What Is The Best Dog Treadmill For Your Little Fur Baby To Run On?

dog treadmill

Dogs, just like humans, need some exercise. As a matter of fact, maybe they need it more. Exercise not only improves the physical well-being of your fur babies, it also helps make sure that your dogs stay mentally and emotionally well. Here are three main reasons why exercise is important for dogs:

  1. To ensure that your dog stays physically fit and healthy. Taking your dog for a walk and letting them run can greatly improve your dog’s respiratory system. Also, exercise can improve the overall well-being of the dog thus making your fur baby stronger and less vulnerable to diseases.
  2. Dogs have a lot of extra energy. Exercise provides an outlet for that excess energy. Although this is particularly true for high-energy dogs, it also applies to all types of dogs. Without an outlet for all that energy, your dog may feel bored and anxious and sometimes it may even lead towards aggressive tendencies.
  3. Exercise can keep your dog happy. Aside from getting to spend time with you, there is another reason why exercise can make your dog happy. Exercising promotes the release of endorphins in the body. Endorphins are chemicals that are generally associated with the feeling of euphoria. During an exercise, the body releases endorphins thus giving off the feeling of being happy. This holds true as well for your dogs. Thus, exercise promotes the mental and emotional well-being of your fur babies.

Making Dog Walks Always Possible

There are various reasons why walking your dog outside is not possible: physical conditions, weather conditions, and a busy lifestyle. As much as you want to ensure that your dogs stay healthy and happy so you plan to take them out on walks and play times in the park, sometimes it’s just not possible!

Too tired from work that you don’t have any energy left to take your dog out on a walk?  Dog treadmills provide you an alternative without having to step outside of the room. Thus, for all of you fur-mommies and fur-daddies out there that are too busy but would still want to ensure their fur babies’ physical, mental, and emotional well-being, a treadmill for dogs may just be your perfect solution.

Why a Treadmill?

Treadmills for dogs are good motivators for exercise.  Since the hustle never stops in a 24/7 society, dog treadmills are good alternatives for walks in the neighborhood. With only a small space, your dog can easily take long walks and release all that pent-up energy without having to leave home.  For all the reasons listed why exercise is necessary for your fur baby, dog treadmills help make those reasons come to reality. With your supervision, you can let your dog exercise with your company.

In this article, there are five recommended dog treadmills, each of them differing from one another. To help you choose the right one for your dog, below is a list containing the descriptions as well as the pros and cons of five recommended treadmills.

Quick Comparison Of Dog Treadmills


Top 5 Small Dog Treadmills


DogPacer MiniPacer Treadmill

A little short on budget but still would want to find a partner in taking care of your dog’s health? The DogPACER Minipacer Treadmillmay just be the product you’re looking for.

A product by DogPacer, the MiniPacer Treadmill is the smaller version of the other model which is the LF3.1. Weighing approximately 48.4 lbs and measuring 19 x 42 x 45 inches, it is made for people constantly on the go as it is relatively light and does not occupy much space in a room. Aside from that, the sides or the railings are collapsible, which makes the treadmill portable and easy to store away.

The design of this treadmill is carefully thought of by expert engineers to make sure that it is safe for dogs. A rocket scientist was said to be hired during the process in order to double check the safety. They have also taken into consideration emergencies. This is why the controls are put to the side—so that your dog can have a clear exit in case of emergency.

The MiniPacer treadmill is designed for dogs weighing up to 55 lbs. Its tread area (the running area for the dog) is also designed in such a way that your dog can be able to stretch out those limbs. Compared to a human treadmill, the tread for a dog treadmill is longer to give way for the longer strides of a dog.

With a regular treadmill, you risk losing the main benefits of exercising your dog as your dog may not be able to stretch out its limbs and exercise effectively due to the limited space. For the MiniPacer, the tread measures 38″ Long x 16″. ir?t=naturhealtand 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B007Z59K6I

Just because this product is cheap and affordable doesn’t make it of bad quality. DogPacer offers good quality treadmills carefully designed to suit a dog’s needs. The treadmill is made of strong carbon steel to ensure its quality and durability.

The technical features of the MiniPacer treadmill includes its adjustable speed and the preset programs installed in the treadmill itself. The speed range for the MiniPacer ranges from 0.5 mph to 7.5 mph. This can be manually adjusted by pressing the buttons located in the treadmill.

If you want your dog to feel like he or she is just taking a slow stroll in the neighborhood, you may opt for a low speed. In time, when you feel like your dog is ready and comfortable enough to go on faster walks, you can easily adjust the speed to a higher one.

Because of the preset programs available, you can also choose a routine best fitting for your dog. However, a downside to this is that you cannot customize the preset programs. So if you have your own program for your dog, you may have to keep on manually adjusting the speed back and forth.

