Owner Notices Her Dog Started Coughing A Lot And Was Surprised When A Vet Revealed The Cause


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As someone who was once a proud dog owner, I think one thing we all want for them is to live a long and healthy life with us.

Sometimes, it can get a bit tough taking care of them, especially if they already have pre-existing problems which cost a lot of money to treat.

However, that was not the case for Zippy. He was a dog with a lot of problems, as he was already a senior dog when he was adopted.

His owner noticed something was wrong with him and wanted to get to the bottom of it so she decided to take him to a vet.

An Unusual Problem


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While most people would assume that Zippy has pet insurance and that it would cover a lot of the expenses for whatever treatment he needed, that was not the case.

His mom, Michelle, never got insurance for him because he had a pre-existing heart condition and they wouldn’t cover the expenses for his treatment.

Treating a dog in California was already expensive, so she figured it was best if she didn’t waste any extra money on insurance that wasn’t even that good for him in the first place.

However, Zippy would soon start coughing a lot and she did not understand why this was happening.

The only thing she could do was take him to a clinic in California where they examined him and tried to figure out the cause.


Source: TikTok

As it turns out, he had a ‘foreign object’ in his body. They believed that he would pass it in a few days, but Michelle didn’t want that.

She feared that something might go wrong because of his heart condition, so she and her partner wanted to solve the issue then and there.

The veterinarians tried inducing vomiting in the dog to get rid of the object, but it didn’t work. However, they tried getting rid of it with an endoscopy, and it worked

Apparently, it was a very small rock that was causing all of the problems. In the end, the whole procedure cost $6,000 and Michelle decided to post a video about it on her TikTok.

Reaction On The Internet


Source: TikTok

As expected, the short clip of images gained a lot of attention online. It received 948,000 views, almost 150,000 likes, and many comments.

One person commented: “That is the face of someone who has not learned his lesson and will absolutely do it again.

As ridiculous as it might seem, dogs tend to repeat the same mistakes despite our efforts to prevent them.

Another person said: “My pups rock cost 3200 bucks thank God for pet insurance. I got reimbursed 80%.

While it may seem like a good idea for everyone to get pet insurance, it’s always important to be well-informed before you make the decision to do so.


Source: TikTok

And lastly, somebody commented: “I’m shocked that it required a vet visit, it looks small and smooth enough to pass through. Guess I need to watch my dogs closer haha.

As the person said, it’s actually pretty important that we pay attention to what our dogs eat throughout the day.

You never know when something like this might happen and it’s important to be on top of the issue right away.

For Zippy, however, everything turned out okay in the end and his story also helped brighten people’s days as a lot of people found the situation relatable in many ways.

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