Which Dog Dryer Will Blow You Away With Value?

The best dog dryers

Dogs should be well taken care of. One of the best ways of keeping them clean and free from blood sucking parasites is to give them a bath and groom their growing and shedding fur for a tangle free and shinier coat.

Why can’t I just towel dry my dog?

You may towel dry your dog after bathing him but it is not enough to keep him dry. You still need to use a dog hair dryer.

Your dog’s wet fur harbors different micro-organisms as well as dirt and other harmful materials. Moisture, as we all know, are perfect breeding ground for bacteria, molds, and fungi and if you keep leaving it wet, it may cause other harmful health conditions that could result in discomfort and life threatening infection.

Leaving your dog’s wet fur may also cause pungent, musty and moldy smell on your dog’s fur despite using the most fragrant dog shampoo available in the market. So if you’re considering to towel dry your dog next time, think again! You might be causing the worse discomfort on your pet than you’d ever think of.

Why can’t I use my personal hair dryer to dry up my dog?

The hair dryers that people use emit heat at a higher level that could hurt and or burn your dog’s fur and skin. Dogs are highly sensitive as compared to humans; they have an extremely sensitive skin. That’s why they have their own kind of dog blow dryer manufactured specially for drying their fur.

Quick Comparison Of Dog Dryers


Top 5 Best Dog Hair Dryer 

#1 Flying One High Velocity 4.0 HP Motor Dog Pet Grooming Force Dryer w/ Heater

Created with the sole purpose of drying your little fluffy buddy, Flying One High Velocity 4.0 HP Motor Dog Pet Grooming Force Dryer w/ Heater by Flying Pig Grooming could be your next favorite pet grooming equipment with its packed features.

Manufactured using steel material as its motor’s outer shell, Flying One is constructed with a goal of surviving for years of usage. The steel material that encompasses the motor serves as a shock absorber, keeps foreign materials away and protects the interiors of the equipment against moisture. Plus it offers a hassle free filter and casing cleaning; all you have to do is wipe the case then you’re good to go.

The Flying Pig Grooming Force Dryer has a powerful motor with the following specs: Voltage 110V, 16.36 amps, 4.0 Peak HP, and 60 Cycle. It consumes just enough electricity but emits more than enough power under safe standards to dry up your dog’s wet multiple layers of fur in no time.

Flying One Dryer w/ Heater emits an air velocity of 240 cubic feet per meter which enables it to cover more area of wet fur for fair and equal air distribution. It gives off 2800 feet per meter airflow speed and uses 1800 watts of electrical energy and is compatible in 110 volts power supply.

Unlike other hair dryers, Flying Pet Grooming Force Dryer comes with a heat level option that suits best at all weather and environment temperature levels. You don’t have to worry about giving your little buddy a dip even during winter because you can choose a heat level option perfect to keep your pet warm. ir?t=naturhealtand 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B012VK0PQ0

Choose among the heat options which include none or no heat emission, low, and high temperature. Its temperature level options ranges from 81 degrees Fahrenheit up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit; you’ll get more choices than you think of in this little yet powerful dryer which will surely provide tons of benefits to your furry buddy.

Flying One High Velocity Dryer comes with a free 10 ft. flexible hose so you don’t have to worry about keeping your dog still because you can adjust your and your dog’s position without movement restriction plus you can keep the motor within reach and groom your dog effortlessly at a separate table for a mess and clatter free grooming.

Its 10 ft. elastic hose also comes with 2 different nozzles and filters that were sleekly designed to fit with all hand sizes and securely connect with the hose for enhanced grooming experience plus its nozzles features comes handy for all your grooming requirement. Flying One Pet Grooming Force Dryer also features  toggle and button options which you may use when operating and choosing your heat and air speed option. These buttons and toggles were strategically positioned at the shell’s exterior, just above the connector that connects the hose to the motor, provides effortless and easy to navigate operating system.


