Do You Have A Destructive Dog When Left Alone?

Do You Have A Destructive Dog?

Are You Afraid To Leave Your Dog Alone At Home And Coming Home To A Mess?

How many stories have you heard about a dog owner coming home and finding total carnage? Big messes, chewed up tables, holes dug in the couch or garden, and destruction everywhere you turn. At times it can be even worse. You find a notice in your mail box that you not only have a destructive dog that has destroyed everything in your yard, but he has been barking for several weeks each time you leave your home and now you need to fix the problem in 5 days or be faced with a fine of $300.

You really gotta love that dog of yours.

The really strange thing is, it often happens that when you walk inside the house, you don’t hear any barking (you might not hear your dog bark very often at all) and there is no destruction taking place either.

It’s like your dog is completely different whenever you aren’t there. You would be surprised at the number of individuals who have no idea their dog barks since it only takes place when they aren’t around.

However, fortunately, it isn’t a complicated problem to figure out or fix. In fact, it happens to be one of the most straight forward and common behavioral issues to fix.

In this article I will explain quickly why this is taking place and direct you to a website where you can learn easily how to stop this problem of a destructive dog, quickly and gently. That website for those who are feeling desperate and just want to get started on fixing their problem, is entitled The Online Dog Trainer.

(Dan is even offering a 3 day $1 trial of his website that you can take full advantage of. That is why I strongly suggest that you go take a look inside of the website right now!)

So why does my dog bark and act so destructive whenever I leave?

Allow me to use an analogy to explain.

Imagine for a moment that you have a two year old child. The main job that you have is caring for, looking after and protecting your child.

If your child ended up on the outside of your house, and you were inside locked up and unable to get out, what would you do next?

Sit down and read the paper with a nice cup of tea?do you have a destructive dog?

I really don’t think so. Instead you’d be shouting, screaming and doing whatever you could possibly do get out of your house, including pulling at the windows and doors. You would have very high energy levels and you’d be stressed out. Stress can manifest itself in a wide variety of ways, including needing to keep busy, addictions, gambling, excessive eating or drinking, chewing your fingers, shouting, etc. In general, any time we are stressed out we’re the exact opposite of what relaxed is.

Your dog is the same.

The problem is caused by the fact that your dog believes they’re the pack leader in your house and believe its their job to watch over and protect you.

That’s why your dog gets stressed out any time you leave them. They’re stuck inside, restless, worried and unhappy. All of their puppies are gone. Anything could happen to them.

Just think about it. Five days out of the week, you leave your house at 8 am and then leave them alone at home over and over again. Just think about how that makes them feel. Stress builds up and it can come out in various ways.

Some dogs bark on a continuous basis, while others become hyperactive and won’t settle down. They chew or become destructive. The chewing process releases endorphins that can help with calming down your dog. This is quite similar to when a person is stressed out and chews gum.

The bottom line is your dog is unsettled, stressed, and wandering around throughout the day, doing things, and often thing you don’t want him to all because he can’t settle down. They aren’t bored. Usually it isn’t mainly caused by lack of exercise or your dog wanting a meaty bone or more toys. (This could even make your problem a lot worse), but you still have a destructive dog!

The real solution to your problem is actually really logical, straight forward, simple and inexpensive.

You turn into the pack leader. This will make your dog happy to rest whenever you leave the house.

The Doggy Dan video site is the best place for you to learn how to do this. There you can view more than 50 HD videos on how to become the pack leader in your dog’s eyes. This method utilizes 5 powerful principles that Doggy Dan prefers to as 5 Golden Rules. This helps to make sure that your dog thoroughly understands that you’re the pack leader and can come and go as you wish.

dachshundThis will allow your dog to relax, and he won’t need to worry every time you leave the house. Dan’s methods are very gentle and kind as well. He really has a thorough understanding of how to work with a dog’s nature and beside them. One other hug bonus for anybody wanting to get your dog to stop barking whenever you aren’t at home is to become the Pack Leader. It will change that behavior as well.

Keep in mind, that Dan offers you a $1 trial of his website for 3 days! The website also details a number of other potential contributing factors for you to check out that can help to ensure that you accomplish the results you are searching for.

So if you desperately need help, it’s the ideal resource for you to use. All you need is to understand what goes on inside your dog’s mind. It isn’t necessary for there to be any dramatic action. This solution is amazing, and I strongly recommend that you visit the website and enjoy the $1 three day trial that is waiting for you at the video website right now.

Click here to discover more about the Doggy Dan 5 Gold Rules of Becoming The Pack Leader.

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