Holistic Approach To Dog Cancer Treatment

Dog Cancer Treatment

Chemotherapy, radiation and surgery are all valid ways to treat dog cancer, but, contrary to popular belief, conventional medicine isn’t the only way to go. Although modern oncologists always advise against holistic medicine, especially while a patient is under their care, the standard approach isn’t equally successful in all cancer types. Here are some holistic dog cancer treatments that can work wonders for your pet.

Understanding holistic medicine

A natural, holistic diet is essential for cancer treatment, especially in dogs. For example, if the disease causes heat or inflammation, a finely ground, organic, homemade diet is prescribed. It includes cold-water fish, green leafy veggies and pork, which all help cool the inflammation. On the other hand, if the afflicted dog’s ears are cold to the touch, it probably has a cold imbalance, in which case, warming vegetables such as turnips, fresh ginger, rutabagas and parsnips are prescribed.

The bottom line is that holistic medicine doesn’t entail guesswork and giving your dog whatever you’ve heard helps with cancer; experts in this alternative branch of medicine know what natural remedies will help your dog.

The benefits over traditional cancer treatments

Any professional veterinarian will tell you that the best course of action for cancer treatment is the traditional way. What they won’t tell you is that this form of treatment comes with the risks of its own and that the expenses can really end up punching you in the gut.Holistic Approach to Dog Cancer Treatment

The holistic approach is significantly cheaper and less toxic than the traditional approach, although potentially equally as effective.

Medicinal mushrooms

Fungi such as Cordyceps, Turkey Tail, Shiitake and Reishi are known for their cancer treatment properties. In addition to helping modulate the immune system in dogs, they interfere with cancer growth rate by slowing it down.

Of course, mushroom dosing is far from irrelevant, and you should definitely avoid taking things into your own hands. Consulting your holistic vet is a must here.

Chinese herbs

The Chinese philosophy is always about finding an equilibrium and this translates perfectly to our case in point. Based on determining all the pet’s individual imbalances, Chinese herbs are used to get to the bottom of the problem, discovering the root imbalances that caused cancer to appear in the first place.
In addition to this, Chinese herbs boost the immune system, reduce cancer symptoms and, perhaps most importantly, increase a dog’s appetite and energy, overall.

Chinese herbs have been known to work well with conventional treatment options, increasing the average afflicted dog life expectancy by a whole year.


Vitamins are yet another holistic approach that is perfectly complementary with the conventional treatment. Vitamins A and D are by far the most prominent dog cancer treatment options. Vitamin A works by being metabolized into retinoic acid once consumed in higher dosages, and works as both an antioxidant and a cancer fighter.

Vitamin D helps with differentiation and apoptosis (getting rid of dead cells, which often actually cause cancer) while preventing the supply of blood to the tumor (process called angiogenesis).

Diet modification

Without a doubt, diet modification plays a key role in the entire natural approach.

No matter what supplements your holistic vet may choose for your dog, it won’t be able to maintain the same eating habits as when it was healthy.

Holistic Approach to Dog Cancer TreatmentOne of the main points of diet modification is limiting the sugar intake, as it is cancer’s main energy source. A low-carb, high-protein diet is always recommended. Many dietary options can be found at reputable pet stores.

Nasty parasites such as ticks and fleas may lead to a weakened immune system which is the last thing you need if your dog is afflicted by cancer. The simple solution is to include chewable tablets such as Bravecto for dogs to its diet, once every three months. These tick and flea-repelling supplements will reduce the risk of infections.


Treatments under research

Curcumin, an Indian spice derivative is currently being extensively studied as an effective cancer-fighting supplement, much like artemisinin, or sweet wormwood, which has been proven to kill cancer cells in laboratory conditions.
Curcumin also inhibits STAT3, a protein that actually defends tumors against chemotherapy and helps them metastasize.

Natural treatment of cancer in dogs might be an excellent addition to the traditional one, although treating it as a complete replacement might be a questionable choice. Whatever you do, you should find a reputable holistic veterinarian and ask them for advice about everything regarding your dog’s treatment. Keep in mind that the natural cancer treatment in dogs is based on both supplements and dietary modification.

Holistic Approach to Dog Cancer Treatment

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