For the customer service, there is a warranty available for two years for the machinery and a lifetime warranty for the frame of the treadmill.

Pros and Cons of DogPacer MiniPacer Treadmill

  • It is portable. A relatively small dog treadmill with collapsible sides.
  • It is affordable. The MiniPacer Treadmill is one of the most, if not the most, affordable dog treadmills with high quality in the market.
  • It comes with preset fitness programs.
  • The speed is adjustable through a control in the treadmill.
  • It has a clear exit in the front so that the dog can easily escape in case of emergency.
  • Customers claim that the MiniPacer treadmill is not as noisy as they expected it to be.
  • The preset programs are non-customizable so in case that you have your own program, you’d have to manually control the speed. It would have been better if the programs can be customized or the owner can add programs.
  • The adjustments are manual. There is no available wireless remote control.


GoPet PetRun PR700

Is your dog a shy dog? Or one that gets easily scared? If yes, then Go Pet PetRun PR700 may be the right treadmill for your dog.

PetRun PR700 is a dog treadmill with a really low platform thus making it easy for your dog to climb into the treadmill. If your dog is feeling shy or intimidated by the treadmill, just let it come to it. Let it smell the treadmill, familiarize itself with it, and just climb into it easily. Soon you’ll find your dog just walking right into it and wanting to exercise.

You can also breathe a little freely because the low platform makes it safer for your dog. You won’t have to fear that your dog would suddenly fall from the treadmill and break a bone or two. Additionally, its engine is very quiet, thus helping in getting the feeling of intimidation out of the way. A dog treadmill that lets your dog enjoy the exercise in peace without any machine noise? Sounds amazing.

Measuring about 15 x 81 x 50 inches and weighing 81 pounds (which makes it not so popular for people constantly moving from place to place), PetRun PR700 is made by a well-known company, GoPet, which manufactures treadmills and treadwheels for cats and dogs. It is built with a silent driving system for a soundless operation. ir?t=naturhealtand 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B006GR9FYS

To add, there is an additional feature for the PR700. It can be operated manually but also through a remote control. This means that you won’t have to constantly go back and forth to the treadmill itself to manually adjust things. This makes it easier for you to play with your dog during the exercise—control right in your hands.

Aside from adjusting the speed, you can also set a timer for it. A timer proves to be very convenient as you wouldn’t have to worry about forgetting to turn off the treadmill or constantly look at the time to see if you’re not over-exercising your dog. You can easily set a speed and given time for your dog’s routine.

PetRun PR700 comes with a safety lock system. Its tread area also measures 28x 16 and is made for smaller dogs particularly dogs up to 44 lbs. The speed can be adjusted within the range of 0.6 mph – 7.4 mph. You can start slow by setting it at 0.6 mph and then gradually increase it into a speed that your dog is still comfortable with.

Too busy to take those little fur babies out for a walk? Don’t let them go without exercise and treat them to a PetRun PR700—specially designed for your active dog.

Pros and Cons of PetRun PR700

  • It comes with a safety lock system.
  • It has a low platform making it easier and safer for dogs to climb in and exercise with.
  • It comes with a silent driving system for quiet operation thus getting the feeling of intimidation and distraction out of the way.
  • It can be adjusted through the buttons on the treadmill or through a wireless remote control.
  • The speed is adjustable and there is a timer to add to the convenience.
  • It comes from a well-known brand thus ensuring that customer service is present.
  • It is relatively cheap.
  • It weighs 81 lbs meaning that it is heavy and cannot be easily moved from one place to another.
  • It can only support dogs that weigh up to 44 lbs.


 DogTread Treadmill For Dogs

Too cold to go out on a walk? No problem. DogTread Dog treadmillis here to save the day. This dog treadmill is specially designed for smaller dogs—dogs up to 30 lbs. PetZen has designed this DogTread Treadmill in line with how a small dog thinks and acts. Its design was done by taking into consideration the behavioral and physical needs of a small dog. Let your fur baby relax and stretch out those limbs in this treadmill.PetZen DogTread Treadmill

The whole treadmill measures 44 x 20 x 21 inches and weighs 47 pounds. Sometimes little fur babies tend to be intimidated with new equipment, especially those that come with machinery noise. Thankfully, DogTread operates silently. This prevents your dog from getting scared of this treadmill.

Not only is it soundless, it also maintains its status as a low-profile platform by making no vibrations apparent. No intimidating sounds equals a peaceful exercise. Due to its slim design, it makes it easier to find a spot for it in a small room.

