How To Find A Good Caretaker For Your Furry Friend

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Only because you leave your pet at home when you go on vacation doesn’t mean they must be alone. While you’re away, the correct pet care choice provides you with a sense of calm and keeps your pets healthy and happy.

When you leave town, it’s best to leave your pet in a safe, familiar environment—their house. They usually know where their meals, drinks, entertainment, and resting areas are, so having the pet carer come to them is preferable.

Professional pet sitters provide in-home pet care at your home or theirs. Local dog boarding, kennels, and cat boarding are also viable possibilities. All of these pet care choices are more expensive than requesting family or friends to watch your pet, but professional training and expertise might be worth it.

Here are some crucial qualities to look for in a pet carer.

Look For Someone Flexible and Calm

As a pet parent, you are aware that animals may be grumpy at times, and things do not always go perfectly. So, when hiring a pet sitter, consider if the person can stay patient and calm as the circumstances demand. Top-tier pet caretakers have a magnetic presence.

They are capable of calming your pet. Your pet should have a good rapport with the pet caretaker you pick, which is why you should interview them before hiring them. Allow them to meet your pet. Look at how they interact.

If a pet sitter does not feel a connection with your pet, they will be forthright. Spending time with creatures that they adore is part of the fun of being a pet sitter. Who wouldn’t want something like that?

Your pet does not experience anxiety if the pet caregiver remains calm. To soothe the pet, the pet sitter might take it to a park, on a stroll, or even provide it with luxury for pets – yeah, you read that correctly!  Some companies provide all of the luxuries that a pet needs. Your pet’s spa services, daycare, unique suites, and other fascinating things would undoubtedly be an excellent source of fun and relaxation for your furry friend. 

This type of anxious circumstance might even arise when you are not at home. If you work long hours or don’t have a consistent work schedule, having a pet sitter that is flexible with work and can come to your home on short notice will be ideal.

Look for Hearted Caretaker

Sensitivity is one of the attributes you should seek in a pet carer. A kind and sympathetic caregiver knows and caters to your pet’s requirements. The individual must decide what to do based on the mood of their pet. For example, if your dog is unwilling to play, the owner should not force it, but rather allow some space. Simultaneously, ensure that the person you are employing does not use physical coercion or punishment, such as aggressively tugging on your dog’s leash during a walk.

Experience over Everything

Excellent pet caretakers are well-educated. They are knowledgeable about various pet breeds, as well as their specialized physical and nutritional requirements. They are aware of local animal resources such as veterinary clinics, pet stores, and pet-friendly parks. They understand various hazards to your pet (such as frosty weather or ice melting on the dog’s feet) and how to prepare. They are also up to speed on pet trends and new pet care findings. 

So, find an expert pet sitter if your pet requires a lot of attention or gets difficult to handle at times. For example, if you have a large dog, for instance, a German shepherd, the sitter must be able to provide a certificate of work experience when you hire them. If your pet has a medical issue, you should always pick a sitter who is knowledgeable in this field.

Caretakers Should Be Trustworthy

If you leave your house and your pet with a pet sitter, it is critical to know that the individual is trustworthy. Check data about the person’s previous job history to determine their trustworthiness. It may simplify the process. Some pet home healthcare service providers do background checks on their candidates. So, before hiring, speak with such an agency and check references from former employers.

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Require Consistency

Teaching your pet the laws and etiquette of the inside and outside requires a lot of time and effort. As a result, it is critical to find a sitter who understands these guidelines and enforces them on your pet. If you do not allow your dog to urinate outdoors or lie on the bed, your pet sitter should train him so that he never forgets.

Choose the One with Good Communication Skills

As a pet owner, you would like to know how your pet is doing, especially if you are going to be gone for an extended period. The greatest pet sitters are those that communicate with you regularly while watching your pet, putting your mind at ease. They may text you images of your pet throughout the day to let you know that they have just returned from a walk with your pet, or they may call you so your pet may hear your voice on the phone. 

You would like the finest for your pet, so only the greatest furry friend caretaker will do. So, take your time and choose a good one!

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