Sweet Stray Dog Jumped Into This Woman’s Car In Hopes That She Would Adopt Him


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You never know when your life is going to change, and that day, Lena was definitely taken by surprise!

She was packing up her car in her South Carolina home when an unknown creature crawled into her garage and then jumped into her car. When she finally realized that it was a stray dog, her heart immediately raced.

Being a dog owner and a huge dog lover herself, she just couldn’t let what seemed like fate go by. That very night, Lena and her family made the most incredible decision ever!

An Unexpected Encounter


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From the moment she saw him look at her with the kindest, sweetest eyes, Lena knew that this stray was no ordinary dog.

“I had my garage all the way open. I kind of see this little creature just walk past my garage and jump into my car,” Lena told The Dodo.

Later named JD, he instantly warmed up to her and shook his head “No” to her request to get out of the car.

Lena and JD formed a wonderful bond right off the bat, and that very night, she and her husband decided to let him stay in their garage.

The dog looked like he had mange, so the family didn’t want to take any risks. The very next morning, they took him to the vet, where they received the greatest news! Turns out JD was just having a bad skin allergy to the fleas.

The Sweetest Lovebug


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As soon as they realized that JD was not contagious, they immediately brought him inside their home. Lena’s other dog, Bear, was a little bit suspicious and reserved toward JD at first, but his hooman siblings instantly went into their play mode!

It was more than evident that JD stole everyone’s heart right off the bat, and being able to keep him inside the family was the greatest gift.


Source: @momlifeunhinged

Within just a couple of weeks, JD was playing with his stuffies and hanging out with his siblings as if he had always been a part of the family. Even Bear eventually accepted his new brother and welcomed him into the pack!

He needed to take medicated baths until, finally, he fully recovered. Thanks to his “chosen” momma, JD finally washed away all of his past and now he is able to take on a new life like a brand-new boi.

Still, it seems that JD’s favorite place is Lena’s car, as he just loves jumping and lying there like he did the first day. Every time the family wants to go somewhere – he’s first in line to jump in!


Source: @momlifeunhinged

But, JD is definitely not going to say “No” to a good nap in a cozy doggo bed!

He just loves lying around and enjoying peaceful moments with his loved ones. JD really adores his new South Carolina home. Even though it took him some time to come out of his shell, he now definitely feels like a family member.

“I feel like his personality has always kind of been there, but in the beginning it was definitely a little bit more laid back. I definitely feel accomplished,” says Lena.

Once a dog roaming the streets in an attempt to find an overnight shelter, JD is now the luckiest, happiest doggo around!

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