The Chi Chi Dog: The Intelligent And Loving Little Bundle Of Joy

The Chi Chi Dog: The Intelligent and Loving Little Bundle of Joy

“Chinese Crested Chihuahua Mix”

The adorable tiny Chi Chi dog is a designer breed that combines the charming personality of the Chihuahua with the unique appearance of the Chinese Crested dog. Weighing only about 4 to 10 lbs., the Chihuahua Chinese Crested mix is a friendly and intelligent dog who enjoys playing. A Chi Chi dog may sometimes be hairless.

In general, the little dog fares well with children. He can be fine when left at home – whether alone or with company or supervision – for an extended period of time. However, he tends to develop separation anxiety when left on his own for an excessively long time.

The Chi Chi can sometimes be noisy and messy, but you can count on him to be a good watchdog. He will start barking when he encounters strangers. He is also a fast learner, and adept at jumping and climbing.

The Chi Chi dog at a Glance

  • Height: 10 to 12”
  • Weight 4 to 10 lbs.
  • Life Expectancy: 10 to 15 years
  • Ideal for: families with kids or pets, people looking for a low-shedding dog or a watchdog, and households where there is always someone home

Parent Breeds

  • Chihuahua – The breed is well-loved for its big personality in a small frame, and variety of colors and coat types. The Chihuahua is a bundle of energy and is competitive. He is built to compete in various dog sports including agility and obedience competitions. The breed is included in the top 10 list of best watchdogs as compiled by experts. The Chihuahua loves being with his humans the most, and he requires only minimal exercise and grooming.
  • Chinese Crested Dog – The Chinese Crested dog is the perfect companion for a person with disability. You’d think he can read your mind. Unlike most other dogs, he doesn’t like to run and play around. He prefers to just laze in bed for long hours without moving a single muscle. But, make no mistake about it because the Chinese Crested is actually athletic enough to jump over tall fences, as well as compete in agility competitions. 

While the Chinese Crested is not particularly gregarious, he can be very sociable. He is able to quickly bond within his pack. He doesn’t easily warm up to strangers. But, watch out once he develops a liking for you. He will follow you around like a little stalker. He will be your thoroughly devoted friend forever!


The Chi Chi’s appearance may vary, depending on the characteristics he inherits from his parent breeds. As mentioned, the tiny dog can weight anywhere from 4 to 10 lbs. He comes in different colors, and may own a short and smooth coat, fluffy long hair, or even be hairless with fur patches on the torso.

Most puppies that are products of crossbreeding the Chihuahua and Chinese Crested will be born with white hair on the tummy, paws, or chest. The designer breed will often have a nose and body of the same color, and a high forehead. The eyes are usually almond-shaped or round. While most Chi Chi’s eyes may not bulge similar to a Chihuahua’s, some of them may inherit this trait.

The neck is typically long, and the body is somewhat rectangular-shaped. The tail is often curved and long. If the Chi Chi dog happens to be hairless, his tail will often have a noticeable patch of hair at the top.

The Chi Chi Dog: The Intelligent and Loving Little Bundle of Joy

Grooming and Maintenance

Your Chinese Crested Chihuahua mix grooming and maintenance needs depend on his inherited coat. If he has long hair, his coat must be brushed on a daily basis. If he inherits his parent’s short hair, then his coat will only require a once a week brushing. On the other hand, if he is hairless, he must be wiped down several times a week using a damp cloth. You must also apply sunblock and lotion on his body daily to keep him from getting sunburned.

His eyes must be regularly cleaned to prevent infections from developing. This is very important, especially if your ChiChi dog inherited his Chihuahua parent’s large, bulging eyes.

Providing him with regular dental care is also important. This is because hybrid dogs are usually prone to dental issues. You must brush his teeth at least three times a week. His nails should also be clipped on a regular basis. As for baths, they may only be given as necessary.


The Chi Chi dog is typically energetic, smart, playful, and friendly. He is a very loyal dog and will easily warm up with the other members of the household. He usually develops a special bond with one or more members of the family.

In general, a ChiChi dog is not difficult to get along with. He has a big personality. Sometimes, he may show bold behavior towards new people and animals. This is one quality that makes the designer breed an ideal watchdog.

While he can manage to be on his own and left alone, you must not leave him by his lonesome for a long time. This may stress him, and may trigger hair loss. Worse, he may resort to self-harm by scratching or biting, or he may display rude behavior. He may also exert efforts to escape.

