Boston Huahua: The Proud And Loving Designer Dog

Boston Huahua: The Proud and Loving Designer Dog

“Boston Terrier Chihuahua Mix”

A designer dog from Boston Terrier and Chihuahua parents, the Boston Huahua is a tiny, lively dog that is an ideal lapdog. It is thus perfect for small apartment dwellers.

The Boston Huahua doesn’t bark too much. Compared to its purebred Chihuahua parent, it doesn’t make a lot of fuss when left alone. However, being a people dog, the crossbreed loves to get involved in anything that its human family does.


  • The Boston Terrier – The breed was first seen in late 19th century Boston. Although its origins are not clear, at that time, it wasn’t known as a Boston Terrier yet. It was called different names like bullet head, round headed terrier, American terrier, and Boston bulldog.

With the American Bull Terrier Club’s establishment in 1989, the breed was given the name Boston Terrier. It was one of the earliest breeds of non-sporting dogs in America. In the beginning, the dog’s looks was a non-factor, but in the 1900s, a standard was eventually set.

The popularity of the Boston Terrier reached its peak during the 1930s. Some schools and communities still use the breed as their mascot to this day. The breed is known today as an affectionate, clever, and lively dog with an even temperament. It can, however, have a stubborn streak that will require some patience and consistency in training.

  • The Chihuahua – Unlike some pure breeds, the Chihuahua doesn’t have clearly traceable origins. However, a few popular theories exist as to how the breed came about.

Some believe that the Chihuahua originated from the Techichi, a Central/South American dog. You can find carvings dating back to the 9th century that very much resemble the Chihuahua of today. Another theory says that the breed is from Chinese dogs introduced to Mexico by traders. These dogs were bred with the small native dogs.

Whichever theory is true, the breed got its name from Chihuahua State in Mexico during the 1850s. Visiting Americans then brought the Chihuahua dog home, and soon, Americans fell in love with the diminutive pooch. The breed’s popularity grew, and soon, it occupied the 11th spot among the top favorite dogs among the 155 breeds recognized by the AKC.

The Chihuahua of today is bold and confident, suspicious and alert, and very sensitive. It tends to bond with a single person more closely, and can be reserved when around other people. It can be timid if not properly socialized.


A small dog blessed with a muscular body, the Boston Huahua has a square head and muzzle. It often has erect ears like those of bats. It has a thick neck, which isn’t long. Its huge, round eyes glimmer brightly with mischief. The short, silky coat is dense and straight. The water-repellant coat comes in various colors.

The chest usually has a white blaze that is sometimes paired with white paws. The Boston Huahua, overall, sports a proud and alert look. You’d think it is always ready to take on anything. It is ready for action at all times, and definitely a fun furry friend to have.

Life Expectancy

On average, you can expect your Boston Huahua to live anywhere from 12 to 15 years, or even more, with lots of love and proper care.

Boston Huahua: The Proud and Loving Designer Dog


Depending on the dominant traits the Boston Huahua inherits from its parents, the designer breed can be loving and proud. It can easily adjust to your daily routine.

The Boston Huahua tends to be loyal and bold, and always willing to spend playtime with you. It is a very good looking dog because of its beautiful face and well-proportioned body.

It has a very sensitive nature, and can be quite suspicious of any stranger. It prefers to bond closely with only one person, and tends to remain distant or reserved towards others. With proper socialization, however, it can be a good friend to everyone in your family.

Ideal Environment

The Boston Huahua is best suited for apartment living, but it would do equally well in a home with a well-fenced small yard that will keep the active pooch from straying.

The designer breed is happiest when living in a warm climate, but it can adapt quite well to cool temperatures. Just make sure to let your pet wear something to keep it warm.


Being a very active small dog, the Boston Huahua needs high quality kibble appropriate for its age, size, and energy level.

Its Boston Terrier parent is notorious for being gassy, and the Chihuahua is sensitive to most food additives. Thus, it is recommended that you consult with your vet on the best dog food brand to feed your pooch.

Meals should always be rich in nutrition, and given in small servings with proper spacing throughout the day. There is no breed-specific meal requirement. Make sure to always feed your pup with nutrition-packed meals.

From time to time, you can serve homemade dishes to your Boston Huahua. This will make the little bundle of energy happy.

Feeding should be done twice a day, each meal equivalent to ½ to 1 cup of top quality dry dog food.