Perfect for those who live in apartments or in small spaces. Its tread measures 30×14 inches. This is to give space for your dog’s strides.ir?t=naturhealtand 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B001M7U92Y

Don’t want to keep on manually adjusting the speed? There are preset programs that come with this DogTread treadmill. Workouts especially made for your little fur baby and if you can’t decide which program is best for your dog, a manual or a guide comes with the package to help you choose the right program.

The speed of this treadmill is also adjustable and ranges from 0 to 5 mph. Additionally, if you feel like your dog is ready to step up the training a little bit, the incline can be easily adjusted. Adjustment of the incline doesn’t even have to be a hassle as there are no other tools needed to do it. Its railings are placed not too high making your dog feel more comfortable without risking your dog’s safety.

To add to the credentials of this DogTread Treadmill by PetZen, it gained popularity and is recommended by top veterinarians. It has even been given five stars by the APA or American Pets Association. Also, there have been a lot of good reviews on the web regarding DogTread.

To capture your dog’s interest and to make him/her feel more like walking on the outdoors, DogTread comes with a feature that lets you adjust the distance so your dog can feel that the walk is more than just on a small space in a corner of a room.

An additional feature is the two bowls in the front part of the treadmill where treats can be put to keep your fur baby motivated! A motivated fur baby is a fit fur baby.

Pros and Cons of  DogTread Dog Treadmill

  • Makes no sound and vibration to foster a peaceful experience.
  • The distance, speed, incline, and time are easily adjustable.
  • It has a slim design making it easy to place it anywhere.
  • It is portable and durable.
  • It is recommended by top veterinarians.
  • There are two bowls on the front part of the treadmill where treats (and even water) can be put.
  • It has preset programs and a guide on which program is most fitting for your dog.
  • It is expensive. Although shipping is already included, it is still a little expensive compared to other treadmills.
  • Some of the reviews from customers say that they weren’t able to quickly assemble the product. However, there is a guide for the assembly process in a manual that comes with the package


GoPet PetRun PR720F

To add to the series of treadmills and treadwheels manufactured by GoPet, the PetRun PR720F will help make sure that your dog won’t have to skip an exercise day again.

For the dimensions of this product, it measures 15 x 123 x 74 inches and weighs 123 pounds. This treadmill may be a little heavy and bulky but not to worry because it comes with wheels that makes it easier to be moved from places without having to lift the whole thing.

What’s more is that it is foldable so in the event that you need to pack the treadmill away, it can be done. The tread area is long enough to accommodate the long strides of your dog and measures 52” x 16” that is mounted on a low platform making it easier for your dog to climb on.

The PetRun PR720F comes in six different sizes and can hold up to a maximum of 132 lbs. It is good for small, medium, and large dogs. With its capacity, it is best for almost all types of dogs but particularly for overweight dogs who need to burn excess fat.ir?t=naturhealtand 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B002PJHDC2

In line with every treadmill made by GoPet, the PetRun PR700 has a silent driving system. Its 1 horsepower machine operates without any noise so as not to intimidate or distract your dog. Its speed is adjustable from a range of 0.6 mph to 7.5 mph. Take it slow on a chill walk by putting it at 0.6 mph and train your dog through running by taking it up to 7.5 mph.

This is adjustable through the controls located in the treadmill itself or through a wireless remote control. Through the use of a remote control, you can easily control your dog’s routine even from a slight distance.

For the additional features, the PetRun PR720F has a metal eyelet located in the front part of the treadmill where you can put your fur baby’s favorite toy which can keep your dog motivated to run. To ensure safety, there is also an emergency button to be pressed in the occasion that the treadmill needs to be stopped immediately.

Also not to forget that it comes from a well-known company that specializes in the production of treadmills and treadwheels for cats and dogs. The PetRun PR720F is durable and sturdy and with available customer service.

Pros and Cons of PetRun PR720F

  •  It has a remote control making it easy to control and monitor from a slight distance.
  • It has wheels making it easier to be moved from place to place.
  • It has a silent driving system to keep intimidation and fear out of the way.
  • It has a low platform making it easier for your dog to climb on.
  • It comes with an emergency button if ever the need for the treadmill to be stopped immediately arise.
  • It comes in six different sizes providing an option to get the best treadmill for your dog.
  • It has a metal eyelet where toys can be put so your dog can be inspired and motivated to walk or run.
  • It can support up to 132 lbs
  • It has an adjustable speed ranging from 0.6 mph to 7.5 mph.
  • A little pricey.
  • It can only support dogs weighing up to 132 lbs meaning that dogs that weigh more than that may not be able to use this.
  • It is heavy.


