This Sad Dog Wouldn’t Stop Staring At The Wall After Being Returned To The Shelter


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If a dog doesn’t grow up in a safe and happy environment, it is highly likely that it will become very antisocial, depressed, and anxious.

Because of this, when the pup does find himself in a place where he can actually relax, he often tries to curl up on himself, hiding away from the world as they are not used to the feeling.

This is why it is very important that the hooman who is caring for this pup takes things very slow, allowing the dog to relax at his own pace.

Rocky Kanaka, a pet rescue advocate, had the perfect approach with the pup who had an extremely hard time trusting hoomans because of his rough past.

Meet Arthur


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Arthur is an adorable one-and-a-half-year-old Cattle Dog mix who spent his life living as a stray from an unclaimed litter.

He was incredibly grateful to have been adopted shortly after arriving at the shelter. Unfortunately, his happiness did not last too long as his family ended up surrendering him back to the shelter as they were no longer able to take care of him.

This unfortunate event really did take a toll on Arthur.

He was extremely depressed, anxious, and refused to even look at anyone. However, his behavior was soon about to change when an incredible hooman named Rocky decided to hang out with him for a bit.


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Easy Does It

Since Arthur was kept in the sallyport, an area of the shelter where dogs often enter before they are able to enter the shelter and be examined, it was the perfect opportunity for Rocky to introduce himself.

At first, Rocky decided to sit further away, allowing Arthur to have his own space since the rescuer completely understood that he was very scared because of the unknown environment he found himself in.


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As Arthur kept avoiding eye contact, Rocky decided to try and gain his trust by giving him a treat.

Initially, he placed one in front of him, but the pup only smelled it. Then, he placed another one closer to him but, just like the first one, but no luck.

The rescuer then decided to place the treat in his hand and offer it to Arthur, and to his surprise, the pup ate it!

Rocky was overjoyed.

He continued to explain that anxious dogs don’t usually take treats from an opened palm as it increases their anxiety. But, the fact that Arthur took it made Rocky hopeful.

However, even after taking a couple of treats from Rocky, Arthur continued to look away.


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Finding out that he had been surrendered by his family, somebody who he loved and was loyal to, Rocky’s heart completely broke.

He then decided to shower Arthur with positive affirmations and remind him of what an incredible pup he was.

“I think that you are a good boy and you deserve love and I am sorry that your family left you behind because you did not deserve that. You deserve love, and hugs, and treats… Guess what, today starts the first day of your new life. It’s going to be amazing. I know it’s a little scary right now, but if you trust me, we are going to help you find a home and a family that loves you as much as you love them, okay?” Rocky told Arthur in a YouTube video.

After hearing these incredible words, Arthur started to come out of his shell, even allowing Rocky to give him a good pet.


Source: Youtube

Rocky continued showering Arthur with kind words, and with every single one of them, the pup’s heart was noticeably melting away.

I am sure that with time, Arthur will completely come out of his shell and find a family that can finally provide him with the life he deserved all along.

Rocky, your patience and understanding set the perfect example of just how important it is to take things slow with animals who need some time to figure out just what has happened to them.

You are a hero.

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