Pros And Cons Of Flying One High Velocity Dryer

  • Its steel shell casing keeps the motor safe from water and moisture and makes cleaning easy.
  • Its 10 ft. flexible hose allows unrestricted movements and keeps the motor in a safe distance away from your pet for a panic free grooming.
  • Its 4HP power output allows your dog’s hair dries up quickly.
  • Settings board is strategically positioned in an easy-to-see spot.
  • The flexible gets hot even when not using the heat settings.
  • Poor connection system used in connecting the hose to the motor because it rips off easily after few uses.
  • It only has 2 different nozzles. It would have been better if it came with more nozzle options.



#2  Free Paws High-Power Stepless Adjustable Speed and temperature Pet Hair Dryer 

Leave your wet pet grooming job with Free Paws Pet Dryer Dog Cat Hair Dryer Blower with 3 Different Nozzles because, with its numerous features, it could dry up your pet’s once wet layers of fur in less than no time.

This energy efficient PDO2 4HP High Power pet grooming hair dryer has an adjustable output power feature that ranges from 400W to 3000W of electricity thus it automatically adjust its power consumption depending on your preferred air speed and temperature level option. So as your pet’s fur gradually dries up, you may reduce the temperature level and air speed option to save electricity.

It has an adjustable air flow speed that ranges from 25 meters per second up to 56 meters per second so you could choose which air speed to use depending on your grooming requirement. It also has 2 temperature level options which include 96 degrees Fahrenheit and 167 degrees Fahrenheit.

That means you don’t have to worry about giving your pet dog a refreshing bath even in cold weather. Free Paws pet grooming hair dryer will keep your pet dog warm and comfortable. Its 2 different temperature level also quickens the drying rate of your pet’s fur. Lesser grooming time means more fun moments with your furry buddy.

Dogs have ultra-sensitive ears and loud noises may damage their sense of hearing. Good thing, Free Paws comes with a noise-assimilation sponge and noise eliminating covers that relatively reduces the motor sound of up to 62 decibels for comfortable and distraction free grooming that your pet will surely love.

Free Paws Hair Dryer conforms with the US standard voltage with their AC110 volts power supply requirement that suits with most power outlets so you’ll be able to provide a professional grooming to your pet at the comfort of your own home. It also comes with CE certification which basically means that it underwent a series of thorough CE testing to ensure that the product is safe to use and wouldn’t harm you or your pet in any way.

This dryer also includes a flexible hose with 4 different nozzles integrated with heat insulation system that protects the motor heat from traveling into the nozzles. With these, you could move limitlessly while grooming your pet.

Free Paws Pet Grooming Hair Dryer is constructed with a metal shell and ABS cover that shelters the motors against foreign objects, moisture and serves as a shock absorber that prevents damages. It also allows you to clean the hair dryer with less hassle. The toggles and buttons were smartly positioned at the top of the motor shell for efficient operations.


Pros And Cons Of Free Paws High-Power Stepless Pet Hair Dryer

  • Its 4 HP power output blasts off water and moisture in your pet’s hair and saves you grooming time.
  • Its step-less adjustable airflow allows you to choose the air speed required for your pet’s grooming without overwhelming your pet.
  • Its noise-assimilation sponge and noise eliminating covers relatively reduces noise levels for comfortable and trouble and panic free grooming.
  • 4 different nozzles provide options depending on your dog’s grooming requirement and keep your dog warm even during cold weather.
  • It emits a burnt electrical wire smell when using the heat option.
  • The hose gets hot when the heat setting is on.
  • It still emits noticeable heat when using the no-heat setting.


#3 Free Paws Negative Ions Dog Dryer 4.0 HP 2 Speed Adjustable Heat Temperature Pet Dog Grooming Hair Dryer Blower

A wet coat, just like human hair, gets dirty easily and harvests all types of filth especially when you let your dog roam around without fully drying its fur. Bacteria and other microorganisms multiply rapidly in moist surfaces and your dog’s wet coat could be one of their most favorable breeding ground.

