Fo-Tzu: Unleashing the Charm of the Toy Fox Terrier Shih Tzu Mix


“Toy Fox Terrier Shih Tzu Mix”

Weight 8-13
Height 10-14
Lifespan 12-15
Coat Colors White, Cream, Brown, Black, Sable
Coat Traits Medium to Long, Dense, Straight
Temperament Energetic, Playful, Smart, Loving, Stubborn

Hey there! If you’ve ever been curious about the Fo-Tzu dog, you’re in for a treat today. This little dog, a mix between a Toy Fox Terrier and a Shih Tzu, is as charming as they come. Known for their delightful mix of traits, Fo-Tzus are making waves among dog lovers everywhere. Whether you’re considering adding one to your family or just love learning about different dog breeds, this guide’s got you covered.

Fo-Tzus are part of a growing family of designer dogs that combine the best traits of two purebreds. With their official standard names still gaining recognition, these hybrid dogs have quickly found a place in the hearts of those looking for a unique companion. Their smart dog label is well-earned, thanks to their intelligent and affectionate nature.

One of the most appealing aspects of the Fo-Tzu is its adaptability. Whether you live in a big house or a cozy apartment, this small dog can fit right into your living environment with ease. Their size and temperament make them a good choice for many, from young children to senior citizens.

So, let’s get into it and find out why the Fo-Tzu might just be the best choice for your next furry family member. From their history to their health issues, we’ve got all the details to help you get to know this adorable type of dog breed.


The Fo-Tzu is a captivating example of a hybrid breed, a mix of the Shih Tzu and the Toy Fox Terrier. This combination brings together the ancient grace of the Shih Tzu, a breed revered for centuries in China, with the spirited charm of the Toy Fox Terrier, an American favorite known for its intelligence and agility.

Origin of the Breed

  • The Fo-Tzu originated in the United States, born out of a desire to create a companion dog that blends the Toy Fox Terrier’s playful and intelligent demeanor with the Shih Tzu’s affectionate and friendly nature. This designer dog trend has grown in popularity as people seek dogs with specific traits that fit their lifestyle.

Popularity and Recognition

  • While not yet recognized by the American Kennel Club as an official standard name, the Fo-Tzu has gained attention and love from those who value the unique qualities of hybrid dogs. Their increasing popularity underscores a growing trend in the use of dogs not just for companionship, but also for the unique blend of traits they can offer.

This smart dog, with its rich history and growing fan base, showcases the appeal of hybrid breeds in today’s world.


Diving into the world of Fo-Tzus, their appearance is as delightful as their personality. This Toy Fox Terrier Shih Tzu mix embodies a unique blend that captures the hearts of those who meet them. Let’s explore what makes the Fo-Tzu stand out in the dog breeds crowd.

Body and Size

  • The Fo-Tzu is a small dog, reflecting its Toy Fox Terrier and Shih Tzu heritage. This hybrid dog sports a compact body that’s agile and sturdy. Perfect for being a companion dog, their size makes them an apartment-friendly dog, adaptable to various living situations.

Coat and Colors

  • Their coat is a fascinating feature, often showcasing a double coat of fur which can come in different colors. The texture can range from the short coat of the Toy Fox Terrier to the slightly longer, luxurious coat of the Shih Tzu. This type of coat offers a bit of water resistance, making the Fo-Tzu a playful dog in various weather conditions, though they’re generally more suited to cold weather thanks to their double layer.

Each Fo-Tzu’s appearance is a unique blend of its parents’ best physical traits, making each dog a one-of-a-kind companion. Their appealing looks, combined with their spirited personality, make them a cherished member of many families.



The Fo-Tzu’s temperament is as engaging as their appearance, blending the spirited nature of the Toy Fox Terrier with the loving, gentle demeanor of the Shih Tzu. This mix creates a dog that is not just a pet but a true companion dog, ideal for families, singles, and seniors alike.

Personality Traits

  • Known for their intelligence and affectionate nature, Fo-Tzus are quick learners who love spending quality time with their owners. Their smart dog ranking means they respond well to positive reinforcement during dog training, making the process enjoyable for both pet and owner.
  • Despite their small size, they have a strong desire for social interaction, making them great therapy dogs. They are affectionate dogs that form strong bonds with all family members, including younger children and senior citizens.


  • Fo-Tzus typically display a good attitude and are not known for aggressive behavior. However, like all dogs, they benefit from proper training to manage any tendencies towards being overly protective or shy.
  • Their adaptability makes them perfect choice for a variety of living situations, whether in a bustling family home or a quiet apartment for senior citizens.

In essence, the Fo-Tzu’s temperament makes them a joyful addition to any home, promising companionship, affection, and a bit of playful mischief.

Living Environment

The Fo-Tzu thrives in a variety of living environments, making them an excellent companion for almost anyone. Whether you’re in a spacious house or a cozy apartment, understanding the best living conditions for your Fo-Tzu ensures they lead a happy and healthy life.

Indoor Living

  • Thanks to their size, Fo-Tzus are the perfect apartment dog. They don’t need a lot of space to be happy, but they do crave companionship and quality time with their humans. Providing a comfortable and safe indoor space where they can play and relax is essential.

Outdoor Access

  • While Fo-Tzus are well-suited to indoor living, they also benefit from regular access to outdoor spaces for exercise and stimulation. A daily walk or playtime in a secure yard helps meet their exercise needs and keeps them mentally happy. However, their small size and high prey drive mean it’s important to keep them on a leash or in a secure area.

