How To Be A Pack Leader

how to be a pack leader

In this article I will be explaining two critical factors concerning your dog. First of all, I will be discussing whether you becoming the pack leader is really necessary or not.

The second thing that I will be discussing is whether or not the pack leader should exhibit aggressive behavior. For example, in order to be top dog, is it really necessary for you to smack your dog, shout at him and beat your chest?

The answers to those two major questions can completely transform the relationship between you and your dog, forever and almost instantly.

Question 1: It is really necessary for me to be the pack leader?

In order to answer this question, let’s take a close look at the relevant facts.

First of all, dogs are definitely pack animals. There are followers and leaders. That is something that you cannot change. It is just the way that dogs operate, and it is something that works quite well.

Followers follow and pack leaders are the ones who make the decisions. It is very simple. Out in the wild, dogs are a kind of pack animal. They are descendants of the wolf, which is another pack animal. A majority of people are not aware of the fact that even inside your house a pack is formed. At times there are other pack members, perhaps children, a cat and several dogs.

The fact is that dogs see all of the above as members of their packs. In their eyes, the pack leader is the one who makes all of the major decisions. Many homes have dogs who are merely eager to please. They do what you ask them to without questioning anything. It is very easy to train them and the owners of these dogs are convinced that it’s all because of what good owners they are.

You might know some individuals who are like this. Their dog is placid and easy going. You can’t figure out why that is the case since the owner hasn’t appeared to do anything all that special. You might, in fact, be a bit ticked off that your dog is causing you a lot of grief.

So why is this the case? Let me let you in on a little secret. Here is the truth of the matter. It usually doesn’t have anything to do with the owners and how good they are.

It simply is just that some dogs are a lot easier to train than other dogs are. That is to be a pack leader

Take my word for it.. if you had an easy dog, there would be a lot you could get away with, and in fact many individuals do. They’ve had their dog for many years and are completely convinced that they are very good with dogs and really know what they’re doing. They’re constantly doling out advice on how to do things, when the reality is they simply have a dog that is very easy to deal with.

However, if you happen to have a very driven, smart and difficult dog, then you really need to know completely what you’re doing in terms of the messages you are providing to your dog. These dogs are a lot harder to train if you don’t really know what to do. The key to training these kinds of dogs is to make sure that you are the one who is the pack leader at your house. That is the only way they will listen to you.

The difference between a difficult and easy dog also doesn’t have anything to do with what breed the dog is. It’s all about personality and character. You can’t tell until you actually have them living inside your house. Which does kind of suck.

However, it should make better sense to you knowing the reasons why you’re struggling. That’s why you bribe your dog constantly and  battle with him all of the time. You are basically attempting to swim upstream in a never ending struggle. You are absolutely exhausted and your dog never gives in. It is all due to the fact that your dog doesn’t view you as the pack leader… at least not yet.

However, just hold on. I have some good news for you and am here to help you.

If you are struggling right now, I can assure you that the very first thing that you need to do is become the pack leader. And I recently discovered an amazing resource which will show you exactly how to be a pack leader, and do it in a very gentle way.

However, let’s discuss the second point before I let you know about this great solution.

2. Does the pack leader need to behave in an aggressive manner?

It is very important for you to realize that the finest pack leaders are consistent and calm. They are firm, but also fair. There is no smacking, hurting, shouting or screaming involved nor is it necessary. Those are all things that people used to associate with being a good pack leader in years gone by. However, these are very old school tactics that are outdated.

pack leaderDog training from an old school perspective used to teach you that you had to dominate your dog physically. This involved lots of confrontation and force with your dog and it would frequently get very ugly.

However, the very best dog training approaches teach dog owners how to win over their dog’s mind in a very gentle and calm way. This results in the dog accepting them as their pack leader by choice instead of fear. This new method of training dogs is poised to revolutionize how we train and work with our dogs inside our homes.

When you learn how your dog views the world, you can adjust your behavior so that you can clearly communicate with your dog in a way that he can understand you. It is absolutely critical that you give your dog the right messages, instead of just trying to use human psychology with a dog. You wouldn’t ever try to use bird or fish psychology on a dog, so why are we always trying to use human psychology?

Once you are able to understand the mind of your dog and where he is coming from, you won’t need to use aggression or fear in your training. So if you happen to be struggling at the moment, then there is a good chance that your dog doesn’t view you as his pack leader and you need to learn how to be the pack leader.

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