Safety Tips For Happy Pups: Common Dog Emergencies

Pup Emergencies

No matter if you are a seasoned canine owner or a new doggy parent, you can never be too safe when it comes to your pets’ health. So, in order to complete your dog safety knowledge and ensure your pup is having a fun and happy life, make sure to check out these common dog emergencies.

Food-related issues

One of the most common reasons people take their dog to the emergency room is food, more precisely, eating the wrong food! Chocolate, xylitol and grapes (raisins included) can seriously damage your dog’s health, cause many sleepless nights and cost you a fortune in vet bills. You might also want to keep your eye on chewing gums and candies since many of them contain a sweetener called xylitol that’s dangerous to animals. Grapes and raisins are often overlooked, but ingesting them can cause fatal kidney failure.


If you’re having a rodent situation at home, make sure to keep your dog away from the poison. Rat and mouse poisons contain a variety of chemicals that make them potentially deadly to dogs. If ingested, it can lead to severe vomiting, internal bleeding, brain swelling and kidney failure. Your dog can also get the symptoms by eating a poisoned dead rat, so always watch what they’re chewing on!

Respiratory emergencies

There are many different reasons why dogs might develop breathing issues. In most cases, the culprit is choking (on a bone, food, branch or toy). Keep an eye on signs like gasping for air, gagging, wheezing and blue, purple or gray gums. If you notice any of these symptoms, don’t waste a moment and rush your dog to the emergency vet right away! This is one of the most serious emergencies and it requires immediate attention!


Dogs love to chew on stuff, especially small pups that are not yet housebroken. However, aside from all the damage they can make with their nasty habit to your devices, they can also end up seriously hurt or even fatally injured! So, make sure to keep your cables out of your dog’s reach or try to protect them from their bite.p

In case your dog reaches your cords and damages them, make sure to contact an experienced emergency electrician to take care of the problem and prevent future damage.

They can not only salvage your belongings but also ensure the safety of your entire family—pets included!

Heat strokes

Dogs that spend a lot of time outside can suffer a heat stroke. This emergency is quite serious (more serious than heat exhaustion) and can even result in death.

If you suspect a heat stroke, check your pup’s temperature and rush it to the vet if the thermometer shows anything higher than 104°F!

Allergic reactions

Allergic reactions are quite common in pets, and their causes often range from vaccine reactions to insect bites. Usually, the symptoms are not very serious and include facial swelling, hives, and itchiness. However, sometimes, allergies can cause vomiting, diarrhea or even breathing issues. As soon as you notice any symptoms, don’t hesitate to seek veterinary care.

Cardiac arrests

Just like humans, dogs can also suffer a cardiac arrest when their heart stops pumping blood. However, there are no spontaneous heart attacks in dogs, and each has an underlying condition that stops the heart. In case of a cardiac arrest, your dog will usually collapse, stop breathing and go unconscious. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do if that horrible emergency happens but do an immediate CPR. If your dog starts breathing, rush it to the vet right away.

Enhance Safety with Customized Solutions

Consider going a step further in ensuring your pet’s safety by investing in personalized ID tags for your dogs. These unique items add to your pet’s charm and play a critical role in their safety. Custom tags contain essential details like your pet’s name, contact information, and even your dog’s needs.

They can prove vital if your pet gets lost or strays too far from home, providing a swift route for your dog’s rescuer to contact you.

Now that you know how to recognize and protect your pup from common health emergencies, you’ll be the best dog parent any pet can wish for!

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