amazing pets as long as you commit to them and provide them with the best life you can. If treated correctly dogs will become more than just your pet, they will become a member of your family.

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