How To Choose The Appropriate Toys For Your Beagle

How to chooses best dog toys for your beagle

Having a Beagle pup is amazing. However, it can be a bit tricky to keep your furniture intact because they are a very active breed. They tend to chew anything and everything, including your favorite leather shoes. The good news is that there are a lot of toys that can distract them and save your house from getting torn apart.

In this article, we are going to show you how to choose the best type of toys for your active pup. If you are looking for specific toy ideas, check out these best toys for your beagle. You will find a lot of budget-friendly, sturdy toys for your little companion. Below are a few tips and tricks to help you choose the appropriate toy for your four-legged friend.

1.    Choose toys that ease teething discomfort for pups

Small puppies are just like babies. This means that they need a lot of attention because they suffer from discomfort due to teething. A non-toxic rubber toy is great for small puppies that need to chew on

Go for toys that come with different textures to help your tiny beagle soothe the discomfort and the itching of tooth gums. At first you might need to get more than one toy to see which one is better suited.

It is important to purchase these teething toys as soon as possible if you don’t want your pup to hurt itself. Otherwise, your beagle may start to chew on wires, which is extremely dangerous.

2.    Opt for strong chewing toys for adult beagles

Once the puppy’s teeth are all grown, it is going to feel the need to chew on something harder. Now is a great time to purchase “indestructible” non-toxic robber toys. Avoid fluffy toys because beagles can destroy them in an instant.

Rubber toys made out of highly resistant rubber are best for adult Beagles. If the toy also makes a sound, it is even better. They will play with it for hours. This way you keep the dog distracted while you are away at work or you have to run an errand that doesn’t allow you to take your pet with you.

3.    Keep in mind that beagles are very active

Congratulations, you have chosen to adopt one of the most active dog breeds. Now you will have to play with it for many hours a day. While this can help you become active and fit, sometimes you will be too tired to go running in the park. This is why you should select toys that can keep your Beagle engaged for hours.

Activity balls, toys that drop treats, and toys that eliminate a certain smell are amazing for beagles. Since they are born hunters, it is in their nature to search for pray. Purchasing a bone that eliminates scent can be a great idea. You can hide it in the yard and let the beagle find it.

4.    Play and train with your beagle using toys

One of the best activities for owners to play and train their dogs is fetching. We recommend purchasing discs or other fetching toys like balls or non-toxic rubber bones for your beagle. If you select toys made out of rubber they are also waterproof so you can play fetch with you dog near a lake or a pool.

There are a lot of ways to bond with your dog but playing is arguably the best one. You can also add a bit of training while playing. This way you can bond with your dog and discipline it at the same time. You can also try some special treats to reward it when it shows improvements.

5.    Consider toys for companionship and relaxation

After a great day of playing both of you feel the need to relax. While your dog prefers your company all the time, it is important for the it to spend some alone time too, to get used to stay at home alone. To make the transition easier, you can search for a fluffy toy to keep the dog company while it relaxes or while sleeps.

There are a lot of puppy-like toys and some of them even resemble beagles. These fluffy toys will keep your dog company. It is best to put them in the dog’s basket or bed to get it’s smell. This way, it will be easier for the dog to get used to the new toy.

These are some tips and tricks on how to find the right toys for your Beagle. Remember that it is a very active breed which tends to ruin toys easily. Go for the most resistant toys if you don’t want to purchase new ones every month.

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