How To Stop A Dog From Jumping


how to stop a dog from jumping

Dogs have a natural tendency to jump up on people. They do this to get attention; however, it can be disturbing to you and your visitors. It may seem cute when your puppy is small; however, as they grow, it can become dangerous. Imagine getting jumped on by a 50-pound dog. When your dog jumps on people or you, this can cause injury to both you and your pet. There are numerous ways to break this habit of puppy jumping. The following article will teach you how to break this habit early in your pet’s life.

If you do not stop dog jumping when they are a puppy, it can become a larger issue when the puppy turns into a large dog who is demanding your attention. One of the best ways to help teach your puppy that this is unacceptable behavior is by ignoring the jumping fur baby. Whenever your dog jumps up, turn and walk away from your pet. Do not make eye contact, do not speak and do not touch your pet. Ignore your pet for 5 minutes. Then, sit down and call your puppy to you. Tell your pet to sit and then praise him for following your directions. Soon, he will realize that this type of behavior will not get your attention.

If your puppy continues to jump on you, place him in another room, away from any human contact for a little while. This will help your pet understand that jumping on people is an unacceptable behavior.

Your Pet and Visitors

Most visitors will not appreciate being jumped on by your puppy. Before your visitors arrive, warn them about your pet and explain the techniques you are using to break this annoying habit. Ask them to please use the techniques when they visit your home.

Another way to stop a dog from jumping on visitors is to hold your puppy’s collar or use a leash to restrain your pet until the puppy has settled down. By restraining your pet, you can make your visitors more comfortable.

If your puppy whines or barks when visitors arrive, tell the puppy no in a firm voice. Then, place your pet in another room or in his crate until he has calmed down and is ready to greet your guests with dignity.

Jumping when It Is Time to Go for a Walk

If your doggy begins leaping and barking when it is time to take him for his walk, make him wait and calm down. Nothing is more difficult than trying to put a leash on an animal that is excited. Instead, lay the leash down, sit down until your puppy calms down and then try again. One thing to remember is that you need to be calm when you are taking your pet for a walk.

When your puppy jumps, do not speak. Your dog is jumping to get your attention. By speaking to your puppy, you are giving him the attention he desires. Instead, turn you back on your pet and walk away without saying a word.

The jumping action is not a way of saying I love you! Space is important for puppies. If your pup thinks he can invade your space whenever he chooses, then he has lost respect for you. Instead, when you pet crowds you, make him move rather than you moving. This will help your pet realize that you are the Alpha or Pack to train your dog to stop jumping on people

When your pet is calm and relaxed, call him to your side. Then, pick him up if you want to cuddle him. Do not allow him to jump on your lap. Instead, you pick him up or allow him to jump beside you on the couch.

When your pup is misbehaving and jumping up on you, fold your arms, avert your eyes and walk away. This will help teach your pet that you will not tolerate this type of behavior.

The most common mistake people make when training a pet is inconsistency. When you begin training your dog that jumping is not allowed, you cannot let up on your training. Each time he jumps, walk away and do not acknowledge this behavior. Additionally, this means that you should not pat your legs and call your dog, which can increase the likelihood of your pet jumping on you.

Teach Your Pet Simple Commands

Teaching your puppy how to sit and stay is another great way to help break his jumping habits. By practicing the command sit over and over, you can change his default behaviors. No more will the pup come running and jump on you when you call him. Instead, he will run to you and sit obediently at your feet.

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