The Boston Huahua needs its dose of daily exercise, given its highly active nature. Some active playtime and short walks daily would be enough. It doesn’t really need long walks.

To prevent boredom that may lead to destructive behaviors, it is necessary to give your pooch some mental stimulation from interaction and physical activity.

Because it can already be quite active indoors, the Boston Huahua doesn’t need vigorous exercise. But, it would appreciate being taken outdoors for a jog or a short walk. You can also allow your dog to run and play in your open yard.

Boston Huahua: The Proud and Loving Designer Dog


The Boston Huahua is a curious, friendly dog with a loving disposition. It is devoted and loyal to its human. However, it can be stubborn at times if it inherits the Boston Terrier’s stubborn streak or the Chihuahua’s snippy disposition towards kids.

With proper training, the designer breed can overcome these not-so-pleasant traits. Just be persistent and have enough patience.

Make your instructions concise so as not to confuse your dog. When giving instructions, use a gentle but firm tone.

Boston Huahuas look up to and respect a strong leader. When your dog follows your command or does something properly, be generous with your praise. Reward it with treats, and you’ll notice that it will respond more willingly and quickly.

Like the Chihuahua, the designer breed can be quite cautious. This can make your dog always on “patrol mode,” and quick to alert you when it sees a stranger.

Although very affectionate and loyal to its human owner, the Chihuahua’s erratic side may cause the Boston Huahua to become a bit aggressive if it feels provoked or threatened by kids or other pets.

With early socialization, your Boston Huahua can be an awesome family dog. It will reward you and your family with undying loyalty and great companionship.


In terms of DIY grooming, your Boston Huahua doesn’t have a lot of demands or needs. It doesn’t shed a lot, but if it does, it is often only during the months of summer. Brushing the coat once or twice weekly will keep the coat looking healthy.

You can bathe your dog only when necessary. When you do, use dog shampoo on the coat, and refrain from using human shampoo. Even “gentle” children’s shampoo can strip the natural oils off your pooch’s skin.

Aside from coat care, your lovable pooch needs teeth brushing at least twice a week. The ears should also be checked and cleaned weekly, and the toe nails clipped once they become too long.

If you have never cut your dog’s nails before, it will not be a good idea to start now. Your pooch has a blood vessel located at the nail’s lower point, and you might cut the nail too low. Take your dog to a vet or professional groomer and let them do it for you, at least until you learn to do it on your own.

Boston Huahua: The Proud and Loving Designer Dog

Health Concerns

The Boston Huahua, in general, is healthy. It often doesn’t have the weepy eye problem that besets its Chihuahua parent. Most Boston Huahuas are likewise bred in a way that will prevent their purebred parents’ health woes.

However, the designer breed may face major health concerns of its own. These include pulmonic stenosis, patellar luxation, as well as heart problems. Minor health issues include deafness and allergies.

Where to Look for a Boston Huahua

Adding a new furry member to your household requires careful consideration. You need to spend time not only to find the right puppy, but the right breeder as well. Breeder referral directories online can help connect you to reliable breeders in your area. You can likewise refer to reputable affiliated clubs so you can get suggestions from their representatives.

A good way to observe several Boston Huahuas at the same place and time is during shows and similar events. These are good opportunities to talk with different breeders, and find out if their puppies meet your needs.

Ask for references or names of people who got puppies from them. If possible, talk with these new Boston Huahua owners about how their buying experience with the breeder went.

Reputable and experienced breeders provide their puppies and dogs with a sanitary living environment, adequate exercise and attention, and proper medical care. They should be able to answer all your questions thoroughly and patiently – whether your concern is about health, housekeeping, breeding, training, or competition.


With the combination of the Boston Terrier’s loving disposition and the Chihuahua’s curious nature, you can expect an awesome family companion in a Boston Huahua. The little bundle of joy is fun-loving and will always crave for active playtime and lots of attention from you.

The designer breed is ideal for families that do not have young kids and other pets, unless you raise your Boston Huahua puppy alongside your small children and pets.

The fact that its parents’ temperamental traits tend to vary widely, it would be difficult to predict how the little dog’s temperament will turn out to be. If it inherits more from the Boston Terrier, it would most likely grow up to be an excellent family companion blessed with a calm disposition.

However, if it takes more from its Chihuahua parent, it might not be too friendly at all times since a Chihuahua can sometimes be aggressive when provoked. If this is the case, the Boston Huahua might not be the best pet for you, especially if you have young children or other pets.

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