Cavapoo: The Sweet and Playful Breed

Cavapoo: The Sweet and Playful Breed

“Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Poodle Mix”

The Cavapoo, also referred to as Cavadoodle or Cavoodle, is a crossbreed of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle. This mixed breed dog is ideal for owners who like the small, gentle, and playful kind. Though they can vary in appearance, there are some common features that will be discussed as you go along this article. The Cavapoo is now becoming popular around the globe so if you’re considering to get one, don’t hesitate to do so.

If you are ever considering owning a dog of this type, it is advised that you get to know this dog very well. As such, here are some important facts about the breed and other considerations that would-be owners have to keep in mind.

Cavoodles are technically designer dogs, which is a fancy way of saying that they are of a mixed breed.

Another thing to take note of the dog is that it is relatively young as a breed. With only two generations in, the cavoodles you will find in breeders today are either products of pure breed King Charles Spaniels and Poodles or from 1st generation cavoodles themselves.

This breed may have first risen in popularity in Australia, but they actually trace their origins back to the good old United States of America. Sometime in the 20th century, breeders wanted a dog that shared the hypoallergenic properties of the Poodle’s fur with none of the dog’s overly standoffish traits.

Through a series of trials, breeders eventually found that the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was the perfect match for the poodle and the Cavoodle was thus born. Small, cute, and definitely hypoallergenic, cavoodles eventually made their way into Australia, which has been their home ever since.


The Cavapoo originated in America where it was first crossed to a Poodle and Cavalier King Charles, which is the first generation cross. Nowadays, it is now being crossed with its same kind, which we call multi-generation cross. This mixed breed’s coat is curly, which can be associated to its Poodle side but they can also be silky, long and wavy as well just like the Cavalier King Charles.


Poodles are ranked second most intelligent dog breed which explains the same intelligence and agility the Cavapoo is exhibiting. Its groups are identified as Standard Poodle, Miniature Poodle and Toy Poodle. This breed is popularly known as skilled and competent in many dog sports and activities. They also display obedience and intelligence when it comes to dog tricks and even circus performances which eventually allowed this breed to establish name for itself when it comes to garnering awards.

Poodles participated at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in 1991 and 2002 which gave them the award “Best in Show”, this goes the same for their participation at the World Dog Show in 2007 and 2010. Other than that, Toy Poodles also won the same award at Crufts in 1966 and 1982.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The breed is mostly known for being man’s best companion, but at the same time, it does not hide its playful nature. In most times, they love to be given a rub in the belly and to rest in your lap. They also love to chase birds and run around your backyard. The breed is classified as a “toy dog”.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are known to have four significant colors: chestnut marking on a pearly white background, chestnut spot centered in the forehead, black bodies with tan highlights, and lastly, black and white with tan markings usually found on the tails, legs, ears, eyebrows and cheeks.

These dogs are mostly popular in the United Kingdom where they are ranked as the sixth most popular dog.


The Cavapoo’s average height is around 9-14 inches with an average weight of 7-18 pounds. The coat is leaning towards its Poodle origins, which are curly but they can also be long and wavy. Colors of the coat usually vary from chestnut and white, solid black or multiple colors which include black, white and tan.

They are easily recognizable for having a small compact body, floppy ears, and long and round faces. Due to their gentle nature, most people see them as having a sweet expression.

Being connected with Poodles, which has the reputation of being hypoallergenic, Cavapoos are ideal pets for people who have dog allergies.

The coat of the Cavoodle can take cues from either parent. If the dog takes more from its Poodle lineage, then its coat will be short and curly.

On the other hand, if the dog’s coat is long and silky, it is a telltale sign that its spaniel genes are more dominant. The difference between both coats are purely cosmetic and they would require the same level of care and maintenance: none at all.

This is because cavoodles are non-shedding dogs. This hypoallergenic nature of their coat means that you won’t have to deal with them leaving all sorts allergy-causing hair particles all around the house.

The breed’s coat can come in a variety of colors and patterns. Cavoodles can either sport black, white, chestnut, apricot, and ruby colored coats, which they take from their spaniel heritage. Better yet, and if you are lucky enough, you might find bi-colored or tri-colored cavoodles in shops and breeders.


Life Expectancy

They are expected to have a life span of 10 to 15 years. It is important to make sure that they are well-sheltered as Cavoodles have a short muzzle, which means they can be sensitive to heat.


They can be great as therapy dogs since they are known to be sweet and gentle by nature, but because its parent breeds are loving, playful, and outgoing, it is undeniable that Cavapoos can be very active as well, and can be good playmates, especially to children who are at least six years old.

They can also participate in dog sports and activities. Just like their parent breeds, the mixed breed is known to be agile and obedient. They can also learn quite fast when taught new tricks and skills. They are very good in playing fetch and chasing balls.

Although they are not particularly known as guard or watch dogs, they can be comfortable in greeting visitors and welcoming you home from a stressful day of work. They show their excitement in their faces.

Cavapoos are known for being loyal and affectionate. Just like its Cavalier parent breed, it is known to be a great family companion. The dog loves to seek attention and will sometimes demand it as this kind of breed is known to be very social.

They are known to be sociable by nature and love to be in your company at all times. Thus, they tend to get sad and suffer from separation anxiety when left home alone.

They are known to be a pleaser, so they specifically love to stay near their owner.

Ideal Environment

With their playful nature, they are prefect in homes with spacious yards where they can run around and play freely. However, even if you live in an apartment that does not have a yard or a wide open area, especially in big cities, you can still consider getting a Cavapoo – all they need is a daily walk outdoors and some playtime inside.

This type of dog is suited for all kinds of people – whether you are alone, a couple or a family with children.

Cavoodles are not picky with where they live, as long as it is clean and warm. Since they are non-shedders, Cavoodles are perfectly okay living indoors and in small spaces.

