Bolonoodle: An Adorable Doggy Best Friend

Bolonoodle: An Adorable Doggy Best friend

“Bolognese Poodle Mix”

A bolonoodle is a hybrid dog produced by the cross breeding of a purebred Bolognese and a Poodle. These dogs are called bolopoos or bolonoodle.

These lovely dogs are truly the epitome a man’s best friend. Actually, not only men, but women and kids as well.

Being the personable and loving dogs that they are, bolonoodles are often taken in by owners as house pets. This type of dog is family-oriented and one can expect that it will not waste time in making all the family members fall in love with it.


A crossbreeding of a Bolognese and a Poodle would result to a Bolonoodle. This type of hybrid dog is often referred to as a designer dog.

A designer dog is one whose parents consist of two purebred dogs with a well-known pedigree. Dog breeders produce designer dogs by carefully planning and pairing purebred dogs with the most desirable and unique qualities to produce an ideal offspring.


A Bolognese comes from a small breed of dog that originated from Italy. The name itself is derived from the Italian city of Bologna.

The dog is popular as a companion dog as it makes a good pet at home and it always looks forward to being given attention. The pooch also exhibits good behavior no matter what dog breed or person it is with.

Bolognese dogs are known for their white single coat and their small, compact and stocky body. They are well-muscled and have a square build. These dogs have woolly coats and shed very little hair.


The poodle is one of the most prominent dog breeds. The breed has been widely known for being prized dogs since the early centuries, and are often entered in dog shows and contests.

The breed has three main varieties recognized by the American Kennel Club, namely the Standard Poodle, the Miniature Poodle, and the Toy Poodle. All of them originated from Germany and France.

Aside from their appearance, poodles are also known for their intelligence and skills. They are also quite obedient and loving pets.

  • Standard PoodleThe standard poodle is known to be the oldest among the three varieties of poodles, and is also the one that lives the longest. The breed was later bred down to the ones known now as miniature and toy poodles.

Standard poodles have a variety of colors when it comes to their coats. They are energetic and are able to move lightly, making them appear elegant.

They are also well-skilled in jumping and retrieving items, as well as in doing different obstacle courses. Standard poodles have always been regarded as the most trainable dogs who pay close attention to the orders of their owners, and learn them quickly. It is even said that mental stimulation makes these dogs happy.

  • Miniature PoodleMiniature poodles are sometimes called mini athletes, coming from the athleticism of the standard poodle but in a smaller size. Compared to the other poodle breeds, these poodles are somehow the most obedient.

This type of poodle comes in different builds. One build is square with the legs being proportional to their bodies. The other build is one where the dog has shorter legs than the square build.

The difference between the two builds is that the one with the square build is considered as the athletic one because the proportion of their legs with their body gives them enhanced agility, and helps them move lightly and elegantly. On the other hand, the build with the shorter legs are good but clumsy runners and therefore, are not that athletic.

  • Toy PoodleThe Toy Poodle is the smallest among the three varieties of poodles. It was bred in the eighteenth century in England. Back then, they were mainly used for truffle hunting because their feet were light enough to avoid damaging the truffle.

Unlike the two other poodle breeds, toy poodles are mainly bred for companionship. They were the favorite pets of women in the Georgian and Victorian Eras, giving them the status of being a higher class of dogs.


Depending on the variety of the poodle in which they were bred, the average height of a bolonoodle is ten to twelve inches. They can weigh as much as six to twelve pounds.

Bolonoodles have fluffy coats that are curly or wavy. These coats are usually medium in length, but that mostly depends on the grooming desired by their owners.

One of the advantages of having bolonoodles is that they shed very lightly. Some even say that they do not shed at all, which is really ideal if you keep them as pets in a small apartment or condominium unit. In addition, their coats are also hypoallergenic.

bolonoodle puppies

Life Expectancy

Bolonoodles typically live for an average of twelve years. However, with proper care and attention, their lifespan can be extended up to as much as fifteen years.


