3 Things You Should Know About Dog Grooming

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Regardless of whether your dog lives in your giant yard or sleeps on your sofa – grooming is necessary! And no, this doesn’t mean just brushing your dog’s fur once in a while. It’s the full package! Starting from the fur to the nails and even ears, grooming covers everything in order for your dog to look and feel its best!

So here are 3 things you should know about dog grooming and make the process a lot easier regardless if you’re taking the dog to a professional groomer or doing it yourself at home!

1.Different Fur, A Different Method

When grooming your dog, it’s good to have a plan of action, a little strategy you can follow in order to make the best of it! Starting from figuring out what kind of fur your dog has and learning how to take care of it! Some dogs need more pampering, as their fur is finer and longer, prone to falling out, while others have stubby, stiff fur that won’t budge no matter what the season.

This can greatly influence your grooming techniques, as you need o to cater to your dog’s needs by learning what kind of cut and style suits their fur the most!

2.Consistency Is Key

Again, as mentioned, grooming is not a one-time thing. You can’t just brush your dog’s fur, cut their nails once in a couple of months, and call it a day. Professionals at Auntie M’s Paw Spa Alamo suggest regular dog grooming. The sooner you start, the better! Especially when it comes to cleaning the dog, giving it a proper bath, as well as nail care and cutting them often – grooming your dog, is much more complex!

It’s best if your dog has some prior knowledge and experience when regarding washing, cutting, and overall grooming before you take them to a professional! 

3. Practice Makes Perfect

In the ideal world, your dog is already used to the groomer setting, with some being trained their whole lives. Start with training your dog to behave. This way, the grooming is twice as much likely to be a success! There is nothing worse than having a dog that hates the water or a dog that is extremely nervous! You need to put in a bit of work yourself, even if you are paying a professional dog groomer to do it for you – you still need to do a lot of work!

This way, your dog will trust the change of setting and the grooming salon a bit more! This mostly applies to younger dogs and puppies, just so they have a piece of mind and think!

dog grooming tips

At the end of the day, it all depends on what kind of dog you have, the quality of the fur, the age, and the overall condition of the fur, not to mention how long you waited to groom the dog, everything matters! Small knots and above-average grown nails might be dealt with easily and in no time, but that’s not all. As mentioned, grooming is a whole beauty package! So you should put taking care of your pets on the highest lists of your priorities because they deserve it!

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