Balancing indoor comfort with regular outdoor activities creates the ideal living environment for a Fo-Tzu, ensuring they remain healthy, happy, and well-adjusted, no matter where they call home.

fo-tzu dog


Proper nutrition is key to keeping your Fo-Tzu healthy and happy. Given their unique blend as a Toy Fox Terrier Shih Tzu mix, their dietary needs are specific but manageable. Let’s break down the essentials of feeding your furry friend.

Quality and Quantity

  • Good dog food is a must for Fo-Tzus, focusing on high-quality ingredients that cater to small dogs with active lifestyles. The amount of food they need varies with age, size, and activity level, but generally, they require smaller, more frequent meals to maintain their energy without risking weight gain.

Special Dietary Considerations

  • Like many hybrid dogs, Fo-Tzus may inherit sensitivities from their parent breeds. It’s important to monitor for any signs of allergies or digestive issues and adjust their diet accordingly. A balance of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, along with essential vitamins and minerals, supports their overall health.

Tailoring your Fo-Tzu’s diet to their specific needs, with an emphasis on quality and proper portion control, will ensure they lead a long, active life. Always consult with a veterinarian to determine the best feeding regimen for your pet’s health and wellness.


Exercise is crucial for the Fo-Tzu, a lively mix of the Shih Tzu and Toy Fox Terrier. Their energetic nature requires regular activity to stay healthy and content. Let’s dive into how to keep your Fo-Tzu active and engaged.

Daily Activity Requirements

  • Despite their small size, Fo-Tzus have a high prey drive and love to play. They benefit from at least 30 minutes of exercise each day. This can include walks, play sessions, or even agility training, which also stimulates their mind.

Fun and Games

  • Playful dogs by nature, Fo-Tzus enjoy interactive games that challenge them mentally and physically. Toys that encourage them to think or mimic hunting behaviors can keep them entertained and burn off excess energy, making them a good family dog that’s less likely to engage in destructive behavior.

Incorporating a mix of physical and mental exercise into their daily routine helps maintain the Fo-Tzu’s health and happiness. It’s not just about keeping them physically fit but also about strengthening the bond between you and your furry friend.



Training a Fo-Tzu can be a rewarding experience, thanks to their intelligence ranking of dogs and eagerness to please. As a smart dog, the Fo-Tzu inherits its Toy Fox Terrier and Shih Tzu parents’ ability to learn quickly, making dog training a fun and engaging process.

Starting Early

  • Proper training should begin early in a Fo-Tzu’s life. They respond well to positive reinforcement, such as treats or praise, which encourages them to repeat desired behaviors. This method helps build a strong foundation for basic commands and potty training.


  • Socializing your Fo-Tzu with other dogs and people is crucial for their development. It helps prevent aggressive behavior and ensures they are comfortable in various situations. Exposure to different environments, sounds, and experiences helps them become well-adjusted adults.

Combining consistent training with plenty of socialization opportunities ensures your Fo-Tzu grows into a well-behaved and adaptable dog. Their strong desire for social interaction makes them keen learners who thrive on attention and interaction.


Grooming is an essential part of caring for your Fo-Tzu, ensuring they not only look their best but also stay healthy. With their double coat of fur, Fo-Tzus require a grooming routine that addresses both their Toy Fox Terrier and Shih Tzu heritage.

Coat Care

  • Regular brushing is vital to prevent tangles and mats, especially if they inherit the Shih Tzu’s longer coat. A short coat requires less frequent brushing but still benefits from regular grooming to keep it clean and shiny.

Bathing and Beyond

  • Bathing your Fo-Tzu every few weeks helps keep their skin and coat in good condition. Use a dog-specific shampoo to avoid drying out their skin. Don’t forget about ear cleaning and nail trimming, which are also important for their overall health.

Keeping up with your Fo-Tzu’s grooming needs not only helps them look their best but also provides an opportunity to check for any skin issues or parasites. Regular grooming sessions are also a great way to strengthen your bond with your pet.



The health of your Fo-Tzu is paramount, as it is with any dog breed. While Fo-Tzus are generally healthy breeds, they can inherit certain health problems and issues from their Toy Fox Terrier and Shih Tzu parents. Being proactive about their health care can lead to a long, happy life together.

Common Health Concerns

  • Fo-Tzus may be prone to genetic diseases typical of their parent breeds, such as dental issues, respiratory problems, and eye conditions. Regular veterinary check-ups are crucial for early detection and management.

Preventative Care

  • Keeping up with vaccinations, parasite prevention, and regular health screenings plays a significant role in preventing health problems. A balanced diet, regular exercise, and mental stimulation also contribute to their overall well-being.

Awareness and prevention are key to ensuring your Fo-Tzu leads a healthy, active life. By understanding the potential health issues they may face and taking steps to prevent them, you can help your Fo-Tzu enjoy a high quality of life.

Fo-Tzu dog breed


Bringing a Fo-Tzu into your life means welcoming a bundle of joy, energy, and affection into your home. This Toy Fox Terrier Shih Tzu mix captures the best traits from both breeds, making them an ideal companion for a wide range of families and lifestyles. From their adaptable temperament to their manageable grooming needs, and with a keen eye on their health and nutrition, owning a Fo-Tzu can be a deeply rewarding experience.

Remember, whether you live in a spacious house or a cozy apartment, the Fo-Tzu adapts well, making them a perfect choice for many. Their intelligence and affectionate nature make training a breeze and turn grooming into bonding moments. However, it’s crucial to keep up with their exercise needs to ensure they remain happy and healthy.

As you consider adding a Fo-Tzu to your family, reflect on the joy, companionship, and a bit of fun mischief they will bring into your life. Embrace the journey of learning and growing together with your Fo-Tzu, and you’ll discover the unparalleled bond that a dog can bring to your life. Here’s to the adventures and memories you’ll create with your new furry friend!

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