Dogs may develop pruritus and some moldy and musty stinking smell due to wet hair. So, if you’re thinking that bathing them and leaving their coat undried will keep them healthy, you better think again. You might just be elevating their susceptibility to diseases and other health condition.

Drying up your pet’s fur will enhance their coat’s shine, soft texture, and health. Free Paws 4.0 HP 2 Speed Adjustable Heat Temperature Pet Grooming Force Hair Dryer With 4 Different Nozzles would make it a good grooming partner that will hasten the time-consuming process and enhances your dog’s grooming experience.

This PD01-Y 4.0 HP model consumes an adjustable output power from 400 watts up to 2400 watts depending on your temperature and airflow speed requirement. It emits a modifiable 2 airflow speed of 25 meters per second and 50 meters per second so it could cover a wider coat area and dries your pet’s coat in less time and or you may choose the lesser airflow speed to ensure that a certain area fully dries up before covering another area.

ir?t=naturhealtand 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B01E4ZGK9G It also has a 2 temperature level option namely 96 degrees Fahrenheit and 158 degrees Fahrenheit so you could choose the best temperature in accordance with the weather and the time required to dry your pet’s fur. You need not to worry about giving your pet dog a refreshing bath even during cool weathers because this dog blow dryer will warm up your pet and regain its normal body temperature in no time.

Manufactured under strict compliance with Safe US Standard voltage,this dryer is compatible with AC110 volts universal adapters and provides you a professional pet care at the comfort of your own home. It also underwent rigorous and thorough CE certification assessment to ensure its safety to human and dog use.

To provide optimum comfort while grooming, the pet dryer comes with a noise-assimilation sponge and noise eliminating covers which eliminates motor sounds of up to 78 decibels and protects your pet’s auditory senses. This means comfort and trouble free grooming every time you use 4.0 HP Pet Grooming Force Hair Dryer.

It also comes with a flexible hose that allows unrestricted movements plus a 5 different nozzle with heat insulation design that suits best with your every grooming requirement. Its 7 finger nozzle is specially designed to remove gently remove tangles and minimize hair shedding while its slot nozzle is smartly profiled to remove water and moisture in the hair and its cylindrical nozzle emits warm air which perfectly suits during cold weather.


Pros And Cons Of Free Paws 4.0HP Pet Grooming Force Hair Dryer

  • Its 5 different nozzles provide efficient grooming while minimizing hair shedding and gentle untangling.
  • Its flexible hose allows you to move freely and provides an appropriate distance between your pet and the noisy motor for a trouble and panic free grooming.
  • Its 2 airflow speed option allows you to smartly choose air speed depending on your grooming requirement.
  • The powerful hair dryer that cuts your grooming time but results may vary on depending on dog size and coat thickness.
  • It literally blasts off shed hair all over due to its oozing power which may require you to clean your grooming area after.



#4 Go Pet Club Dog and Cat Pet Grooming Hair Dryer

Go Pet Club Grooming Double-Motor Hair Dryer  offers a 2400 watts output power for a power packed drying even on thickly furred dogs. Its power literally blasts of water and moisture in your pet’s coat and leaves a totally refreshed dog with soft and shiny fur.

This pet hair dryer features adjustable air speed control which includes a 25 meter per second and 50 meter per second airflow. Both air speed options cover a wider area of fur and allows you to choose the perfect airflow speed depending on your grooming requirement. ir?t=naturhealtand 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B00IGNGUG6

It also has 2 temperature controls which include a 30 degrees Celsius and 70 degrees Celsius heat option; a perfect tool to keep your dog warm after a refreshing bath and suits best in cool and cold weather.

The unit also comes with puncture proof and double reinforced elastic hose which allows you to move freely while grooming and offers a relative distance between your dog and the motor to avoid panic-filled and stressful grooming on your dog’s end.

Dogs are sensitive to noises and the noise coming from your hair dryer can be stressful to your dog and may cause panic and fear that’s why Go Pet Hair Dryer features a noise reduction system which minimizes the motor noise for a fun filled and comfortable grooming.

