How To Start A Dog Breeding Business At Home And What To Expect

How to Start a Dog Breeding Business

Today, there are so many sad and abandoned pets out on the streets and in shelters that the breeding business is really villainized. However, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to raise healthy and happy puppies as long as you’re doing it in good conditions. So, if you’re a dog lover that also wants to have a successful and ethical breeding business, here’s how to start it and what to expect.

First things first

In order to avoid fines and prosecution, you need to form a legal business. You will also need to register for a variety of taxes and have a dedicated checking account that will help you keep your finances organized. Necessary permits and licenses also need to be in check, otherwise, you’re risking heavy fines or even a ban from business! Once you get all of these legal documents, your business will be protected and your kennel will appear more professional.

Find an experienced vet

Even before you find your dog(s), you need to find a good and dedicated vet. What you need is a professional clinic, because good women and men working there will be the ones watching your puppies grow and develop into healthy and happy dogs! Put their number on speed dial, just in case.

Find the space

Depending on how many dogs you’re planning to keep, you’ll need an appropriate amount of space. Every dog should have their own shelter to rest and feel cozy in, especially female dogs with pups! There are many different layouts you can go with, but no matter the design, you need to provide your dogs with a dry space that’s not too hot or cold. The space needs to be big enough for dogs to express their normal behavior and get plenty of light and fresh air. Daily play dates and training sessions are a must in order to have happy and playful dogs that produce healthy pups!

Consider the food

Aside from the dog houses, you’re also going to need space for storing all the food, bowls, toys, leashes and other puppy things. You’ll have to find a dry and locked space—you don’t want your dogs breaking in and eating all the treats! Another thing you can consider is cooking for your pups from time to time to provide them with a diet that’s balanced and versatile. There are many easy and inexpensive recipes online that require only a few ingredients and appliances. For example, a practical Bosch gas oven allows preparation of all sorts of meals and treats that are healthy and nutritious. Its biggest plus is the oven that can fit many pots and pans, plus it’s perfect for warming up pre-made food!

Choose good pups

Once you take care of formalities, it’s time to buy your dogs. First, you have to decide whether you want only females, only males or both. When choosing your pups (or adult dogs) pick an animal that fits all breed standards you can find online or in libraries. Dogs that come from champion parents or pups that already have some junior dog show titles are a perfect pick.

Choose good mates

Choosing mates for your dogs is as important as choosing your own dogs for breeding. What you should look for is a calm, healthy and proportionate dog. If you have both male and female dogs, finding a suitable mate will be of no concern to you, but in case you don’t, you can start your search in breeding newsletters and on websites. How to Start a Dog Breeding Business You should also create a contract with other breeders that will state the price of mating, how to deal with failure to conceive and how many puppies each party will get.

Get insurance

Dog insurance is another important thing since it can give you benefits in the event of dog injury, illness or even death. It also covers you in case your dog attacks another animal or human.

Build your network

In order to know other breeders and for them to know you, you need to build your network. Local clubs and dog shows are a great way to put yourself and your pups out there, find potential mates or new additions to your kennel. If you want to reach customers, you’ll need a good website and social media presence. Your web page and profiles don’t have to be anything special, but need to offer info on your kennel, your dogs and existing and future litters. Contact numbers are necessary, of course.

Keep in touch

Make sure to follow the development of your sold puppies and stay in touch with the owners. If they are willing to provide you with photos and videos, that’s great, since you can use them to show new customers the look and character of puppies from your breeding business.

All in all, the dog breeding business involves a lot of money, care, patience and networking. But, once you get your first litter and send your pups into a loving family, everything will be worth it!

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