Everything You Need To Know About Goldendoodles


“Golden Retriever Poodle Mix”

Goldendoodles Are One Of The Most Popular Choices For Dog Owners

If your friends own a Goldendoodle or if you have been surfing the internet to research dogs before owning one, then you would have probably wanted to choose this breed. Lately, they have become one of the most popular choices for prospective pet owners. Their non-shedding coat, loyalty, and playful nature can adapt to almost every kind of lifestyle. 

However, if you are first-time pet owners of this breed there are certain things you must know before you bring one home to join your family. This will prepare you to take care of the needs of the pup and make sure it stays healthy.

They Are Hypoallergenic

This is a great opportunity for those people who have allergies to own a dog. These dogs are hypoallergenic and some of them don’t shed at all. People who are allergic to animal fur find it hard to get a pet as they will be more prone to getting sick. Therefore, this breed of dogs is great for people with allergies and even the little shedding that does take place can be easily cleaned up using a vacuum cleaner. Though care must be taken to ensure that at the same time you are not allergic to their saliva, urine, and so on. 

They Are Energetic

If you are looking for a fitness buddy then look no further. The investment you make in the Goldendoodle cost will bring a long-term beneficial solution to you. This breed of dog is very playful and energetic. They can accompany you for long exercise routines and not be tired. This is a great motivation for people who are bored to exercise or run alone. You can go for a long run, hike, or walks with your dog and not feel bored at all. Simultaneously, when tired, they are happy to laze around in the house making them a perfect companion when you are not too energetic and would like to just cuddle. 

They Are Great With Children

Their playful nature makes them good playmates if you have children at home. They socialize easily so they can even accompany you and your children to the park. They are not aggressive so you won’t have to worry about how they will behave towards other people or dogs. They are happy to play fetch or other games with the owners of people around them. Their loyalty towards the owners and their families can have a great impact on children. Shy children can gain confidence by having a loyal friend next to them at all times. 

They Come In Different Variations

Have a particular color and fur type in mind that you would like your dog to have? Goldendoodle puppies have three types of coats. straight, wavy, and curly. Depending on the gene type, you can ask the breeder to provide you with one that you want. This means that their maintenance will depend on the type of coat they have. They also have different colors of coat from orange, to cream-colored to black. As for the size, you can choose this breed as a miniature one to mini ones. The smaller they are the cuter they will be.

goldendoodle puppy

Things To Be Prepared For Before Getting A GoldenDoodle Home

Though these breeds are hypoallergenic, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are low maintenance. They are very athletic and intelligent and will require a lot of attention from their owners. So if you have a full-time job wherein you will leave the dog alone locked up for many hours, they are not the best choice for you. They are easy to train but do require some persistence on your behalf. 

Due to their intuitive and sensitive nature, they also make very good therapy dogs. They tend to shadow their owners and follow them all around the house. They are ready for any adventure but will not react well to being left alone in the backyard. They will need physical activity daily to stay healthy.

So before you get one home, make sure you have the time and resources to look after it. When they are taken care of and are healthy, they can be a great fit for you throughout their dog life. 

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