Idaho Shelter Staff Heartbroken After Finding A Terrified Border Collie Mix Tied Up To Their Donation Shed


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Because their lives revolve around their family, dogs are happiest when they are spending quality time with their favorite hoomans, having fun and just goofing around.

Luckily, most hoomans feel the same way, so they make sure that their furry friends have everything they need and more.

But, this isn’t always the case.

Some pups end up in broken homes with owners who don’t really understand how much they mean to their doggos. Unfortunately, today’s story is about an adorable puppy who ended up in such a home.

Abandoned And Afraid


Source: Priest River Animal Rescue

When the staff of Priest River Animal Rescue (PRAR), a non-profit animal rescue based in Idaho, came to work one morning, they were met with a heartbreaking scene.

An adorable Border Collie mix was found tied to their donation shed.

“Physically, he was healthy, but emotionally he was frightened and confused, which made him snarl and growl at us,” Barbara Grover, the president of the board of directors and volunteers, told Newsweek.

After gaining the pup’s trust, the shelter staff named him Buddy and took him inside the Idaho shelter.

The staff managed to contact the pup’s previous owner, who was heartbroken to learn that they no longer wanted him.

He was placed in isolation, as per procedure, and is scheduled to be neutered as soon as possible.

Never Give Up

Even though Buddy is settling into the shelter, the staff is hopeful that he won’t stay there for too long.

They immediately set out to find him a forever home – one that would love and appreciate him for who he is.


Source: Priest River Animal Rescue via Newsweek

The PRAR staff stated that the pup would absolutely thrive in an active family that can provide a lot of love and attention, making him forget about his dark past and embrace his future.

“He is an active, friendly dog who loves to play fetch and is good with children,” Grover added.


Source: Priest River Animal Rescue via Newsweek

The shelter also made it clear that surrendering an animal this way was not okay!

Grover explained that when an animal isn’t surrendered properly, it not only shows a lack of respect for the shelter and employees but also makes their job much more difficult.

“In instances like this, where a proper surrender process is not followed, it not only creates chaos and risk, but also demonstrates a disregard for the safety and well-being of the animal in question. As a small facility with limited resources, such irresponsible actions can have a significant impact,” she stated.


Source: Priest River Animal Rescue via Newsweek

So please keep this in mind when abandoning your animals on the streets or even at the shelter.

You might forget that our furry friends see us as not only their best friend, but as their closest family! Suddenly abandoning them will leave them extremely confused and depressed and could even make them aggressive.

Please, if you can no longer care for your pet, take them to your local shelter and give them a proper goodbye!

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