The Chi Chi dog is great with children. But, it is important to teach kids to handle the dog gently before they are allowed to play together. When training a ChiChi dog, you must be patient but firm. It is crucial that you use positive reinforcement techniques like giving praises and rewards.

Diet and Exercise Requirements

Despite his small frame, the Chi Chi dog is packed with energy. Thus, you need to give him his regular dose of exercise. This may include regular walks, both indoor and outdoor playtime, and trips to the park.

When he jumps or climb stairs, it is a good idea to keep a close eye on his hind legs. This is especially true if he inherited his Chihuahua parent’s fragile legs. Because a Chinese Crested Chihuahua dog is, by nature, curious and loves to explore, you may see him jump to a particular place where he must not be allowed to jump down from.

Make sure you are feeding him food with good nutrition. If you are not sure of the quality of food then check out Dog Food Advisor, an excellent source of good and updated information of dog food quality.


The body of a ChiChi dog is not equipped to handle extreme temperatures. He fares best in temperate climates. If being out in the cold is unavoidable, make sure that he wears a sweater. If the weather is particularly hot, don’t let him exert a lot of energy.

Being active, the Chi-Chi must get his regular exercise. Thus, he should do well in homes that will provide him with sufficient space or a yard for him to play and run around.


The ChiChi dog is the offspring of the Chihuahua and the Chinese Crested, two highly-intelligent breeds. As expected, the crossbreed is a quick learner, but there are times when he goes through a stubborn streak. When this happens, training him may become quite a challenge.

To train him well, and bring out the best from him, you need to use a firm and consistent approach. Given his natural aggressive behavior towards other animals, a trait he inherited from the Chihuahua, early socialization is important. A rewards-based training strategy is proven to give highly favorable results.

The Chi Chi Dog: The Intelligent and Loving Little Bundle of Joy

Common Health Problems and Conditions

One good thing about the Chi-Chi is that he has few health conditions to worry about. However, it doesn’t mean he is completely immune to things that happen in his environment.

He may develop illnesses that you have to watch out for. For one, he can acquire allergies and contract various illnesses throughout his growing years. Thus, you need to keep an eye on him closely.

When buying a ChiChi puppy, make it a point to talk with the breeder. Get confirmation that his parents have gone through a thorough check up with a vet. A reputable breeder should have no problem providing you with some proof. This way, you improve your chances of bringing home a healthy puppy.

The main health conditions that Chi-Chis are predisposed to are the following:

All the above health conditions may be considered as only minor and not life-threatening. They are also, in no way, an indication of the breed’s general health.

3 Little-Known Chi-Chi Facts You May not Be Aware of

Being a relatively new designer breed, not much is known about the Chi-Chi. The good thing is, you can take this as an opportunity to learn a lot more about the breed. After all, he comes from two very popular and sought-after breeds: the Chihuahua and Chinese Crested dog.

Having said that, here are 3 facts about the Chi-Chi that may help you appreciate and understand the pooch better:

  • He can sometimes be quite messy. – The Chi-Chi is not known to be particularly tidy. He will leave his toys and other things scattered all over the area. He is also not known to be a very tidy eater. So, you need to make sure you clean up after his every meal.
  • He is a superb climber. – The breed is generally good at climbing. Keep this in mind when assigning a place for him in your home. Beware of the places he can possibly climb and do damage from.
  • He may be hairless. – Although not entirely bald, the Chi-Chi you may get might not have the kind of coat you expect.

Final Word

The Chi Chi dog may be considered as a tiny dog, but don’t tell him that. He considers himself as someone important in the canine world.

He is a big bundle of energy despite his diminutive frame. If you own a Chihuahua Chinese Crested mix, you will discover that it is a lot of fun to be around him at all times.

The Chi-Chi is a quick learner. Teaching him new commands would usually be a breeze. He is great with the whole family, especially the kids. When he feels sleepy, there is nothing more he enjoys than to snuggle up to his favorite person’s lap.

He is known to pick a person or members of the family to bond with. Once he finds that person, he will always follow him around and would always want to be with him. He will be a very loyal and devoted friend to that lucky person – if he doesn’t mind having a little stalker, that is!

All things considered, a Chi Chi dog would be one great addition to your family. He will never fail to bring a big smile to your face.

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