How To Train Your Dog To Stop Barking


how to train your dog to stop barking

There aren’t too many things in life that can drive you as crazy as a dog that barks constantly. Whether it happens to be an ear piercing yapping noise or deep menacing woofing sound, it can really give you a headache in no time.

Fortunately there is some good news, which is that dogs don’t need to bark to be happy. Generally speaking, in fact, barking is usually a sign that the dog is over excited, anxious, frustrated or stressed, and none of those emotions are good feelings for your dog.

Or you, for that matter!

Keep in mind that a relaxed and content dog doesn’t do a lot of barking! So let’s take a closer look at certain kind of barking so that you can get started on how to make a dog stop barking

One very common issue is dogs barking when their owner isn’t at home. Usually people don’t have any idea that there is a problem until one of the neighbors, or even worse, they are paid a visit by a dog control officer. The key to stopping a dog from barking is understanding why he is doing it in the first place. They way you can address the cause of the problem rather than treating the symptoms.

So just bear with me here because there is one thing you must remember to do, and that is to see everything through your dog’s eyes.

Just think of it this way. You dog is a kind of pack animal. He understands the idea of there being leaders and followers. Protecting the pack is one of the jobs of the pack leader. So on Monday morning when everyone leaves the house and goes to work, while the dog is left at home alone, he can become stressed. If you thought you had lost your pack, you would too.

That is why they are barking and stressed out. They are calling you to come back to them. They’re just attempting to do their job. Just think about this. Say you are the parent of a year year old child. Of course one of your major responsibilities is keeping our child safe. That why you keep a close watch on them. At all times. When they are in the house, you know exactly where they are. You can relax because they are safe.

If they get out of the house suddenly somehow and then shut the front door which locks you inside, then what would you do?

Of course you would chase after them.

However, what would you do if the door was locked and you weren’t able to get it open. And all of the windows and other doors were also locked. What would you do then? Call someone on your phone for help? Well that isn’t an option that is available to your dog!

What about shouting for help? That is precisely what your dog does. You definitely would just sit down with a cup of tea and relax, with your young child out on the streets wandering around alone.

Are you beginning to see now why your dog gets so stressed out and starts to bark when you leave?

And there are other annoying behaviors like jumping over fences, digging under fences, destruction and chewing that only happens while you are gone. Yes that’s right. All these are symptoms of a dog that is stressed out and desperately worried about you not being safe and at home. Keep in mind that your dog isn’t able to speak in English to let you know all of this.

So then what is the solution to stop dog barking? It is definitely not to give them a bone for them to chew on while you are gone. Just imaging telling a totally stressed out parent who is worried about their child being out in the street… “Don’t worry, I have a box of chocolates for you.” You might love chocolates. However, in this situation it isn’t going to work this time.

Toys that are crammed full of food or other distractions won’t treat the problem either. All they are for is treating the symptoms. If you’re lucky they might work, for a maximum of half an hour, but not long term. Most things you will have tried already, so you will know that it doesn’t work.

There is actually a very simple solution to stop barking dogs. In your dog’s eyes, you must become the pack leader. After you are able to do this properly, your dog will understand that protecting you isn’t their job.

You can come and go as you wish and your dog will stay completely relaxed.

That’s the real solution for having a relaxed and calm dog. Just honest understanding with no tricks.

It isn’t complicated to become the pack leader. Anybody can do it, but it isn’t something that can be explained her in a couple of minutes. You should go visit Doggy Dan’s website. He explains in a very powerful way how to get yourself established as the leader of the pack and how to get your dog to stop barking whenever you leave. how to train your dog to stop barking

Here are some additional tips you can use along with becoming pack leader to help get you to stop a dog from barking.

Exercise: Before you leave your dog, give him some exercise. It is more likely for a tired dog to relax.

Locate the right area. Try to leave your dog in various space- some dog relax better outside, while others will do better inside and might prefer smaller areas like the washroom.

Food and water. Always leave water for your dog, and make sure he is fed and warm before leaving him.

Pick up any bones laying around: Leave toys for your dog to play wit but not bones.

TV and Music: Consider leaving the TV or music on for the dog. The distractions can be very helpful.

Herbal remedies: Some herbal products are available for dogs. They can help to relax them. However, they don’t really treat the issue’s cause, but just help to relax them. They also can be very expensive.

Dog walkers: Having a break during the middle part of the day can definitely help break your dog’s day up.

Leave calmly: Although it might be a fun thing getting excited when you are leaving your dog, the best thing to do is leave in a calm way. Say goodbye to your dog for 5 minutes before you leave in order to help keep them relaxed.

Comfort Jackets: Shirts and jackets are available that have been designed to comfort dog. However, they can be expensive, and in my experience they offer only limited success. I know about one dog who ate one!

The very popular idea of getting another dog to cure the problem is one I would stay away from. Keep in mind that your dog’s source of the problem is not boredom. Many dogs who do bark all day after their owners have left are the exact same dogs who will lie around your house and not do much of anything over a relaxed weekend. So hopefully you now have a much better understanding of the problem your dog has.

I recommend that if you really are serious about learning how to get your dog to stop barking immediately you should check out Doggy Dans website and learn how to become the pack leader. That will end your problems.

An entire section of the website is dedicated to how to train your dog to stop barking. See the section called “Separation Anxiety.

It isn’t difficult but you do need to see the problem through your dog’s eyes instead of your human eyes. They don’t want a ball, biscuits or more bones. They want a pack leader who is strong.

So get started today.  The sooner you are able to turn things around, the more quickly your neighbors will definitely thank you!

Doggy Dan’s Video Training

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