Hiker Startled by Sorrowful ‘Amber Eyes’ Peering from a Crevice


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While hiking a narrow, slick pathway on Lookout Mountain in Phoenix, Arizona, a man was in for an unexpected surprise.

Focused on his hike, he suddenly noticed a pair of amber eyes twinkling from a crevice in the mountainside.

To his astonishment, the sorrowful, piercing eyes belonged to a frightened and exhausted dog.

Her fur, the color of dirt, blended seamlessly with the environment. Without her striking eyes, the hiker might have walked right past her.

The dog had no strength left in her malnourished body and was on the verge of giving up.

Rescuing The Exhausted Pup


Source: Arizona Humane Society

As the dog saw the hiker approaching, she lifted her head and looked at him, her heart glimmering with hope that she might be saved.

After comforting the pup, the man contacted the Arizona Humane Society (AHS) to request their help in rescuing her.

AHS emergency animal medical technicians Ruthie Jesus and Tracey Miiller immediately headed to the scene.

The kind-hearted hiker stayed with the dog, later named Bright Eyes, for nearly two hours until the rescuers arrived.

“…She blends in so well that the complainant told us he wanted to call her Bright Eyes because when he hiked past her, the only thing he saw were her amber eyes staring back at him,” Jesus said in a video taken by AHS after the rescue.

Although the dog was still frightened, she allowed the kind humans to take care of her.


Source: Arizona Humane Society

The medical technicians examined Bright Eyes and found that, in addition to being severely dehydrated, she had cuts on her paws and a wound on her rear end.

The rescue team could tell she was a real sweetheart as Bright Eyes allowed them to caress her head.

However, due to her fear, she froze in the crevice, and the rescue team had to gently pull her out.


Source: Arizona Humane Society

Since Bright Eyes was too exhausted to walk, her rescuers took turns carrying her down the mountain.

The gentle pup enjoyed being in their arms, feeling safe and relaxed.


Source: Arizona Humane Society

The hopelessness and sorrow vanished from her eyes, now replaced with gratitude for the kind humans who rushed to her aid.

The pup knew she was finally receiving the help she needed.

The Sweet Dog Receives the Help She Needed


Source: Arizona Humane Society

No one knows how Bright Eyes ended up on the mountain.

Her rescuers are thrilled that she was found in time.

“We were so elated to be able to get her. She was just so dehydrated. I think she’d probably been up there several days and that was probably her last day, and this Good Samaritan really just saved her life,” Jesus added.

Bright Eyes was taken to a hospital where she received medication, fluids, and antibiotics, along with treatment for her stomach issues.

The dog was estimated to be two years old.

Once she makes a full recovery, this beautiful Arizona girl will begin looking for her forever home.

She hopes to find loving parents and start a brand-new life with them.

Thanks to the kind-hearted Good Samaritan and the amazing animal medical technicians, Miiller and Jesus, for saving this sweet girl’s life.

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