How to Enrich Your Knowledge About Dogs: A Comprehensive Guide


People want to learn more about dogs for a variety of reasons, from wanting to become a dog trainer or a groomer to maybe wanting to get a dog of their own. No matter your reason for gaining more knowledge about dogs, the important thing to know is that there are many ways to do it. Read below for a comprehensive guide on how to enrich your knowledge about dogs. 

Read Informational Books or Pamphlets

There are endless books out there about different dog breeds and the history and evolution of the canine species. If you have a niche interest in certain dogs, then this is the place to start. Go to your local library and find the section about dogs and you will have all the information you need.

As for informational pamphlets, you can find these at pet stores, at the vet, or even at the dog groomer. They can teach you about certain ailments that dogs are susceptible to and warn you what not to feed your dog.

Use the Internet

The internet has endless information about dogs and you can use it to find out anything you need. If you want to learn about the dog behavior that you see in your own dogs or in dogs on the street, then you can read blogs about different dog breeds and how they interact with each other.

You can also read blog posts about how much influence the owner has on the behavior of the dog and why it is important to train dogs young. 

Another great use of the internet is to join dog lover groups on social media platforms like Facebook. That way you can ask questions to a community of dog lovers and owners around the world and hear the different opinions of how to handle certain situations.

Online forums serve the same purpose if you ever have any questions or concerns about your own dog or dogs that you might be interacting with.

Sign Up for Training Classes with Your Dog 

All dogs need some kind of training in order to know how to behave in public with humans and other dogs. An obedience class is a great way for your dog to socialize with other dogs and for you to learn more about the canine psyche. In these types of classes, you will learn commands and how to reward your pet with treats at the appropriate time.

You can also take more advanced courses where you can help train your dog to be an emotional support animal or a service animal. With these kinds of courses, you can learn about the potential that dogs have to be contributing members of society.

Listen to Podcasts 

A great way to passively learn things while driving or doing things around the house is to listen to podcasts. Find a few podcasts that are hosted by dog experts and listen to their advice about all things canine.

You can enrich your knowledge of dogs from anywhere as long as you have a podcast app and some headphones. Dive into theories about breeds, opinions on adoption vs. buying dogs as pets, information about the right food for each type of dog, and more from podcast hosts who care a lot about dogs. 

Attend a Canine First Aid Class

This is something that many people do not think about when they get a dog, but it may be the thing that saves your dog’s life one day.

Learning the basics like canine CPR and how to administer emergency medication are useful skills just in case your dog ever eats something they aren’t supposed to or gets bitten or stung by a venomous animal. You will learn a lot about canine anatomy and you will be a dog expert by the end of this course. 

Volunteer at Dog Shelters

This is not only a charitable thing to do, but it gives you the opportunity to get to know all types of dogs and see how loving they are, even if they don’t have their own home.

Volunteering your time to take care of dogs means that you will probably learn how to give them shots, assist volunteer veterinarians with check-ups, and spend time outdoors with dogs of all shapes and sizes. You will develop a deeper understanding of the world from the eyes of a dog and it may even inspire you to adopt one yourself.

Enrich Your Knowledge About Dogs

Dogs are and always have been trusted companions of human beings. They have gone through thousands of years of history alongside us and have evolved to love cohabitating with us in our homes. The more you know about dogs, the better prepared you can be to be the best dog owner out there.

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