How To Ensure That Your Beloved Dog Is Healthy And Happy

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Dogs are called man’s best friends for a whole lot of good reasons. If you have one, you surely understand this saying. Our dogs are always there to shower us with unconditional love, no matter whether we’re happy or sad. That being said, in order to return the favor and ensure that our pups are healthy and happy – there are some things that must be done. 

Many first-time dog owners aren’t all that aware of all the aspects of dog care. Well, even the more experienced dog owners learn new things about dog care all the time. So, no matter whether you are more or less experienced with dogs, this article is here to help you to boost your pup’s wellbeing. 

Here, we are going to talk about all the things that you have to do for your dog’s both physical and mental health. In order to find out more about caring for your animal friend, make sure to analyze every point. Let’s begin!

It all starts with finding a good vet

When it comes to taking care of your dog, there are some steps that you must take even before you get one. The two most important things are ensuring a safe environment and a good vet. We’ll talk about ensuring a safe environment in a minute, but let’s focus on vets first.
Many people don’t look for a vet before they actually need one, and this is a big mistake. The main reason for that lies in the fact that in the case of an emergency – you don’t have the time to do your research. Even if you do look up good vets, you might not be able to find the one that’s near you. So, naturally, what you should look for is a reputable, experienced veterinarian. Secondly – you need someone that is near you. If you live in Mt Pleasant, you want to look for a veterinarian in Mt Pleasant rather than in Charleston. Focus on your nearest area – in a case of emergency, there’s no time to drive for an hour!

Don’t forget about the groomer too!

A groomer might not be as essential to the dog’s health as a veterinarian is, but don’t underestimate the importance of grooming. Depending on the breed, keeping the dog well-groomed can be the key to preventing certain ailments. Not to mention that a huge number of symptoms can be discovered early if the dog is groomed regularly! The most common such discoveries include infections, cysts, and even early signs of cancer.

Make sure that your home is dog-proofed

Ensuring a safe environment, as we’ve mentioned already, is imperative. Luckily, dog-proofing your home isn’t all that complicated, considering that you approach the topic with vigilance. What you must ensure is that all the toxic chemicals are unreachable. The most common areas which contain hazardous products are kitchens, storages, and bathrooms. So, make sure that bleach, medications, detergents, vitamins, and similar are kept safe. The same goes for any small objects that can potentially be swallowed!

Nutrition – what should your dog eat?

Good nutrition is a stepping stone to happiness and health for dogs just as it is for us. So, make sure that your pup gets all the nutrients in the right dosage! Be careful though – overfeeding your dog can lead to obesity. This, in combination with the lack of exercise, can further lead to health complications.

Choosing the right diet should be approached based on your dog specifically – the breed, the age, the size, and similar. So, it would be best if you were to consult with your vet on the specifics.

Dental hygiene plays an important role in dog care

Many dog owners neglect dental hygiene, and this is not the way to go. Caring about your dog’s dental hygiene isn’t even all that complicated. There are various dental treats that can boost your dog’s oral routine immensely. Make sure that you include them in your pup’s daily routine to avoid any dental issues.

Exercise is vital for dogs

Some dog breeds are more active, while some typically enjoy their days without a huge amount of exercise. That being said, no matter what breed your dog is – a certain amount of exercise is necessary for their health and happiness. So, make sure that you take your dog for a walk as many times as you can. If you can, you can even take your dog on a hiking trip. Not only will you make your dog happy, but you get a great opportunity to bond and explore together. 

Never neglect socialization

Dogs are social animals, and even if every other aspect on this list is ticked off, if socialization is lacking – the probability is high that your dog is going to be unhappy. This is why it is vital that you ensure that your pup spends some quality time with other dogs, people, and places as well. Even just taking your animal friend to a dog park is going to make it as happy as one can be. Don’t overlook the importance of socialization for your pup, as dogs thrive in social environments. 

Give your dog some love!

The last point in this article, but definitely not the least – always remember to give your dog some love! We all know that dogs can be mischievous at times, but in most cases, even when they are – they are trying to get your attention. Your dog might even be acting out just because he misses you. So, be there for your dogs as they are there for us – unconditionally, when it’s good and when it’s bad.

Play with your pup, give him a belly rub whenever you can. This is something that even benefits you as an owner, as studies show that doing so lowers stress, anxiety, and boosts mental health in general! 

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In the end, caring for your dog isn’t all that hard if you know what to do. And after reading this article, you know all that you need in order to be able to keep your dog happy and healthy!

To sum up, it all boils down to paying attention to the nuances in your dog’s behavior. Be vigilant, look for the signs regarding how your dog is feeling. If you ever notice that there’s anything wrong – make sure that you act on it! And lastly, make sure that you always are there for your animal friends’ needs – as they are surely always there for us.

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