Top Tips On How To Keep Your Dog Clean And Healthy

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Have you ever seen your dog rolling on the ground, licking or nibbling an intricate lock of hair? That’s his way of cleansing himself. However, dogs often need the help of their owners for good health. By taking care of your pet’s hygiene, you can avoid inconveniences such as hair on furniture or soiling the apartment with muddy paws, but also many health problems.

Brushing the fur is an essential part of the grooming routine 

Regular brushing and combing, in addition to beautifying the hair, play an important role in maintaining the hygiene and health of your dog. With a brush or comb, you will remove dirt from the hair, untangle the strands, help maintain clean skin, and prevent irritation. You can feel any irregularities in the skin (wounds or growth) under your fingers. Also, the easiest way to check during brushing is to see if your dog has got fleas or if a tick has caught on to him while walking. That is why it is important that even if you have a short-haired dog, brushing becomes part of your daily routine.

Cutting and grooming your dog 

It is very important that bathing, brushing, and shortening nails become habits that your dog tolerates well. Make these activities into games and fun for your pet! This will make your job easier, reduce your time and energy, and avoid stress.

Choose a time when your dog is relaxed and in a good mood. For starters, brushing exercises should be short—only 5-10 minutes. Gradually extend the time later, so that they become routine. Over time, your pet will become completely relaxed, even in situations where you brush its tail, cut the nails on its paws, or accidentally pluck it in an attempt to untangle its hair. Also, it is important for the hair to be trimmed and cut regularly. A shorter hairstyle is preferable and easier to maintain. This does not require you to visit a salon every time, as you can do most of the work at home. The only important thing is to buy scissors for dog grooming that are sharp, reliable, and won’t hurt your dog while you do the cutting. A quality pair of scissors can drastically reduce the amount of time you spend doing it, and it can also help you save money in the long run. You can help your pet relax by gradually getting it used to being touched and caressing its whole body. Gradually include relatively sensitive body regions- ears, tail, abdomen, or paws, which can be uncomfortable for a pet at first. Once you’ve succeeded, the whole grooming routine will become a real treat and he/she will enjoy it eventually. 

Don’t forget the most important thing: after a successful exercise, be sure to praise your pet out loud and give it a treat!

Bathing is something you cannot skip, no matter the mess 

It is best to bathe dogs with shampoo once every three months. Bathing too often is not recommended because shampoo can damage the hair, disrupt the normal secretion of skin glands and cause skin irritation and itching. In the summer, you may need to bathe your pet more frequently, especially if it spends a lot of time outside. Rinsing with pure water and avoiding the use of shampoo would suffice in most circumstances. Always use dog shampoo, never human shampoo (even gentler baby shampoo), and if you follow the easy procedures below, you will be able to clean your dog quickly and properly.

  • Wet the dog well in the shower, taking care not to direct the water directly into the ears, eyes, or nose; If you do not bathe your pet in the apartment but in the yard, a hose, plastic bucket, or basin will serve quite well;
  • Apply and gently rub the shampoo, starting from the head and working towards the tail. Be careful not to get the shampoo in the dog’s ears, eyes, or nose;
  • Rinse the pet thoroughly with water;
  • Dry your pet well with a towel. Some dogs may tolerate blow-drying, but then you must carefully monitor the temperature of the hairdryer and not bring it too close to the dog’s skin to avoid burns. Do not take the dog out in cold weather until it is completely dry.

Some breeds, particularly those with sagging facial skin, such as the Shar-Pei or pug, have unique hygiene requirements. Clean the wrinkles on the skin with a piece of cotton wool moistened with water and dry them thoroughly to prevent the growth of bacteria and skin irritation.

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If your dog’s ears are long or loose, you should inspect them once a week. You can use cotton wool and water to remove the grime or a product prescribed by your veterinarian.

It seems like a lot of work. However, they are our companions, friends, and trustees at all times, therefore taking good care of them should be a top priority. 

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