The Online Dog Trainer (Doggy Dan) 2023 Review

online dog trainer review

Overview: Best Value For Your Money, Best Dog Training Program

Before getting to the details of the online dog trainer review, I just want to say in the very beginning that this is the finest puppy and dog training program that is available online. I am really blown away by all that is being offered and at such an affordable price. No wonder the website has been receiving so many rave reviews from consumers. The Online Dog Trainer from Doggy Dan, a highly respected dog trainer, is the most rapidly growing dog training program that is available by far. Let me go over some of the main things that make the product absolutely unique and so great.


First of all, I have never run across any dog training product before where it was actually endorsed by a national SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) organization. That is exactly what the Online Dog Trainer received. Its stamp of approval was given by the Royal New Zealand SPCA. At all of the organization’s rescue shelters they actively promote the program since they know if the training by Doggy Dan is followed by rescue dog owners, that they will be a lot more likely to keep their dog and not return it. There is even a link to the program from the organization’s website’s home page. That alone speaks volumes about the quality of this program.

Every dog training topic is covered and it comes with more than 250 videos.

Before I start detailing things about this program, let me briefly explain what is contained inside the website. There are currently more than 250 videos that cover everything from calming down a dog in the car to training a puppy to let you take its bones to becoming a pack leader. So in other words, everything that you could possibly imagine having to do with the subject of dog training is covered here. However, it isn’t just the high number of videos that are available, but the high quality of this training content that is truly impressive.

Real Consultation Videos

One thing that you will really love about the website is that when you’re watching their videos you will be watching Doggy Dan while he is on live consultations. You won’t be viewing some type of staged scene or just reading from yet another eBook. Of course in some of the videos he is just talking about theory. However, when it comes to the topic of a troubled dog, the guy is out there actually working with and providing results.

It is the real deal here. You get to see a phenomenal dog behaviorist and dog trainer in action working with very difficult dogs. Best of all, you will see him getting results. That is proof that his methods actually do work.

The Answer Is Video

What it is even better is that you get to see exactly how he does everything. What becomes very obvious is that when it come to sharing his knowledge, Doggy Dan is incredibly skilled at what he does. Also, his passion for really helping others comes across very strongly. You are able to understand the practical approach in addition to the concepts that he is teaching.

He really explains things in ways that you can really understand, using language that will hep you really connect very closely with your dog. And you can start to see things from your dog’s eyes. That is why his methods actually work. Instead of working against dogs he works with them instead.

Gentle Techniques And Methods

The method is absolutely fantastic. As you might expect, given that the SPCA has endorsed the training program, no aggression or fear is used. However, a dog will respond very quickly, and at times even immediately. The best thing is course you get to see everything taking place- his body language, the way he uses his voice, and the reactions from the dogs. Nothing is hidden, there aren’t any secrets, nothing is held back.

The method just completely makes sense. If you happen to be searching for a powerful yet simple method for developing an incredible relationship with your new puppy or dog, or you would like to stop unwanted behaviors from your dog, then this website can definitely help you.

Puppy Training

Project Moses is one of the most exciting and recent additions to the online dog trainer website. It is ideal for anybody who has a new puppy. In this area of the website, Doggy Dan takes a new puppy whose name is Moses and video taped every stage of the training starting at 8 weeks up up through 1 years old. The videos will all be posted on the website. The footage is absolutely stunning as you watch the puppy learning all of Doggy Dan’s commands and developing into an incredible dog.

The project is such a great idea and it is definitely worthy of being its own separate product that he could charge for separately. However, it is included. For people who have a puppy they want to train there is absolutely nothing that compares to it. Absolutely nothing.

The Forum

Whenever you enroll in The Online Dog Trainer, a Forum is one of the bonuses that is included free of charge. Currently all of the questions that people are asking in the Forum are being answered personally by Doggy Dan. As far as I know, that is how it’s always been. That is very different from most forums where users are basically left to fend for themselves and guess what the next step is or another individual is hired to answer questions.

Doggy Dan is right there to help in The Online Dog Trainer forum. That is a big bonus if you are wanting to get specific professional advice for whatever your situation is.