It’s really not that hard to fall in love with dogs, let alone, a bolonoodle dog. With its loving nature, it is definitely a breed for everyone.

This dog breed is very affectionate and gentle. As such, it is the perfect house pet, especially if there are babies or kids in the house.

Bolonoodles are very sociable and they love interacting with other animals, if not with their owners. They are the kind of dogs that would follow their owners around the house, and snuggle with them in bed without hesitation.

Also, because of their active nature, it is quite relaxing and entertaining to see them run around the house or in the backyard. When thinking of having a bolonoodle as a pet, one should really take into consideration the time they have to allot for this adorable dog as that is the most important factor for them.

Ideal Environment

Bolonoodles are relatively small and so, a small house or apartment is sufficient for them, provided there is adequate ventilation, food and water. They are ideal house pets whether the owner is alone or has a huge family. In this case, however, the owner must constantly bring the bolonoodles on walks to help them stay healthy and to let them experience different surroundings and fresh air from time to time.

While bolonoodles are low maintenance when it comes to space, it would not hurt to house them in a home with a backyard so they could run around freely. This helps them stay fit and healthy.


Pets are part of the family and just like human beings, bolonoodles need adequate water and food with the proper nutrition. These dogs are not high maintenance when it comes to food since a high quality dog food would do.

Bolonoodles typically need around a half cup up to one cup of dog food per day, which can be divided into two servings for breakfast and dinner. Dog snacks are also ideal for when they are brought out on walks or while training them.

Water is also very essential. It is wise to make sure that the bolonoodles’ water bowl is never empty. It should also be cleaned from time to time to keep the dogs from getting sick.


Bolonoodles do not require long walks. Nonetheless, they still need adequate exercise to stay healthy and fit. Walking and running around a small space is sufficient exercise for them.

However, to give them that extra boost, it is also ideal to bring them at least once a week on dog walks outside the house. Bolonoodles are very sociable and bringing them to dog parks will enhance both their health and their moods as they can interact and play with other dogs.

bolonoodle dog


Having the poodle as one of its parents is definitely an advantage because bolonoodles tend to acquire their parents’ wits. Since poodles are known for their intelligence, it is without question that bolonoodles are also admired for their brain.

Bolonoodles are relatively easy to train because of their love and devotion to their owner. They listen well and are eager to learn in order to show how much they care for their owners.

Less repetitions and treats are needed when teaching bolonoodles as they tend to pick up ideas very well. This means that owners can enjoy more time playing with their bolonoodles compared to training them.

However, it should be noted that bolonoodles are still curious and mischievous while they are still puppies. Therefore, owners must train them more firmly during that stage.

Health Concerns

It is normal for hybrid dog breeds like the bolonoodle to inherit some health conditions that affect their parent breeds. However, the possibility is not always high since mixed breed dogs tend to be healthier compared to purebred ones.

Some of the health concerns that affect bolonoodles are hip dysplasia, eye conditions, and obesity. Other ailments are those that dogs typically get when not taken care of properly like worms and dehydration.

In order to ensure that bolonoodles will stay healthy, it is always wise to bring them to the veterinary once there is a change in their behavior or in their sleeping or eating patterns.

Where to Look for a Bolonoodle

Although originating from Italy, Bolonoodles have been widely produced by dog breeders all around the world. In looking for one, it is wise to check online first if they are available in a particular pet shop as these breeds are not always readily available. There are also reputable dog breeders who particularly breed bolonoodles who can also be contacted online.


Bolonoodles are one of the most charming and loving dog breeds. They are the perfect best friends for anyone who wishes to feel comforting snuggles from adorable fur friends. They are also perfect family dogs with a loving nature ideal for kids and babies.

However, having a pet is more of a responsibility and a privilege rather than a hobby. It is taking care of another being’s needs and therefore, one who gets a pet must take into consideration all the factors needed in order to care for them properly. These include time, effort, love and care. In return, an owner of a bolonoodle will have a loyal and cheerful company for a long time to bring smiles every single day.

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