Affenhuahua: Your Family’s Next Favorite Pet


“Affenpincher Chihuahua Mix”

Affenhuahua is a hybrid or designer dog cross-bred from Affenpinscher and Chihuahua. Sometimes, it is referred to as Affen Chi. As a designer dog, it is intentionally mix-bred.

Originated from North America at around the 21st Century, it was mix-bred for aesthetic purposes. It is a toy dog and a family dog. While it’s too early to tell, it can have the temperament of half Affenpinscher and half Chihuahua.

Its appearance is found to be more like the Affenpinscher. With a furry round face and big eyes, it has a black nose and short muzzle with either folded or floppy ears. It has a long-standing tail similar to Chihuahua with its body colors varying from black, blue, brown and white.

It can be stubborn and playful. Affenhuahua is not hard to train when you start it young. It can be a lovely cuddly pet especially when you have kids in the family. It tends to stick to one favorite family member, so watch out when its personality shows.

It is still considered a new breed. The American Kennel Club has not acknowledged this breed for registry but it’s getting there.

It pays to include in your budget when your family has decided to take care of this cute little pup. It has low maintenance so prepare yourself to give your newly adored pet an exciting life.


Affenhuahua is mix-bred from Affenpinscher and Chihuahua and is categorized as a hybrid designer dog.

Affenpinscher  dogs were identified around the 1600s. Affenpinscher was bred as a rat-catching dog in Germany.

Its name was derived from German origin word, Affe, which means ape or monkey and Pinscher which means terrier. Sometimes in France, it was called the mustached little devil.  We cannot blame them for it is said to have the looks of a monkey in the body of a terrier. Sometimes it was compared to Ewoks because of its looks.

Either way, this cute dog can have the color of black, white, silver and brown.

It is playfully stubborn and adventurous. Maybe it was the reason they are kept under the kitchen tables, which is to catch rats and mice. It has the agility and the heart of a terrier.

When they were bred smaller, they become cute pups that ladies would walk around as their lapdogs.

Meanwhile, Chihuahua is often described as a tiny dog but with a huge character. It is that pet you can say small but terrible. This pocket pup is that one you can boast around the city and makes a perfect family dog.

Originated from Mexico, it was also claimed that this breed originated from China. It said that it was descended by the native Techichi of the Spaniards. The developing theory came up with the story that Chihuahuas were a crossbreed of the native Techichi and the tiny hairless Chinese dogs.

Either way, this breed was represented in certain dog effigy pots dated as early as 1325 AD found in Georgia and Tennessee. There had been many sightings of this breed in early artistry.

In 1850, its name was derived where three tiny dogs are found in Chihuahua, Mexico.

Its face has the shape of an apple with fully erected ears. It comes in different colors. It has tales that stand and a body with short furs. It walks in grace and can rule your household like a boss. It is reserved for strangers and would stick to one favorite family member.


You can say that Affenhuahua has much more resemblance from its parent, Affenpinscher than Chihuahua. It has a round face with a short muzzle. It can have either folded or erected ears. It has round large eyes with long furry cheeks.

Its medium length curly hair gives less necessity for grooming.

With a long thin tail similar to its Chihuahua parent, it has a short stature with colors that may vary from black, brown and white.

It stands at around 8 to12 inches and weighs 4 to12 lbs. This size makes it an ideal pet for people with smaller spaces.

Affenhuahua dog

Life Expectancy

Expect your Affenhuahua to live longer. Make it a habit to bring it to the veterinary regularly to check its health. Maintain its needs.  Allocate a budget for its needs. It will live longer if you intend to keep it longer. It can live up to fifteen years.


It is early to predict the personality of your Affenhuahua when it’s still young. It can develop through proper handling and guidance.

It is a family dog and can serve as a watch dog.  They can serve well as alarms to strangers. It is not friendly with strangers but you can train them to socialize. It is child-friendly among family members. Make sure to give proper directions to your kids when handling them.

It tends to be either fearful or hyper when being socialized. Since it can have signs of Small Dog Syndrome because of its size, it pays to train it early with other dogs and bring it outside. Let it associate with other pets because it is naturally friendly and affectionate.