Doggy Dan

online dog trainer review

Free Dog Obedience Video Course


While watching Doggy Dan is becomes very apparent how knowledgeable and passionate he is for making a difference in owner’s and dog’s lives. He really appears to be a very genuine guy in addition to being an excellent dog trainer, speaker, author and behaviorist. His competent and relaxed nature while he is on camera, in addition to the massive amount of video footage and knowledge he shares, makes for very entertaining and educational watching.

Dog Behavioral Issues

The final but potentially most impressive thing regarding the website is the ability of Doggy Dan to help people truly understanding what is really causing the issues that their dog is having. No matter what the specific problem is, he covers it in his videos. He will also help to ensure that you and your dog end up having a stronger relationship. Inside the pack leader area, the 5 Golden Rules are absolutely invaluable.

It is something that every dog owner needs to learn the very first day that they get their new dog. As far as Doggy Dan is concerned no dog is too stubborn or too old. When they are understood properly, all of them can be helped. The Online Dog Trainer website helps you do exactly that.

The following are some videos addressing specific dog problems that can be found inside The Online Dog Trainer site:




online dog trainer review


Audio Files

Another great feature is using audio files for individuals who love going very in depth on subject. Several files have been created by Doggy Dan that you can listen to while you are doing other things. New audios are continuously being added and the quality of them is exception. Topics that are covered include how to become the pack leader and toilet training. All of the audios are around 30 minutes long, which provides users with valuable training not only on what to do but why and how everything fits together.

Outstanding $1 Trial

You receive all of the above for the $1 trial that the website is offering for 3 days. That is really an exceptional offer that Doggy Dan is giving. It is another of the really outstanding features offered by this program. In my opinion, being able to see what is inside the website before making a monthly commitment is a huge benefit. Signing up for $1 Trial allows you to review the entire site and provides you with a good feeling for how the website works and what you will be receiving.

Once I looked around a bit, I understood immediately that there was work for me to do. There is no such thing as a silver bullet for solving my dog’s problems.
I need to view the videos and put what I learn into practice, and continue to watch to ensure that I am doing things correctly.

After I get past the initial few steps, then I need to spend time on getting to the training’s next phases. Now that I know all that is involved, it will take be around one month get on top of things. And I get it all for a small fraction of what it would cost to have a dog trainer to come to my house. So it truly is a no brainer.


The testimonials for the program are a lot of fun to read. The major different between the live comments that are being posted continually by individuals and on other websites is that these are actually genuine. The comments are made using a Facebook application interface made by a third party. So only the individual who is posting the comment has access, meaning these comments are 100% genuine.

That removes any suspicions that these comments were gather by shady methods a long time ago and changed to sound really good. These comments are totally real, from real individuals who love Doggy Dan’s method and The Online Dog Trainer. This is another change that is very refreshing.

The Cost

After you decide to stay on following the 3 day trial, the cost is $37 per month. If you compare that to a couple of other solutions available online, it doesn’t seem bad at all. Remember the old saying of “you get what you pay for.” The $37 monthly fee is definitely worth every penny. I mean let’s face it, most of the other products that are available either don’t work or just work for a specific problem, such as toilet training.

However you get everything with The Online Dog Trainer program, and in particular the understanding of the pack leader which practically soles all behavioral problems that dogs have.

I also did my research and found out that have a dog training make a house visit on average costs $400. That just covers a couple of hours. When you sign up for The Online Dog Trainer, you receive all of the proven methods from Doggy Dan in your very own home anytime you need him.

Money Back Guarantee

There is a 60 day money back guarantee offered, so you can be completely confident with your purchase.

Final Thoughts

The national SPCA has endorsed this amazing course, and it includes Doggy Dan answering your questions in the forum and more than 250 videos. Then throw in Project Moses from the time the puppy is 8 weeks old, no aggression or fear methods used, comprehensive section on being the pack leader, and every behavioral issue that is covered, and you will have a compete, one-stop dog training solution that is available on a 24/7 basis on any mobile device or computer.

I can’t recommend the online dog trainer program enough. I definitely say you should go for it!

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