Tips To Consider While Choosing A Brush For Your Pet

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As a responsible pet owner, your dog’s regular brushing to keep them well-groomed and clean is very important. But with so many tools available, choosing the right brush for your pet at times gets difficult since the dog’s hair varies in length and texture. Considering your dog’s coat and your objective for the grooming session, choosing the best dog brush may be less hectic. Here, we look at a few tips you need to consider before selecting a grooming tool for your pet.

  1. Coat Type

Select a brush based on your dog’s coat type. Different types of brushes are specially designed for different haired dogs,i.e., long, curly, medium, and short-haired dogs. Brushes such as slicker brushes may only help medium to long and curly-haired dogs, while rubber brushes are exclusively designed for short-haired dogs. For dogs with heavy, thick, double-coat that tend to shed a lot, de-matting rakes and undercoat rakes may be of more help.

  1. Your Health Status

Joint and arthritis pain on the hands and wrists is a common problem to many, and sometimes this ailment while grooming pets flames up. One is, therefore, forced to postpone grooming his/her pets. Some brushes have ergonomic handles specially designed for pet owners who have arthritis. The broad handle brush allows such pet owners, without much effort, to keep a good grip. This reduces irritation on your dog and makes things easier for you.

  1. Design

Pet owners should always consider choosing brushes that are easy to use and are well designed. There are brushes, such as the bristles, which have protective nubs preventing skin damage. Others, such as the rubber brush, have soft pins which help remove loose hair, massage the skin, and stimulates blood flow. Thus, it’s vital to choose a brush that will improve your pet’s quality of life and bring no harm.

  1. Fur Length And Type

Different pets have different fur types with varying lengths. It’s, therefore, necessary to take into consideration the style and size of the fur of your pet. A brush for long hair dogs may not be appropriate for use with short hair dogs as it will be irritating and vice versa.

  1. Durability

Pet owners should always ensure choosing brushes that are durable and well made. High-quality grooming tools and brushes last longer than the cheaply made counterparts. This helps you save cash as they will last longer and ensures quality.

  1. The Size Of Your Dog

Pets vary in size. And it is essential to pick a brush according to the size of your pet. A big brush for a small-sized dog will prove inefficient and frustrating but will help a giant dog.

  1. Sensitivity Of Skin

Many dogs suffer sensitivity and skin ailments. Using the wrong brush can irritate these pets. Thus, to keep your dog’s skin safe, healthy, and comfortable, you need to choose the right brush to get the job done.

Pet owners should ensure the right brush for their pets. Using a brush for long hair dogs on short-haired dogs may cause irritation and discomfort to your dog. And choosing the right brush helps you ensure its function without damaging your dog’s skin.

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