Qualities To Look For In A Dog Food

quality dog food

People put the same importance on their diet and on what their dog eats. This is part of being a responsible dog owner because prioritizing your pet’s health and wellbeing are also important. Most of the time, a pet’s needs change from time to time due to different factors like size, age, health conditions, or simply change in preference. Responding to these changes is important to maintain the optimum status of their health. In choosing the right dog food, there are several factors you have to keep in mind.

Check the Label

Checking the label of each item you purchase for your dog should be a habit you take early on, especially when you are giving them something new to eat. It is not enough to simply read the label but to also be knowledgeable of what the contents are. Most of the time, the most important factors you should know about are indicated plainly. Some labels are honest and have disclaimers about using artificial substances and flavors that might not be good for your pet. There is a lot of useful information you can get from checking out the labels of each dog food you come across. Properly researching these can help you gain insight into what the benefits of the foods are. If you do not have time, you can research on the internet and check what other people are saying about the product through reviews and online discussions. You can even get a recommendation on more efficient alternatives by following some blogs and web posts.

Texture and Ingredients

You can give either dry pellets or canned dog foods to your pets, and this depends on what your dog prefers to eat. The texture is essential to ensure that your dog eats as much as they can. Some dry dog foods are difficult to chew, leaving their mouth dry, which could lead to soreness in the gums and teeth. Providing water every time they eat can provide comfort and ease when they swallow. Checking the ingredients of the dog food is important as well, especially when your dog has known food allergies. This is also important if you want to provide variety to your dog to sustain their varying needs.

Nutritional Facts

The way people count the calories of what they eat should be the same as how they count the nutritional value of the food given to their pets. Dogs depend on their owners with everything, so it is your responsibility to ensure that they have the right amounts of nutrition, fiber, vitamins, and other essentials in their food. These are important to boost their energy levels and overall health. With growing dogs, their diet must be able to support their growing bones and muscles, so make sure they have lots of protein in their diet. With aging dogs they would need food that will supplement their degrading eyesight, bone mass, and appetite. 

If you have a puppy this article ( best puppy food ) has some good info. Puppies have different nutritional needs.

The best way to ensure the right dog food is to get vet-approved products as recommended on petlifeworld’s review because these are already tested by the experts. Consult your veterinarian after your routine check-ups, so the food you give is attuned to their dietary needs.

quality dog food


Some dogs are picky eaters and would like a variety of flavors once they are fed up with the food they are eating. Choosing new flavors from time to time can help them increase their appetite, especially when their energy is low, and they need to increase their weight. There are a lot of flavors to choose from, and the most common ones are beef, chicken, lamb, and turkey. Some dog foods have combinations of any of these two or a mixture with vegetable and rice flavors as well. For more variety, there are roasted or grilled dog foods to enhance the flavor further and mimic the exact flavor of human food. These are not just appetizing but nutritious as well. 

Just be careful with artificial flavorings that use other fillers like flour instead of real meat. These will provide the right taste but not with the right nutrition for your pet.

Product Availability

There are tons of dog food in the market, and you would want something readily available for purchase, so you don’t have to scurry to the stores whenever you run out. There is a rise in online deliveries for specialty dog foods, but these can be very expensive to order and would take long to be delivered. If you prefer these kinds of products, stack on your supplies and order ahead of time again before they run out. Dog foods recommended by the vet for the recovery and recuperation of your pet post medical procedures and check-ups should always be available. You must have a brand you can trust and depend on for whenever you need your supplies.

Expiration Date

One of the most important things you should look for in dog food is the expiration date. A lot of the ingredients wouldn’t be viable for consumption past expiration. These are unhealthy and bad for the health of your pet, so make sure you have at least six months before a product expires. This grace period is to ensure that the whole food will be consumed within that duration, not risking the wellness of your pet. There could be adverse effects on the stomach and the body if food is not of good quality. 

If you have bought a product that’s already nearing its expiration, you can go back to the store and have it switched to a more fresh one. Canned and wet foods are especially dangerous because there can be bacteria and viral growth when the important ingredients to preserve the food have gone bad. 


Caring for your dogs can be easy and simple as long as you are aware of what to look for in dog food. Always put quality first above everything else to ensure that your pet is always in good shape. After all, they deserve all the love and care that you can afford them.

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