Keeping Your Dog Fit And Healthy: 7 Essential Tips

Dogs often live a very different lifestyle from what they would in the wild. If you have a dog, then it’s important to keep them fit and healthy by providing them with the proper exercise. Here are 7 tips for keeping your dog fit and healthy!

1. Feed them a healthy diet

Giving your dog a good diet is very essential for its health and well-being. They must be fed well with balanced meals that will ensure they have the intake they need on a daily basis. Puppies should be fed three times a day while adult dogs should be fed once (or twice in smaller amounts). Always check your dogs’ breed and find out what they need and how much per day. 

Here is a list of foods they should have:

  • dog food, dry or canned 
  • fruits and vegetables (organic when possible)
  • eggs for extra protein 
  • dog biscuits as a treat

2. Make sure they have a good vitamin intake

Dogs need vitamins just like humans, so make sure they have a good vitamin intake. You can buy dog vitamins at any pet store, or you could give them dog food with added vitamins and minerals. 


A good way to make sure they have the proper intake of vitamins is by giving them supplements you can put in their food. The experts at Paramount Pet Health know just what your dog needs and what amounts it should be taking them. Make sure to contact professionals before giving anything like this to your dogs. This will ensure they grow and stay healthy.

3. Take them on walks regularly 

Taking your dog on walks is a great way to keep them fit and healthy. A dog walker can also come in handy when you’re going out of town for the week on vacation, or if your dog is sick or elderly. If you have a dog that needs exercise then take him/her for walks up to three times per day.

4. Exercise with them daily

Exercising your dog and playing with it is a great way to keep them healthy. Dogs need exercise and playtime each day, just as humans do! Play fetch or tug with your dog for at least 30 minutes every night to make sure they had the right amount. The thing you must remember here is that the time and type of exercise vary from breed to breed and you always have to talk to experts who will determine how much training per day does your pet need. Plan daily time outside in the yard where you can run around together.

5. Provide plenty of water 

Keeping your dog hydrated at all times is essential for dog health. Giving them water will keep their organs functioning properly, help with digestion and prevent dehydration from occurring which can lead to serious problems like heat stroke or even death. Always bring water with you wherever you go with your dog. 

When your dog is thirsty, they will let you know by looking for water sources like puddles or the hose. The best way to tell if your dog needs water is to pay attention to their body language and how they act around these things. A dog who’s panting heavily in a hot environment might need more fluids than usual so be diligent about keeping them hydrated!

6. Keep their living space clean, dry, and safe

Dogs do not like living in filth. They are clean animals and can go to great lengths to find a place that is free of messes. Keep their living space clean, dry, and safe by removing dog hair with the use of pet vacuums or lint rollers regularly. Invest in dog-friendly cleaning products for this so you do not further irritate your dog’s skin with harsh chemicals.

You should also give your dog regular baths to remove any foul odors or dog smells. Dogs can get dirt trapped in their hair and it may not be evident until they become wet, which is when you will smell the dog odor coming from them.

7. Get regular veterinary check-ups

You are going to your doctor regularly and your dog should too. It needs checkups to make sure that they are healthy. The vet will examine your dog, take their temperature and blood pressure, and ask questions about how the dog is behaving. If a pet is showing any signs of illness, or if there are changes to their health that you can’t explain by other things like age or a change in diet, they will need some tests. Checkups allow vets to catch illnesses early so your dog’s treatment can be more effective and less expensive.

dog running in creek

In order to keep your furry companion healthy and happy, it’s important to give them the best life possible. This means feeding them a nutritious diet, providing plenty of exercises, giving regular check-ups at the vet, making sure they have access to water and their living space is clean. If you can provide all these things for your pet on a daily basis then there are no limits as far as what they can do with their lives!

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