The Biggest, Most Costly Mistake Puppy Owners Make When Training

Training Your Puppy

You want to give your puppy the best start in life. Yet, if you really want for this to happen, you are going to have to make sure you do not make a mistake that so many other puppy owners today make. This is a common error, and it is one that is too serious to be ignored.

The other day, I received an e-mail that I realized was way too important to keep from sharing with you. I want to save you the heartache and the expense of making the mistake this woman did.

Why are people doing this? Ultimately, I believe it is that they think they will end up with well behaved dogs that are under control simply by sending them to expensive obedience classes.

What would you say if I told you that giving a puppy hundreds of dollars worth of obedience training will not necessarily achieve this? That’s right. People learn how to give their dogs commands in a sterile classroom.
Yes, the dog gets a little bit of socialization in and that is fine, especially if it is done correctly. However, the important information is often overlooked.

For instance, understanding how to become the pack leader so as to avoid serious issues in the future is crucial. You need a method that teaches your puppy correctly while they are young and that works as he or she grows.
I can give you an example of a wonderful lady who has spent hundreds of dollars on training her puppy. Now, she is looking for help. All of this after an obedience training tab of nearly $500.

Despite this pricey training, the dog barks, growls, nips, and follows her everywhere. So, what was the purpose of her puppy training, again? Maybe the dog can sit and stay on command, but that’s about it.

Here is what she wrote:

“Last year, I got a puppy for my 30th birthday. I thought he was well behaved for the most part, but I took her to a few puppy training classes. She did well at first. Then, just as I thought her to be a fast learner, things changed.

At the ripe age of one and one-quarter years old, she is behaving worse and worse. Her issues at this moment include growling and barking. She constantly looks out the windows and yaps at anything. Birds, neighbors, chickens, other dogs, kid’s toys on the lawn next door, all of these set her off. The list is endless and sort of ridiculous

Once she fixates on something, she keeps barking even though there is no threat. It is so frustrating and annoying. I can only imagine how the neighbors feel about this.

In addition to barking at things she sees outside, she will do what she can to get my attention when needed. This entails nipping at me or growling at me. She sometimes does this to other family members, but mostly me. In fact, when we are at the park she is often downright cuddly with other people!

Yes, when I am home alone with her, she cannot occupy herself. She constantly follows me around. She just does not know how to relax and behave.

I’d love to let her go outside, but I can’t. She’d bark non-stop at everything. She has a really sweet personality, but the barking and nipping is just getting me down. I want to love having her around me. I’m sure she’d love being around me if she could just occupy herself and relax.

Could you possibly be able to come to us and help? We want to get our lovely little puppy girl back! Thank you.
C. Wakefield and “Poppy”

Well, it could be much easier  and much less stressful, too, to have prevented this behavior in the first place. Now a lot of time, money and effort have been spent teaching her to sit, stay, get down and come, but for what? The owners have ended up with a badly behaved puppy.

Someone should have explained to the owner in the first place that it is her job to become the puppy’s pack leader. The lack of leadership has caused the puppy to bark, nip, feel unsettled, and more.

When a dog has the influence of a human pack leader, they will not bark at everything they see. Why? Because they will have been trained that not everything is a threat and not everything needs their protective bark. If the dog thinks that they are the pack leader, they will follow the owner around.

This is because they will think they have the sole job of protecting their owners. They think they are like a good mother who is keeping an eye on a child. This does not happen when the puppy learns that you are the pack leader. In learning this, they relax and will enjoy knowing you are the one in charge.

src=”” alt=”puppy training” width=”227″ height=”222″ />Training your dog to learn commands is fun. It should also be a core part of training the puppy. However, do not let them think this is the only thing to focus on. Teach them the importance of respecting you.

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So, do not make the same mistakes so many others make. Preventing bad behavior is better than a cure. Save hundreds of dollars now by getting training done right the first time. Also, you will avoid so much stress and hassle.

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