The Sorrowful Shelter Dog Who Was Desperately Begging People To Save Her Life Gets Her Miracle


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My heart shatters for all the animals who endured cruelty and abuse.

A sweet Pit Bull named Dawn was one of the defenseless canines who learned how merciless humans could be.

Her owners tied her in a crate outside their home and kept her without food, water, and sun protection. Dawn gave birth to litters of puppies whom her owners used in dog fights.

When authorities finally rescued her, they brought her to Rockdale County Animal Shelter in Georgia.

Although Dawn lived through a nightmare, she showed love to her caregivers and stole their hearts.

Unfortunately, since the shelter she was in was overcrowded, Dawn’s number was placed on the euthanasia list.

Fighting For Her Life


Source: Humans and Animals United via The Dodo

With a desperate look in her eyes, Dawn stood on her back legs and pressed her body against the door whenever someone walked by her kennel.

She was begging people to rescue her and give her a second chance at life.

“She was begging for her life. But no one stepped up, and I’m guessing it was because of the way she looked. Maybe people thought she would be aggressive,” Rosa Fond, the founder of Humans and Animals United told The Dodo.

On the day of her scheduled euthanasia, Dawn hugged the shelter volunteer tightly, refusing to let go.


Source: Humans and Animals United via The Dodo

The pup seemed to have anticipated that her fate had already been decided. She cuddled with the volunteer, giving her love.

The shelter staff felt heartbroken for Dawn and one of the staffers posted a plea for help on social media.


Source: Helping Rockdale AC Animals

The staff member begged the director to give Dawn a second chance, and they managed to postpone the canine’s euthanasia.

Dawn got two more days at the shelter, and she needed a rescue as soon as possible.

Luckily, one of the pup’s shelter friends contacted Humans and Animals United and asked for their help. The Florida-based rescue immediately promised to save Dawn, and they pulled her out of the shelter.

Once the canine was brought to safety, she was sweet, but she still felt frightened. She needed time to decompress.

A Loving Foster Family Takes Dawn In


Source: Humans and Animals United

The rescue worked hard to find a foster family who could take Dawn in.

Fortunately, their efforts paid off. A loving foster family opened their hearts to the pup and took her in.

After Dawn arrived at her foster home, she breathed a sigh of relief because she got a second chance at life.


Source: Humans and Animals United

Since the pup was malnourished and exhausted, her fosters followed a strict feeding routine in order to help the doggo reach her healthy weight.

They gave Dawn a ton of love, caressing her as she slept. Dawn felt comfortable.

When the doggo felt better, her foster family encouraged her to explore the world around her, and the pooch began admiring its beauty.

Having realized that she was safe, Dawn began opening up to her amazing foster family. She looked at them with eyes filled with appreciation and gratitude.

The canine hugged her foster parents, wrapping her paws around them. She had so much love to give them.


Source: Humans and Animals United

Dawn was over the moon when her foster dad took her to a pet store. She sniffed all the items on display until she chose the toys she would take home.

“She picked her own toys. It was a heartwarming moment that brought tears to our eyes. The reason why we rescue was shown that day,” Fond added.

Dawn continues thriving in her foster home, surrounded with the love of her caregivers.

Although the sweet dog deeply appreciates all the love and care her fosters give her, she hopes that she will soon find her forever home.

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