However, they also need constant exposure to the outdoors in order to be adjusted to their environment. Whether it is an apartment or a sprawling homestead on the countryside, you can be certain that the breed will immediately feel at home with their new surroundings.


 The Cavoodle takes much from its Poodle lineage intelligence wise, which makes for a rather smart dog. After all, the Poodle is widely considered to be one of the smartest, if not the smartest, dog breed right now.

Due to their intelligence, cavoodles can quickly adapt to their environments and come up with creative solutions to problems. This makes them highly trainable as pets, and better than average performers at dog shows.

However, this intelligence does have its draws. Since cavoodles are used to solving their own problems, they can be willful as adults. It is not that they don’t want to do something you are commanding them to perform. It is only that they would rather do things their own way, and at their own pace.

The best way to train this dog is to appeal to its intelligence. Allow it to flex its mental muscles by investing in toys and even setting up obstacle courses. Also, you need to constantly increase the difficulty of their games so the dog does not get bored. If cavoodles sense that you respect their intelligence, they are more susceptible to following your commands later on.

Cavapoo dog


The Cavapoo is considered a “busy” dog. It loves to be active and as expected, it requires a healthy meal of high-grade dry kibble. Dry kibble helps keep their teeth healthy since smaller dogs are known to be prone to dental problems.

It is preferable to give them healthy treats when rewarding them. Give them treats that are nutritional and are specially designed for dogs.

It is highly advisable to consult your veterinarian for the perfect diet that suits your dog, depending on its body type and lifestyle.

Health Concerns

Keep in mind that the Cavapoo is a cross-breed of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle. This puts the pup at risk of inheriting its parents’ health issues. While there is no certainty that your dog will suffer from them, it is most advisable to consult your vet.

Fortunately, the Cavoodle is at the lower tendency to develop health issues. As such, the most that you can spend on this dog as it grows older will be on its food. Also, Cavoodles have an average lifespan of 10 to 14 years, which is quite impressive given their small stature.

However, that does not mean that the breed is fully immune from all sorts of diseases and genetic defects. A core problem with this breed, given its relatively young age, is the formation of Syringomyelia.

This is where the skull cavity of the dog, due to its Spaniel heritage, can be too small for its brain. This can lead to discomfort to the dog as it gets older. If cavoodles suffer from this condition, they will require constant veterinary attention for the remainder of their life.

Also, the Cavoodle can suffer a number of typical canine conditions which include the following:

  • Epilepsy
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Formation of Cataracts and other Ocular Diseases
  • Heart Conditions

Proper portion control, exercise, and stress management can help cavoodles improve their health. If the dog lives a healthy, active, and relatively stress-free life, there is a chance that they might even go beyond the average lifespan of their breed.


As these dogs are energetic and playful little ones, the right amount exercise is essential for them.

You don’t necessarily need to stress yourself in finding activities that will use up all their stored energy. A short walk every morning will be fine, but a longer playtime with them throughout the day is important. These dogs love to be with their humans most of the time.

One thing to take note of is not to let your dog exercise excessively. As a puppy, your Cavapoo’s bones and joints are still growing and developing. Exposing them to rigorous activities at an early age can cause long term problems as they grow older.

One of the most obvious characteristics of the mixed breed is their eagerness to please their humans. Therefore, they can easily get excited when taught new tricks and skills. This makes them easy to train and teach. Make sure to always have ready treats and rewards as they go through each achieved milestone.


The fact that the dog’s parent breeds are intelligent and teachable, you can expect the offspring to be smart as well.

Cavapoo dogs are very trainable and it can be an enjoyable experience for them. It is best to start their training at a young age as younger ones can absorb new things better.

It would be a mistake to wait for them to grow up into adults before teaching them. If they start at a young age, training would be a fun experience for them, rather than an exhausting one. When they start young, there’s greater possibility that would grow up to be more confident and responsible adults.

They are best taught with positive reinforcement and since they are pleasers, they love one-on-one training, where they have your full attention.


The Cavapoo’s coat may vary widely. Thus, their grooming needs may vary as well. For dogs with a longer coat, it would be necessary to have them clipped more frequently. A regular visit to a grooming parlor every 4 to 6 weeks will be ideal.

Some coats are more inclined to their Poodle roots, which are curly. They need to be brushed every day to keep them from knotting and tangling.

Make sure to check their belly and some hidden parts of their body as this tends to get dirty due to their thick coat. Male Cavapoos may get urine stains in their bellies and if not noticed immediately, they can get smelly. It may also cause them to get sore.

It is important to regularly check the underside of their ears and the insides as well. Ear wax easily builds up and develops, which may lead to painful infection if not cleaned on a regular basis.

Some essential grooming tools for Cavapoos may include tweezers, detanglers, hair or bristle brushes, wide-toothed combs, nail cutters, dog shampoos and conditioners and a good dog dryer.


The Cavapoo is a type of dog that needs and will always seek attention. Therefore they may not be suitable for those who are away from home most of the time. It is also not advisable to put them on a kennel as they will be prone to developing separation anxiety.

They can get very needy when it comes to their grooming and maintenance. So if you are thinking of getting one, you must be ready for all the responsibilities that come with adopting a Cavapoo.

On the bright side, they can be a very good companion and are worth your love and care. They will always bring smiles and happiness into your home.

They love to stay in your lap and to be patted in the belly; they especially love cuddles as well. So if you’re an owner who loves to dote on their pets and show them affection, the Cavapoo is the perfect fit for you.

Every morning, you will have a willing companion for your regular walks and in the afternoon, you will never get bored watching the sunset since you can have somebody running around your backyard, tugging on your leg and pleading you to throw them a ball that they can fetch.

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