Senior Dog Was Surrendered To The Shelter By Owner Even Though He Did “Nothing Wrong”


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Every dog’s dream is to be in a warm home with a loving family. Sadly, not every canine is lucky to live such an ideal life, so many of them have to settle for a shelter. However, for most dogs, it is not a place where they can find true happiness.

It is especially difficult for dogs that have spent most of their lives in a warm home to get used to the four walls of a kennel. After so much love from the dearest people, it’s not easy to adapt to a place where you can’t even see people most days.

Unfortunately, shelter staff are witnessing these situations more and more recently, and it is especially difficult for them when owners abandon their pets for no reason. That’s exactly what happened at one shelter in West Milford, New Jersey.

“Scared And Confused”



A dog named Diesel was surrendered to the West Milford Animal Shelter Society (WMASS), located in West Milford, New Jersey, in March 2024. According to Newsweek, their volunteer, Richard Adamonis, was so upset because of this dog’s fate that he just had to share his story.

“Diesel was scared and confused like most animals who arrive at the shelter, three weeks ago,” he said in an interview for Newsweek.

Yet, that was really not a surprise considering that this 10-year-old Pit Bull had spent almost nine years in a warm home before he was surrendered. This, as well as the fact that he was left at the shelter for no serious reason, shook Richard and the staff even more.

“We feel bad for the animal, like in this instance with Diesel, as they have done nothing wrong,” Richard said.

Nevertheless, situations like this always motivate people like Richard to do everything to help these helpless beings and ensure a brighter future for them.

Dreaming Of A New Chance


Source: West Milford Animal Shelter Society

An extreme change of environment like this can often have severe consequences for dogs. Because of this, Richard and the other people at the shelter were very careful with Diesel.

Thanks to that, as well as his “very calm and obedient” personality, Diesel adapted surprisingly quickly, and it was a true joy to hang around with him. Soon, he became the shelter favorite.

About a month after he was taken in, WMASS wrote a Facebook post about Diesel that proved he was a special boy.

“Diesel seems ok with other dogs, he also is housebroken, He is friendly with a touch of a little shyness at first meeting you, enjoys being pet and massaged, Still loves life and play time!” they wrote.

At the end of the post, they stated that there are many people who adore senior dogs and expressed the hope that just such a person with a big heart will notice Diesel and give him a chance for a new life.


Source: West Milford Animal Shelter Society

Although he was left at the shelter for no reason, there are many reasons why this beautiful dog deserves to be in a warm home again.

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