Three nozzles are also included for efficient spot drying. Each nozzle is smartly designed to perfectly fit all hand sizes. It is also designed to be compatible with most home power outlets with its 110 voltage requirement so you could perform your professional level grooming skills at your own space.


Pros And Cons Of Go Pet Club Dog Pet Grooming Hair Dryer

  • Its reinforced and puncture proof flexible hose is designed for long usage and allows unrestricted movements when grooming. It also provides a safe distance between your dog and the motor and keeps your dog away from the noise that the motor produces for comfortable and panic free grooming experience.
  • Its 2400 watts power output efficiently removes water and moisture from your pet’s hair for a non-musty, refreshed, soft and shiny fur quality. It also removes the shredding hair so it won’t scatter all over the house.
  • Its 2 heat controls allow you to pick which heat level is suitable for the weather and your dog’s grooming requirement.
  • The dryer emits foul, burnt plastic like odor when used.
  • It produces a loud sound which causes fear on some dogs and it produces high pitching sound when holding the hose improperly.
  • The connection system used to connect the hose with the motor is poorly designed because it rips off after numerous usage.


#5 Flying Simple Pet Dryer with Heater

Flying Simple Dog Pet Force Dryer is a simple equipment that will help you provide your pet dog a professional grooming experience at the comfort of your own home. No need to schedule a grooming session and spend money for grooming services because you may do the job at home.

A Flying Pig Grooming product, Flying Simple Force Dryer with Heater is packed with high-velocity brush motor that emanates powerful airflow which saves up to 60 percent of drying up time and leaves your dog with dry, soft and shiny fur that is free from filthy musty smell.

It offers a 2 air speed option such as Low and High airflow velocity which allows you to choose the appropriate option depending on your grooming requirement. It also has 2 heat settings which keep your pet warm immediately after every bath and is perfectly suitable during cold weathers.

Flying Simple Dog Cat Pet Force Dryer with Heater is also energy efficient with its 16 AMP consumption and is designed to fit most residential power outlet with its 110 V requirement. ir?t=naturhealtand 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B01MR6T09K

For optimum comfort, it comes with a 120-inch flexible hose which is integrated with the motor. It allows you to move freely and groom your dog with ease. It also provides a safe distance between your dog and the motor which helps minimize the noise for stress and panic free grooming.

Flying Simple Force Dryer with Heater also includes a set of 3 different nozzles which you can attach to the hose lip. Each nozzle is smartly designed to eliminate tangles, provide deeper penetration for hard to reach areas and produces warm air which helps normalizes your dog’s body temperature after a refreshing and soothing bath.

This lightweight and portable hair dryer is best with small breed dogs but could also be used in large breed dogs but will require more drying time due to the size difference. It also comes with a noise reduction system and is strategically designed with steel casing which makes it easier to clean and protects the motor’s interior from moisture and foreign objects. Flying Pig Grooming really knows that fur could block the filters and so they created removable filter system for easy cleaning.

The toggles and buttons were strategically located at an easy-to see are just above the connection system that keeps the hose and motor together for easy and accessible navigation.


Pros And Cons Of Flying Simple Dog Pet Force Dryer

  • Its high-velocity power output eliminates water and moisture on fur and saves grooming time of up to 60 percent.
  • Its 120-inch flexible hose allows unrestricted movements when grooming and provides a safe distance between your dog and the hair dryer’s motor which helps minimize noise and prevents them from possible stress, fear, and panic.
  • Its 2 air speed and heat options are energy efficient with its 16 AMP energy requirement regardless of the speed and setting option.
  • Its toggles were user-friendly because aside from it’s easy to navigate, it is also positioned in an easy-to-see area.
  • Its high output power could be scary and painful to other dogs. There should be adequate distance between the nozzle and your dog or else the air impact will hurt him.
  • The plastic clamps were made of poor quality and snap off after few uses.
  • Doesn’t remove the undercoats of double coated dogs.
  • The nozzles don’t fit securely with the hose and clasp off.