GoPet Treadwheel

Looking for something a little less electricity-consuming than a treadmill? A treadwheel may be what you’re looking for. The GoPet Treadwheel is a pet-powered treadwheel. This means that you won’t have to connect it into an electricity socket. You just have to let your little fur baby exercise on it. There is a door on the treadwheel to keep your dog safe.

It measures 19 x 42 x 45 inches and is relatively light, weighing about 42 lbs—the lightest among all the alternatives listed here. It is made of both plastic and metal. The base part is made of metal to make sure that the treadwheel is durable.ir?t=naturhealtand 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B006GR9EAS

Since it is electricity-free, you won’t have to worry about having your bill blow up. Although it is pet-powered, the owner still has control over the treadwheel. There is an optional brake which can be adjusted to change the resistance of the wheel thus altering the speed

To make sure that those little paws don’t go too hot or get some cuts, the GoPet Treadwheel features a cushioned mat. Fur-mommies and fur-daddies out there need not worry about getting those little paw pads hurt.

This treadwheel can carry up to 25 lbs. However, there is another size available which is made for larger dogs. The other treadwheel can actually accommodate fur babies up to 150 lbs. This is a great alternative to treadmills if your dog still gets scared of even soundless treadmills. Even when running, the treadwheel doesn’t produce squeaky sounds thus providing a soundless exercise.

However, not all dogs love it as some dogs may find it hard to balance themselves on a wheel. Others love it because it’s basically a toy and the fitness is just a bonus.

Its price is relatively inexpensive (plus the electricity you’ll be saving when you opt for this treadwheel). All in all, it is a fair deal. It serves as something to which your fur baby can comfortably play and exercise with.

Pros and Cons of GoPet Treadwheel

  • It is pet-powered. It does not need electricity in order to work.
  •  It is cheaper than other options including the electricity you’ll be able to save if you opt for this.
  • It looks more like a toy than a machine making it look more attractive to your dog.
  • The wheel is covered by cushioned mat in order to protect the paw pads of your fur baby
  • There is an optional brake to which you can adjust the resistance and therefor adjust the speed.
  • There is a door to make sure that your dog stays safe.
  • It operates silently even when your dog is running.
  • Some dogs may not feel comfortable running on a wheel.
  • Some dogs may find it hard to balance themselves in this wheel.
  • Small dogs may not be able to power this thing because of their weight.


A few guide questions in choosing the right treadmill for your dog:

 Is my dog easily intimidated by noise and vibrations?

Find out what your dog is afraid of. What intimidates your dog and what doesn’t. Sometimes it’s not only the noise and vibrations you should be looking out for. Sometimes it’s also how the treadmill looks or appeals to your dog.

Is this treadmill safe?

One of the most important factors is the safety of your dog. When choosing the right treadmill, you should take into consideration just how safe a product is.

Can this treadmill accommodate the size and energy of my dog?

Treadmills come in different sizes and designs. These are mostly based on what type of dog, including the size and energy level, the treadmill is specially made for.

Can I constantly move back and forth to manually adjust the settings through the controls in the treadmill?

Some treadmills have remote controls and others do not. Decide how important it is to have a remote control or how fine you are with doing the adjustments manually.

Can this fit in my space?

Take into consideration the space to which you will put your treadmill.

Is the treadmill fit for me and my dog’s lifestyle?

Not all treadmills are made for all types of lifestyles. Decide whether you want a portable treadmill or not.

Is the price important?

Some may be cutting down on costs while others are not. Weigh the benefits and the costs of your options.

What are the speed ranges? Treadmills have different ranges of speed.

If you’re working to train your dog, maybe you would need a treadmill with a higher range.

How big is the tread or the running area?

It is important to take not if the running area is long enough for your dog to comfortably stretch out its limbs.

Which treadmill will benefit my fur baby the most?

The treadmills although similar still have differences in their features. Decide which suits the preference and needs of your fur baby.


Given all of the alternatives above, these five treadmills are highly recommended. Each one of them with a feature different from another. If you want to choose what’s best for your little doggy, have a clear mind on what your fur baby actually needs. Then, you can decide based on the descriptions as well as the pros and cons what is best fitting for your dog.

If your dog is a small dog, a treadwheel may not be the best option. If you travel a lot and constantly move from places to places with your dog, then the DogPacer may be the best alternative for you.

If you want a silent operating system but is low on the budget, you may opt for the PetRun PR700 or the GoPet Treadwheel. If you’re not cutting on budget and would want the treadmills that are silent, can be controlled through a remote, and would give your dog the best experience, you may want to go for the PetRun PR720F or the PetZen DogTread Treadmill.

Also, the size of your dog is very important and should be taken into consideration before deciding which treadmill to buy. Some of the products mentioned even provide variations (based on sizes) which gives you more options.


Quick Comparison Of Dog Treadmills


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