It enjoys the attention. Most previous owners say it has the character more like from its parent Chihuahua. It can show its intelligence in an early stage. It is naturally playful but it tends to stick with one cuddle buddy in your family.

Picture it as a pet who has the confidence of some attention-seeking cuddler. Affenhuahua can be a tiny stubborn dog but sweet and loyal to their owners.

Ideal Environment

Given its size, an Affenhuahua dog is ideal for indoor living such as an apartment.

Keeping them indoors will help this pet to adapt to the cold weather climates. Remember that its body is not covered with thick fur. It would normally seek warmth so prepare your gentle hugs when it starts to cling.

It will help develop its socializing skills when you bring it to dog parks. It is naturally playful so don’t just keep it inside. It will help bring out its Chihuahua confidence to help them stay out from having a Small Dog Syndrome.

It is also good for the family to keep your Affenhuahua around kids. Train your kids with the proper way to handle this pet.


Affenhuahua is relatively small in size. It doesn’t require a huge amount of dog food. Feed enough amounts of nutritious food because hybrid dogs can easily gain weight.

Most first time owners would be shocked by its small food intake. Since this dog can have a relatively small appetite, do not mistake yourself by overfeeding. They can live healthy enough with 0.25 to 0.50 cups of dry food a day.

Give it enough amount of water to keep it healthy.


An Affenhuahua can be affectionate and sensitive. Praise him when necessary.

Buy him toys to play with to stimulate his inner Chihuahua traits. Although an Affenhuahua can have a moderate energy level, it still has its rat hunting breed trait. It can have sudden bursts of high energy and playtime.

Its toys will help him cope with his energy exercises. Since it’s relatively small and is perfect indoors, it’s easier to dog-proof your home to prevent damage to your belongings.

Bring it outside; let it socialize with other pets and dogs. The dog park is a perfect place to socialize.


As small breed dogs can be spoiled, you should train him to recognize you as the pack leader. Teach him tricks with his toys. It can be a dog athlete at times. Let him run over platforms and circles. Reward him for being a good follower. Keep him busy as it can develop bad behavior due to boredom.

All it needs is a companion to help him develop his confidence and a steady and firm instructor. He doesn’t always have to get his way when not necessary. Make sure you show him that you are the boss.

Affenhuahua Dogs


Affenhuahua has a very low to a moderate requirement for grooming. If he is short-coated, low shedding is required. Brush his furs a few times a week.

Affenhuaha can be hypoallergenic, and bathe him  when necessary with a dog shampoo. Be careful not to do overdo bathing. It can damage its skin. Just enough bathing is necessary to keep him clean.

If he has slightly folded ears, they may keep the dirt that can develop into molds. It pays to clean its ears regularly.

Brush his teeth regularly and keep its nails trimmed.

Health Concerns

There are no relative health concerns for Affenhuahuas. Some may occur only as it age. However, it can inherit some diseases from its parents like:

  • Patellar Luxation
  • Tracheal Collapse
  • Eye Disease
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Shivering
  • Heart Problems
  • Open Fontanel
  • Legg-Perthes
  • Hip Dysplasia

All these health concerns can be assessed before buying an Affenhuahua. It pays to ask the breeder what you can expect. Prepare and take the necessary precautions to avoid the occurrence of such illness.

Where to Find an Affenhuahua?

Affenhuahua can be easy to find if you know a reputable breeder.

Also, you can find it at pet shops in your locality. Make sure that these establishments have a good reputation. Make sure that these shops can make recommendations for properly caring for the new pet.

Another source you can seek for Affenhuahua is the internet and online communities for dog breeders and owners. They can make good reviews and recommendations which can guide you when taking care of pet.


Taking care of Affenhuahua can be both rewarding and challenging. Getting to know it on its early stage and guiding it all through its development stage could be rewarding.

A happy family taking care of this pet can result in a healthy and happy Affenhuahua.

Give it enough space in the house and it can turn to stress relief at the end of a long day.

Give your kids the responsibility of properly handling this pet. It will make an excellent companion and will help your kids grow into more affectionate, caring and responsible individuals.

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