Quick Comparison Of Dog Dryers


Things to look out for when buying a pet dryer for small breed dogs

Know the Type of Hair Dryer that you and your dog need.

Before choosing a product or brand, you need to know the different types of hair dryer first so you’ll know what type suits best with your pet.

Types of Hair Dryers for Dogs

  1. Cage Dryers- also referred to as cabinet dryers and is a perfect choice if your dog has trouble focusing on sitting and or cannot sit still while grooming. It is also recommended for dogs that panic whenever a blower and vacuum like equipment is around.

Unlike other hair dryers, cage dryers allow you to blow dry your pet even if it’s caged. Due to its purpose, it is relatively small in size and doesn’t offer much power so it may not be suitable for dogs with double coats but works perfectly fine with short to medium coats.

  1. Stand Dryers– From the name itself, stand dryers usually has a fixed stand and has a hose connected to the motor thus allowing you to brush your dog’s hair while blow-drying simultaneously. It provides accurate and direct airflow to the area that needs to be dried off.
  2. Force Dryers– also known as blast dryers, force dryers, despite having heat setting, doesn’t come with heating element as compared with stand and cage dryers. The heat emitted from the hose is produced in the motor wherein the motor warms the air as soon as it’s turned on. It produces blasting airflow speed for deeper air penetration, covers a wider area and eliminates water and moisture in lesser time. It also provides your dog a professional grooming service in the comfort of his own territory.

Choose the ones with different heat options

Bathing your dog is not a seasonal routine and so as your force hair dryer. It should be able to provide comfort even during extremely hot and extremely cold weather such as summer and winter. So choosing a force dryer with heat options is important. After all, you want to get the best out of your money, right?

When using the dryer, be mindful of your dog’s reaction. If he keeps squirming and shows any sign of discomfort, then your dog hair dryer must be hurting him.

Always remember that dogs have extra sensitive senses and a slightly hot temperature so the setting could be too hot for them. Always try the dryer on your own hand first before using it directly on your dog to make sure that you are giving him the best product and for safety purposes as well.

Choose the ones with speed options

One of the perks of having a force dryer is that it saves you more time because its power output produces blasting airflow that helps quicken the drying time.

But, you should also consider the dampness of your grooming room and your dog’s fur. So it would be better to choose the ones with different speed options so you could set it to the perfect speed level appropriate with your dog’s size, thickness of fur and amount of moisture.

Noise can either break or make your grooming session so choose the ones with noise reduction.

Again, dogs have ultra-sensitive senses and noise could scare them off and cause trauma. Force hair dryers are typically noisy which may affect your dog’s grooming experience. Always make sure to buy a hair dryer that emits less to none motor noise. It usually features a noise reduction and noise filtering system that decreases noise level for a comfortable and panic free grooming.

Your dog’s size matters

For efficient drying, always consider your dog’s size because the drying rate of a small breed dog is largely different with large breed dogs drying time.

Your dog’s size is directly related to the size of the fur area that your hair dryer needs to dry up. If you own a Labrador, then buying a small low-speed hair dryer is not an option. And remember, always search for facts. Because a Sharpie’s hair dryer will definitely provide the same end result when used in a Mastiff.

Parting Words

After thorough research and assessment, we came up with our top 5 list of the best dog hair dryers  and we put into consideration the product’s sales rate, certified and verified customer reviews, reviews from reliable authority sites and compared all the ratings and results with our own set of standards.

We made sure to give you the best product regardless of brand and manufacturer. And our shortlisted product brands are reliable with either long history in the market and or one of the top performing brands in the industry.

We may have given you an idea on what’s the most valued pet blow dryer by both dog owners and professional groomers but you still hold the final say on what to buy. This could serve as a guide and source of information but when choosing a product, always choose the one that conforms to your preference and needs. When both factors contradict, then ask yourself why you’re planning to buy the product in the first place.

Your preference and your dog’s needs are always the greatest and final factor to consider in choosing the best dog dryer. Choose wisely and enjoy your next dog grooming!


Quick Comparison Of Dog Dryers


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